Toxic Rock

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Toxic Rock
Data value0
Max stacksize64
Toxic Rock generating inside a cave in Deepvale


Toxic Rock is a form of stone that generates within Deepvale in veins. The veins of Toxic Rock replace stone as long as there is an air block above it, allowing users to walk over it.

Walking over Toxic Rock has a random chance to inflict the user with Poison III (5 seconds).

  • If the user were to stand on the Toxic Rock (or only move on the one they started on), they will not be inflicted with the poison since the check only goes through when the user alters their X, Y or Z co-ordinates.

Additionally, similar to End StoneEnd Stone, Toxic Rock cannot be mined using the Super Breaker skill.

Players cannot place TorchTorch or Redstone TorchRedstone Torch on Toxic Rock.

How to Obtain

Toxic Rock can not be obtained and when mined it drops 1 CobblestoneCobblestone.


Since Toxic Rock cannot be obtained, it currently has no uses.