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McMMO Name: Unarmed
Type: Combat
Command: /unarmed
Max Level:


Unarmed is a combat based McMMO skill and you can only gain experience with this skill by bashing entities with your fists. The amount of experience you gather is based on the type of entity and how they were spawned.

  • You recieve a multiplication of the normal experience you would recieve based on the level of the mob (Making Greycliff and Shadow Skylands a good place to grind experience).
  • You recieve a much higher amount when attacking an Arena boss.
  • You recieve an incredibly low amount of experience for MobSpawner PigMobSpawner Pig spawned mobs.


Unarmed has 3 skills.

(Passive effect) Damage Bonus: You deal additional damage to entities based on your Unarmed level.

(Passive effect) Disarm: [Player Only] You have a chance to force the opposing player to drop the weapon that's in their hand (Be sure to return the weapon after the match if the rules state to do so. Not doing so will result in a ban for stealing). The chance to disarm a player increases with level (0.025% per level).

(Active) Berserk: +50% damage towards all entities and instantly breaks weak materials such as Unknown item 0:0 and GravelGravel. The duration increases with level (1 second per 50 levels).


/unarmed: Lists information about the Unarmed skill.

/mctop unarmed: Lists the top players in the Unarmed skill.