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McMMO Name: Woodcutting
Type: Gathering
Command: /woodcutting
Max Level:


Woodcutting is a block-based McMMO skill that increases when the user breaks specific Wood blocks with an axe. Note that these blocks must be spawned naturally, and breaking blocks placed by players will award no experience. You must break the log blocks using an Axe or your fists in order to gain experience.

  • Using a Fortune enchanted axe on Skyroot LogSkyroot Log and Golden Oak LogGolden Oak Logs multiply the amount of logs that get dropped.
  • The player can wear a Ruby AmuletRuby Amulet to increase the amount of Woodcutting XP gained by 10% per amulet.


Woodcutting has 2 skills.

(Active ability) Tree Feller: Tree Feller is the active Woodcutting skill, activated by right-clicking any Log while cutting down a tree it with an axe (Note: The skill cannot be activated if the log is not being mined when it is right-clicked). While Wood Cutting is active, it breaks multiple logs or in some cases if the tree is small enough the entire tree. The duration of this skill is dependent on the level.

(Passive effect) Double Drop: Double drop, similar to all other McMMO block-based skills, drops multiple blocks when a block is broken. The chance increases as the level of the skill increases. There is a 100% chance for a double drop at level 1000 (0.1% per level)


/woodcutting: Lists information about the Woodcutting skill.

/mctop woodcutting: Lists the top players in the Woodcutting skill.

EXP Gain

The amount of experience gathered is a random multiplication of a base value on each log. This leads to some logs giving 255 XP at times and 92 XP at another.


An easy method of gaining Woodcutting XP is to head to a very populated tree biome and use a Spectral AxeSpectral Axe to chop them all down. Additionally, wear a Ruby AmuletRuby Amulet whilst doing so to gain an additional 10% XP whilst grinding.