Zanite Chestplate

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Zanite Chestplate
Max stacksize1


IngredientsInput >> Output
Zanite Gemstone
Zanite Gemstone Zanite GemstoneGrid layout Arrow (small).pngZanite Chestplate
Zanite GemstoneZanite GemstoneZanite Gemstone
Zanite GemstoneZanite GemstoneZanite Gemstone

A Zanite chestplate is the armor item that occupies the chest slot in the Zanite armor set. As with all Zanite Items, the chestplate will reduce the damage taken by its wearer more and more as the chestplate itself takes damage. With the vanilla version of Zanite armor, it was often popular for players to create a stairway and jump from it repeatedly to gain better protection. On craftland, however, Zanite armor does not take fall damage.