Zanite Ore

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Zanite Ore
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Zanite Ore is a common ore that looks like HolystoneHolystone with purple speckles in it. When mined, it drops Zanite GemstoneZanite Gemstones, which can be used to make Zanite Tools, Zanite Armor, or Enchanters. Zanite tools are unique; the more damaged they are, the faster they work. The Zanite SwordZanite Sword will deal more damage the more it is worn out. Zanite Armor will protect you from more and more damage until it wears out or is repaired. This is much like Iron OreIron Ore in the Overworld.


  • Zanite Ore generates within the Aether below the height (Y Axis) of 66.
  • Zanite Ore generates within the Shadow Skylands and has a different texture when mining in Dark HolystoneDark Holystone levels.
  • Zanite Ore can generate within Aether biomes randomly generated within the Mining World.