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There are many more tools in the Aether in addition to the ones from vanilla.

Gravitite ShovelAether Shovels Gravitite AxeAether Axes Gravitite PickaxeAether Pickaxes

The different materials have abilities:

Skyroot AxeSkyroot: Double drop to specific blocks (applies to mobs and resources).

Holystone AxeHolystone: Chance of single ambrosium drop for every resource gathered or mob killed.

Zanite AxeZanite: The tool, weapon, or armor will grow stronger as it becomes more damaged, eventually becoming better than diamond.

Gravitite AxeGravitite: Right-clicking the tool's corresponding block will cause it to float into the air (wearing down the tool).

Valkyrie AxeValkyrie: Tools will be able to reach very long (Around 10 blocks) and the Valkyrie Lance will be able to attack any mobs within 5 blocks. A full set of armor will enable flight (The Cape alone will grant a slow fall, shift to stop this effect)..