Gravitite Ore

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Gravitite Ore
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Gravitite Ore is a rare ore, it is the Aether's equivalent of DiamondDiamonds. When mined, it drops one Gravitite Ore (With a chance of 2 thanks to the Mining McMMO skill). It will float upwards if there is space above. It appears as HolystoneHolystone speckled with pink ores. The ore can be enchanted in an Enchanter to create Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite. Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite looks like a pink Block of IronBlock of Iron. Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite will only float upwards when powered by redstone. Gravitite tools have a unique ability-when right-clicked on a block they specialize in, that block will float upwards until it hits another block or hits the ceiling of the world, where it will break and drop as a resource. Using this ability still consumes durability-in fact, it consumes more than normal. Gravitite is found towards the bottom of the Aether.


  • Gravitite Ore generates within the Aether below the height (Y Axis) of 36.
  • Gravitite Ore generates within the Shadow Skylands and has a different texture when mining in Dark HolystoneDark Holystone levels.
  • Gravitite Ore can generate within Aether biomes randomly generated within the Mining World.

Unique Ability Notes

  • Gravitite picks work on all Aether ores and Holystone.
  • Gravitite Shovels work on all Aether soils; dirt, quicksoil, and aerclouds.
  • Gravitite axes work on all Aether logs.
  • Gravitite Swords work on mobs; when struck with a Gravitite Sword, the mob will fly skywards, often resulting in fall damage.
  • The Gravitite Armor Set allows the player to jump an additional few blocks higher and negates all fall damage.