Aether Axes

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Aether Axes
Durability Skyroot: 59 Uses
Holystone: 131 Uses
Zanite: 250 Uses
Gravitite: 1561 Uses
Valkyrie: 1561 Uses
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The Axes in Aether are used to assist in mining Skyroot Logs, Golden Oak Logs, and Skyroot Planks. Although they are not required to harvest such items much like Vanilla Logs and Planks.



Special Abilities


  • You have a chance to obtain double the drop of a block that was not placed by a player, this chance appears to be close to 50%.



  • The more damaged this tool is the faster you will mine.
    • When Zanite breaks you may mine a few blocks only to have them reappear due to how fast you will be mining.
  • You can harvest a Golden Oak Log by mining a Golden Oak Tree with Zanite or a better axe.


  • Right clicking a block that could be harvested with a Gravitite Axe has a chance to repel the block from the ground, this will continue until it has flown out of the map into the sky or until it hits a block above it.


  • Can not be crafted, is a Silver Dungeon reward found in the boss chest.
  • Has an extended reach that will allow you to interact with a block up to 8 blocks away.