Aechor Plant

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Aechor Plant
Aechor Plant.png
Health Pts: 9 Hearts
Found in: The Aether
Spawn Rate: Common

Aechor Plants are common stationary mobs that spawn on Aether Grass blocks in the Aether. When a player approaches an Aechor Plant, it shoots poisonous darts. Although its range is limited, it is still a dangerous mob. Being poisoned causes a player to take damage over a 30 second period of time. Your screen will turn purple when poisoned, and the timer will be refreshed every time you are hit.

For obvious reasons, fighting Aechor Plants at close range is not recommended. Using a bow or other ranged weapon, such as a Dart Shooter, is much safer. Destroying the block below an Aechor Plant will cause the Aechor Plant to despawn, but killing it in this manner will not give drops.

Taming Moas

Killing Aechor Plants is the only way to obtain Aechor Petals, which are used to tame Moas.

Crafting Weaponry

Milking an Aechor Plant with a Skyroot Bucket yields one bucket of Poison, which is used to craft Poisoned Darts and Remedy Buckets. Creating poisoned darts consumes both the bucket and poison.