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McMMO Name: Axes
Type: Combat
Command: /axes
Max Level:


Axes is a combat based McMMO skill. This means that you can only gather experience for this skill using axes and/or paxels (Wooden AxeWooden Axe, Stone AxeStone Axe, Golden AxeGolden Axe, Iron AxeIron Axe, Diamond AxeDiamond Axe, Perfect Diamond AxePerfect Diamond Axe, Skyroot AxeSkyroot Axe, Holystone AxeHolystone Axe, Zanite AxeZanite Axe, Gravitite AxeGravitite Axe and the Valkyrie AxeValkyrie Axe). The amount of experience you gather is based on the type of entity and how they were spawned.

  • You recieve a multiplication of the normal experience you would recieve based on the level of the mob (Making Greycliff and Shadow Skylands a good place to grind experience).
  • You recieve a much higher amount when attacking an Arena boss.
  • You recieve an incredibly low amount of experience for MobSpawner PigMobSpawner Pig spawned mobs.


Axes has 3 skills.

(Passive effect) Critical Strikes: You have a chance to deal double damage with your axe. The damage is multiplied before enchantments therefore making the best axe to use the Spectral Axe.

(Passive effect) Axe Mastery: [Unlocked at lv500] Your base axe damage is increased by 4, allowing it to be multiplied by the critical strikes passive.

(Active) Skull Splitter: Similar to Swords, you start doing a percentage of your damage within an area around the target hit.


/axes: Lists information about the Axes skill.

/mctop axes: Lists the top players in the Axes skill.


  • Axes was nerfed in the past due to its extreme power. It was made clear by people doing 1,000's of more damage to a boss compared to people using powerful swords.
  • Axes is still the most effective skill to deal the most damage (upwards of 120 per critical strike with a spectral axe, normal crit and strength IV).
  • Axes can be buggy when attacking an Arena boss and can occasionally refuse to grant experience.