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McMMO Name: Swords
Type: Combat
Command: /swords
Max Level:


Swords is a combat based McMMO skill. This means that you can only gather experience for this skill using axes and/or paxels (Wooden SwordWooden Sword, Stone SwordStone Sword, Golden SwordGolden Sword, Iron SwordIron Sword, Diamond SwordDiamond Sword, Perfect Diamond SwordPerfect Diamond Sword, Skyroot SwordSkyroot Sword, Holystone SwordHolystone Sword, Zanite SwordZanite Sword, Gravitite SwordGravitite Sword, Flaming SwordFlaming Sword, Holy SwordHoly Sword, Lightning SwordLightning Sword, Phoenix SwordPhoenix Sword, Vampire BladeVampire Blade and the Valkyrie SwordValkyrie Sword). The amount of experience you gather is based on the type of entity and how they were spawned.

  • You recieve a multiplication of the normal experience you would recieve based on the level of the mob (Making Greycliff and Shadow Skylands a good place to grind experience).
  • You recieve a much higher amount when attacking an Arena boss.
  • You recieve an incredibly low amount of experience for MobSpawner PigMobSpawner Pig spawned mobs.


Swords has 5 skills.

(Passive effect) Counter Attack: You have a chance to reflect 50% of the damage taken from an attack. The chance increases based on level (5% per 100 levels).

(Passive effect) Parry: You have a chance to negate 100% of damage taken from an attack. The chance increases based on level (0.018%* per level).

(Passive effect) Bleed: When attacking an entity, you have a chance to make them bleed. The chance increases based on level (10% per 100 levels) and the amount of [1 tick every 2 seconds].

(Passive effect) Serrated Strikes Bleed+: Whilst using Serrated Strikes the bleed is amplified by 5 ticks.

(Active) Serrated Strikes: Similar to Axes, you start doing 25% of your damage within an area around the target hit. Additionally, you gain Bleed+ and the bleed effects all targets within the AOE.


/swords: Lists information about the Swords skill.

/mctop swords: Lists the top players in the Swords skill.


  • Swords can be buggy when attacking an Arena boss and can occasionally refuse to grant experience.