Elysian Knight

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Elysian Knight
DUN-Elysian.pngEK - Knight.jpg
Health Pts: HP.png 500 (1000 HP)
Found in: Shadow Skylands
Spawn Rate: 1 per Elysian Dungeon


The Elysian Knight is the boss of the Elysian Dungeon.

  • This boss runs faster than the players walking speed, bringing swiftness potions/using beacons is advised.
  • Similar to some bosses in the Arena, this boss has an Armor rating which blocks some of the incoming damage to increase the difficulty of the fight.
  • The attack radius of the Elysian Knight is as high as an Arena boss.


The Elysian Knight drops 8 Flux levels on death alongside adding a Elysian Dungeon Loot KeyElysian Dungeon Loot Key to the players inventory (If in a party/group, the key goes to whoever initiated the fight). The key can then be used to loot one of the four loot chests that can be accessed via the Unknown item 0:0 in the middle of the dungeon after the knight is dead.