Enchanted Gravitite

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Enchanted Gravitite
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Enchanted Gravitite is one of the many minerals in Craftland and has the strength equivelant of DiamondDiamonds.

  • Unlike its ore, Gravitite OreGravitite Ore, which always floats up when there is no block directly above it, Enchanted Gravitite only floats up when powered with RedstoneRedstone.

This block does not follow the physics of Minecraft. When powered by redstone it will start rising up into the sky until it hits a block or flies out of the world.


Tools and Armour made from Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite each have their own perk.

  • Gravitite PickaxeGravitite Pickaxes work on all Aether ores, Holystone and all dungeon stones.
  • Gravitite ShovelGravitite Shovels work on all Aether soils; dirt, quicksoil, and aerclouds.
  • Gravitite AxeGravitite Axes work on all Aether logs.
  • Gravitite SwordGravitite Swords work on mobs; when struck with a Gravitite Sword, the mob will fly skywards, often resulting in fall damage.
  • The full Gravitite Armour Set grants the player fall damage immunity alongside an extremely large jump height (Approximately 5 blocks high).

How to Obtain

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