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McMMO Name: Excavation
Type: Gathering
Command: /excavation
Max Level:


Excavation is a block-based McMMO skill that increases in level when the user breaks soft blocks associated with shovels, such as sand, clay, grass, dirt, gravel, Aether grass, Aether dirt, and soul sand. These blocks can be broken using any tool including no tool at all.

  • This skill synergises with Unarmed since the Unarmed skill can break weak blocks such as DirtDirt instantly, gathering experience for Excavation.


(Active Ability): Giga Drill Breaker: Giga Drill Breaker is the McMMO special skill that increases the drop rate, experience, and speed at which 'soft' blocks are mined. Another passive skill that is notably similar to Giga Drill Breaker is Beserk, the Unarmed Active Ability.

(Passive Effect): Treasure Hunter: Gives the ability to "dig for treasure" (gives a small chance to drop diamonds, rotten flesh, string, seeds, clay (material), cocoa beans, glowstone dust, music discs, cake, and soul sand with every block broken. Note some items are more rare to drop than others, such as diamonds).


/excavation: Lists information about the Excavation skill.

/mctop excavation: Lists the top players in the excavation skill.