Hardcore World

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Hardcore World
Flaming Sword
Date September 2nd, 2014
Patch Between Patch 5.4 and 5.5
World Activities:

Basic Information

The Hardcore World was a world that was added on the 2nd of September 2014 to give the players of Craftland more things to do. The Hardcore World was self-explainatory in that it was indeed, hardcore. Players could access this world via a spawn portal or using the /hardcore command.

Old Hardcore World spawn located in an Aether biome
  • Players had seperate inventories and cannot transfer items between worlds.
  • Pay was disabled.
  • Death Chests were disabled.
  • Any form of teleportation was disabled (Update 5.5 allowed the usage of /home once a bed was placed).
  • PvP was enabled alongside a 10 second combat timer.
  • Griefing and Stealing was allowed and no regions were allowed.
  • This world was replaced with a Hardcore Mining world which was then replaced with the Mining World we know and love.


The world generated similarly to Greycliff and how the Mining World is today; including biomes such as the Aether and Nether. The world, however, did not generate biomes in square chunks how the Mining World currently does, it looked more natural.


  • There was a bug on release that allowed players to transfer items between worlds.
  • The Fishing McMMO skill was disabled.
  • Staff were not allowed to play within the Hardcore World to prevent any power abuse.