Mossy Holystone

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Mossy Holystone
Data value2
Max stacksize64


Mossy Holystone is a block that lines the walls of Bronze Dungeons in the Aether. You need at least 10 Mossy Holystone to make a portal to Greycliff.Mossy Holystone requires at least a Holystone Pickaxe to be mined, and is fairly common because it lines the walls of every Bronze Dungeon, Silver Dungeon (Bottom), and Gold Dungeon.

  • All Bronze Dungeons past 8000x / 8000z have been recoded by Nidefawl (The Owner) in Craftland, therefore not containing Mossy Holystone.

How to Obtain


  • Used as a building material.
  • Used to create a Greycliff portal.