Gold Dungeon

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Release Date: Aug 26, 2011
Patch Released: 1.8
Dungeon Boss (Sun Spirit)
Sun Spirit
The boss of a gold dungeon

Gold dungeons are located in the Aether and contain the best loot among all Aether Dungeons. Their appearance is always the same: a floating, round island with Golden Oak Trees on top. The entrance to the gold dungeon is on the side of the island. Having a Black Moa significantly simplifies finding those dungeons.

The Boss

The gold dungeon itself is just one square room with the boss inside. That boss is a Sun Spirit. Right clicking it once will close the entrance and start the boss fight. It is not possible to kill the Sun Spirit with any weapon. Instead, he will sometimes shoot blue frozen orbs in random directions, which you have to hit to "shoot" them in the direction of the Sun Spirit . If the orb hits the Sun Spirit he loses health, turns frozen for a second and summons a small Minion. That Minion looks similar to the Sun Spirit but behaves differently. He will not shoot any orbs but instead attack you directly. The player takes damage upon "touching" the Minion. However, he can be killed with a Gravitite/diamond sword easily. After hitting the boss enough with frozen orbs, he will die and drop a Gold Key. The entrance to the gold dungeon and another entrance to a secret room will open. The secret room contains a chest which can be opened with the Gold Key.


Advice: Before fighting the boss, create a temporary warp outside the dungeon to quickly return in case you die.

Strategy One

The gold dungeon is rather easy to beat. You will need the following items:

While fighting the boss stick to the walls. Always keep an eye on the Sun Spirit. Touching him will cause massive damage and quickly kill you. As long as you can avoid touching him, it's relatively easy to survive.

Wait for one of the frozen orbs being in a good position to "shoot" it at the boss(Valkyrie lance may help, giving you range to hit the orb). Do not try to chase every frozen orb as that will just get you distracted and quickly kill you, especially as the orbs have about the same speed as the walking speed of a player. When a minion pops up, just kill it with the Gravitite Sword (takes about 3-4 hits) Repeat the whole process until the boss is dead.

Having a Hammer of Notch makes it even easier to fight the boss as then you can kill the minions from the distance. Additionally you can hit the frozen orbs with the hammer's ranged attack(Valkyrie lance may help too,as mentioned). Using SEVERAL Hammers of Notch allows you to simply spam them at the boss, making the fight extremely easy. Note: You cannot spam at the boss with several Hammers on CraftLand. Unknown about Vanilla Aether.

Strategy Two

Strategy Two requires you to have:

  • A full set of Phoenix Gear.
  • A Valkyrie LanceValkyrie Lance.
  • (Optional) Potion of Swiftness.

Do the boss fight normally using this gear. You are immune to the Sun Spirit himself and the FireFire he creates. The only things that can damage you are the Ice Balls, Fire Balls and Fire Minions, making the boss fight incredibly easy. Using the potion of swiftness will allow you to maneuver around the Gold Dungeon quicker and help you with hitting the Ice Balls back at the Sun Spirit.


The following items are among all items that can be found in the chests of Gold Dungeons: