Ram Head

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Ram Head
Data value12
Max stacksize64


The Ram Head is a skull unique to Craftland and is the head of the common Aether mob, the Sheepuff!

The Ram Head is one of the many skulls within Craftland and plays a part in the Infusement system.


  • 1 Ram Head (alongside 2 Creeper Head and 1 Sheep Head) is required to infuse an incredible useful, and late game pickaxe, known as the Tourmaline PickaxeTourmaline Pickaxe!

Ram Heads can also be used as decoration.

How to Obtain

  • The Ram Head has an extremely low chance to drop from a Sheepuffs (These mobs spawn exclusively within the Aether and Shadow Skylands).
  • Ram Heads can also be looted, rarely, from Elysian Dungeons.


  • Ram Heads used to have a Skull Power of 0.
  • Ram Heads depict a sheepuff with horns, though actual in-game sheepuffs do not share the same trait.

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