Shadow Aerwhale

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Shadow Aerwhale
Health Pts: Infinite
Found in: Shadow Skylands
Spawn Rate: Uncommon


The aerwhale cannot be caught in an Empty Spawn Egg. or a Reusable Spawn Egg. This is due to their AI, and how they act. They spawn above and below build limit in the aether and shadow aether. It is not recommended to try and capture one in the Shadow Skylands as you can die in the void, especially since you can't catch them anyways. The aerwhale cannot die, and instead, they will be knocked back. They will not attack you, even if provoked.


There AI is the same as a regular aerwhale. It will just roam the sky, not disturbing anything, but it will eat Cold AercloudCold Aercloud and Golden Oak LeavesGolden Oak Leaves other than maybe sunlight, with shaders.