Sun Spirit

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Sun Spirit
DUN-Gold.pngSun Spirit
Health Pts: HP.png 25 (50 HP)
Found in: Aether
Spawn Rate: 1 per Gold Dungeon


The Sun Spirit is the boss that defends the Gold Dungeon. The Sun Spirit, unlike all the other bosses, cannot be damaged through normal means. Instead, the user must launch Ice Balls (which the Sun Spirit spawns) back at him in order to deal damage. Bare in mind that the Sun Spirit also spawns Fire Balls that will both ignite and damage the user upon contact.

The Sun Spirit has the least amount of health out of all of the bosses on Craftland but can only be damaged in 5-health intervals via the Ice Balls that are spawned.


When killed, he drops a Gold Key, which is used to open the Loot Chest in the back of the room.