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Valentines Banner made by Lavender!
Release Date: 14th February 2019
Closing Date: 28th February 2019
Patch Released: 8.76
Event Summary
A simple Valentines event for 2019! This event mostly focuses on a Potion Hunt with 20+ milestones!
Table of Contents
1. Quests
2. Potion Hunt
3. Traders
4. Event Designers
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Potion Hunt

- This Quest is known as Lost Potions in the sidebar.
Similar to Grimlock's Skull Hunt and Xmas's Present Hunt, this hunt requires the player to run around looking for a specific block to right click. In this case, it is a Potion Bottle (pink)! Upon right clicking a potion bottle, the player's total amount of potions increases by 1 (alongside a nice little effect). Below is the milestone requirements;

Milestone Reward
510x WaterlilyWaterlily
1010x Candy Hearts
2525x Candy Hearts
501x TourmalineTourmaline
1001x HatHat - Pink Heart Glasses (Hearts) or HatHat - Red Heart Glasses (Hearts)
2002x Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond
30032x Candy Hearts
4005x Model BlockModel Block - sleeping cat
5001x Random piece of the Queen of Hearts set
6001x HatHat - Rose Crown
70064x Candy Hearts
80064x WaterlilyWaterlily
9001x Random piece of the Queen of Hearts set
10002x Model BlockModel Block - golden chandelier
11001x Random piece of the Queen of Hearts set
12001x HatHat - Cake Hat (Hearts)
1300192x Candy Hearts
14001x Random piece of the Queen of Hearts set
15002x TourmalineTourmaline
16001x Regeneration Shield
170020x Body RuneBody Rune
18001x Random piece of the Queen of Hearts set
19001x Sword SkinSword Skin - Cupid's Staff
2000+ (Every 100)25x Candy Hearts


Event Designers

The users that made this event happen... (Rank colours are at time of event release)









World Stuff Programming Building, Event Plan, Item Texture + NPC Trades Building, Event Plan + NPC Trades


  • On 2/16/19, Patch 8.762 broke the event, causing everybody's stats to be reset. The server went offline shortly after this was reported, and then stats were reset once again. This caused an estimated 20 stacks of candy that was not supposed to be given out to be given out.

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