Gold Rush

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Gold Rush
Gold Ore
World: Mining World
Event Summary
An event that randomly occurs every 1-3 hours while there are 10+ players online. Players compete in finding the most ores possible within 30 minutes and get rewarded based on position and participation.
The message displayed when winning the Gold Rush
A player winning 11 Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamonds


Gold Rush is an event on Craftland. It begins randomly when there are at least 10 players signed into Craftland. Once Gold Rush begins there is a message in chat reading "Goldrush has started! /warp mining to try your luck. Prizes are based on points accumulated in Goldrush". Gold Rush lasts for 30 minutes total, once 10 minutes have passed, "goldrush is on /warp mining to try your luck" pops up in chat, the same message is repeated at the 20 minute mark, and one final message pops up when there is 5 minutes left.

To win goldrush, one must mine the most ores in 30 minutes. Each ore has a specific point value, there is a scoreboard that appears during goldrush for all players in the mining world that keeps track of how many of each ore they have mined, how much each type of ore is worth, and the players total score. Whoever has the most points at the end of goldrush wins the main prize of 1,2, or in EXTREMELY rare cases 11 perfect diamonds along with a few thousand coins (it depends on how many points the winner has at the end). Second place also recieves a guaranteed 5000 coins minimum as well. The player who wins also has a low chance to win a Goldore Hat.

The two most popular strategies for winning goldrush (assuming there is competition, it is possible to win with just 1 point) are teaming and pre-digging. Both are what they sound like, bring some friends along and team up to raise the chances of one of you winning and then split the reward; or Pre-dig (uncover) as much ore as you think it will take to win. Be warned, nothing you dig ahead of time is safe, you always run the risk of another player finding it and mining it for themselves.

"Have fun mining!" - Whale


Strategy 1 (Expensive)

The best strategy to win the Gold Rush is to bring along an Efficiency V Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe and either Water Bottle Haste III (10:00) potions or 2x Zanite RingZanite Rings and 1x Zanite PendantZanite Pendant. The combination of haste and the efficiency V pickaxe will allow you to mine stone instantly in a 3x1x3 pattern, granting insane traversal through the Mining World as well as amazing amounts of searched area for ores (It might also be wise to bring Potion of Night Vision if you have trouble seeing ores in the dark).

Whilst mining it is best to be sprinting at all times and to have a lot of food on you to replenish your hunger as your hunger depletes faster whilst breaking blocks AND sprinting. Additionally, swing from side to side to cover the most amount of area whilst mining, this will uncover the most amount of ores in the shortest amount of time.

"Due to how expensive this strategy can be for most players, it is only advised to do this when there is competition." - Beandon

Strategy 1 (Less effective but cheaper)

Exactly the same as the first, but instead bring an unenchanted Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe, Zanite RingZanite Rings, Zanite PendantZanite Pendants and Peach JuicePeach Juice. This combination of equipment should grant the same powerful insta-mining effect but for less amount of time. But the price difference can be worth it for some users.

Strategy 2

Also known as pre-mining, this strategy can be risky, time consuming and disrespected by many users on Craftland. You can perform this strategy by mining out an area whilst a Gold Rush is not active and leaving the ores exposed. This allows you to run back here as a Gold Rush begins and mine out all of the ores without having to search for them during the rush! Be sure to mark down the coordinates of where you pre-mined so you can come back to the ores as soon as the Gold Rush starts!

Although, bare in mind other people can steal your ores before you come back to them! That is what makes this method risky.

Avoidance of Mycena

Breaking MycenaMycena can be a pain since it induces Mining Fatigue on your player. Drink Invisibility potions to prevent this!

Rewards / Prizes

You do not have to win in order to gain a prize! You can simply recieve a reward for participating within the event. Additionally, the prize is randomised for the victor regardless of points.

  • Update 9.0 changed Gold Rush rewards slightly to make it more rewarding for accumulating more points during Gold Rush, and less rewarding for low amounts of points.
First Place Prize

(Earn this prize for winning the Gold Rush!)

  • 1-4 Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamonds or 1-2 CitrineCitrine or 1 TourmalineTourmaline or 1 Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe!
  • 2,000 ~ 12,000 coins based on performance!
    • The coin prize has a 2% chance to double!
  • 1 Hat Hat from a select prize pool (The chance for a hat increases, 100% at 750 Points)
    • Hat Effect Chance: 15% + 1% per 10 Points after 750 Points.
Second Place Prize

(Earn this prize for placing 2nd in the Gold Rush!)

  • Minimum of 5,000 coins!
Participation Prize

(Earn this prize for participating in the Gold Rush!)

  • For every point that you have earned during the Gold Rush you earn a bonus 20 coins!
    • This maxes out at a limit of 5,000 Coins (250 points).


  • Patch 8.2 (New Year, New Spawn!) - The amount of players required for Gold Rush to start has been reduced to 10 from 20.