Leaves Rush

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Leaves Rush
Oak Leaves
World: Mining World
Initial Release: Easter 2017
Active: Easter
The rewards being given to another user


Leaves Rush is a temporary event on Craftland that was implemented around Easter of 2017. Leaves Rush is a different take on Gold Rush in that the player must break as many leaf blocks as possible.

Unlike Gold Rush, Leaves Rush only lasts for 20 minutes instead of 30.


  • 1 point per Oak LeavesLeaves block mined.

Rewards / Prizes

  • The player in 1st place has a chance to win 0 to 1 Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamonds alongside a set amount of coins.

April Fools

During 2018, where April Fools and Easter were on the same date, anyone that sits in the Mining World has a chance to steal the reward from the winner.
Additionally, the maximum amount of coins that you can win is changed to a bazillion.


Gold Rush, * Rush, Sand Rush, Snow Rush, Leaves Rush, Wood Rush, Coal Rush, Iron Rush, Flower Rush and TNT Rush.


  • Patch 8.2 (New Year, New Spawn!) - Player requirement for all rushes has been reduced from 20 down to 10.