TNT Rush

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TNT Rush
World: Mining World
Initial Release: Easter 2017
Active: Easter
The rewards being given to another user


TNT Rush is a temporary event on Craftland that was implemented around Easter of 2017. TNT Rush is a different take on Gold Rush in that the player must blow up as many blocks as they can in order to win.

Unlike Gold Rush, TNT Rush only lasts for 20 minutes instead of 30.


  • 1 point per block blown up by TNT (The type of block does not matter, meaning you can blow up leaves and get the same amount as if you blew up stone or diamond ore).

Rewards / Prizes

  • The player in 1st place has a chance to win 0 to 1 Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamonds alongside a set amount of coins.

April Fools

During 2018, where April Fools and Easter were on the same date, anyone that sits in the Mining World has a chance to steal the reward from the winner.
Additionally, the maximum amount of coins that you can win is changed to a bazillion.


Gold Rush, * Rush, Sand Rush, Snow Rush, Leaves Rush, Wood Rush, Coal Rush, Iron Rush, Flower Rush and TNT Rush.


  • Patch 8.2 (New Year, New Spawn!) - Player requirement for all rushes has been reduced from 20 down to 10.