Wither Skeleton Skull

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Wither Skeleton Skull
Data value1
Max stacksize64
T-shape structure of Soul SandSoul Sand with 3 Wither Skeleton SkullWither Skeleton Skulls on top. This will spawn a Wither.


The Wither Skeleton Skull is a base-game skull that has a good enough use within Craftland to warrant its own wiki page (go you :D)!

The Wither Skeleton Skull is one of the many skulls within Craftland and plays a vital part in the Infusement system as a whole.


  • 4 Wither Skeleton Skull are required to infuse an incredibly useful gemstone, within infusement, TourmalineTourmaline.
  • 3 Wither Skeleton Skull can be placed upon a T-shape structure of Soul SandSoul Sand in order to spawn the Wither boss (which can be killed to obtain Nether StarNether Stars and Wither SoulWither Souls)!

Wither Skeleton Skulls can also be used as decoration.

How to Obtain

  • The Wither Skeleton Skull has a low chance to drop from a Wither Skeleton (These mobs spawn exclusively within the Nether).
    • Looting enchants DO effect the drop-rate of Wither Skeleton Skulls.
  • Wither Skeleton Skulls can also be found, uncommonly, inside random chests within Deepvale and the Mining World in numbers varying from 1-6!


  • Wither Skeleton Skulls used to have a Skull Power of 3.

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