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Christmas Banner
Release Date: 1st December 2017
Closing Date: 31st December 2017
Patch Released: 8.08
Event Summary
The newly made Xmas event world for Craftland! This world includes a Present Hunt and Penguin Bosses.


  • During 2017, this world is home to the Penguin Boss.
  • This world was open during the Xmas 2017 Event (1st December 2017 - 2nd January 2018)

  • During the Xmas 2017 event, every player is given a daily present. Players are able to wait up to 2 days to pick up each present.
  • Additionally, the amount of Vote Points were doubled during the event.
  • Futhermore, a Secret Santa event was held during Xmas 2017, allowing players to donate a gift into a pool of gifts and get given a gift back randomly.
    • If a player donates garbage, they will be getting garbage back.
  • Finally, the Credit Store was updated around this time and also features some exclusive Xmas decorative blocks.

Secret Panda

During the second week of December 2017 a secret santa NPC was created near /warp xmas. Players can interact with this NPC and will be confronted with a UI asking them to deposit up to 4 items of their choosing to be sent off to a random player.

Once the player has submitted their gift, they must wait until the 25th of December 2017 to return to this NPC and recieve their gift from a different contributor.

  • If a player gifts something that Secret Santa does not find is from the heart, you may recieve CoalCoal in return.
  • If you do not submit a gift, you do not get given a gift in return.

* Unfortunately the NPC had a bug at the start of the event and did not record player items properly, everyone who participated was given 4 random items from Pig001 instead.

The Christmas Calendar UI
Opening the first gift in the Christmas Calendar UI

Christmas Calendar

Every new day (german time) players are able to open a new gift. Every day, players have a chance to receive 1 gift out of a pool of 1-4.

  • The player's new present will be sent to their inbox.
Day No. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Day 1 HatHat - Festive Afro
Day 2 HatHat - Santas Beard HatHat - Winter Hat Red 4x Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond
Day 3 Ender Bag HatHat - Santas Sack
Day 4 HatHat - Black Santa HatHat - Elf Hat
Day 5 HatHat - Black Santas Sack 4x Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond
Day 6 HatHat - Candy Beard Chest SkinChest Skin - Royal Dress
Day 7 Sword SkinSword Skin - Peppermint Lollipop Sword Sword SkinSword Skin - Pearl's Spear
Day 8 Bow SkinBow Skin - Yata Yustice 8x StrawberryStrawberry
Day 9 Bow SkinBow Skin - Confectioned Compound Arrow SkinArrow Skin - Cookie Arrow
Day 10 Wings SkinWings Skin - Master Sword and Hylian Shield Frost Shield
Day 11 Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Elf Ears Arrow SkinArrow Skin - Yata Yandy
Day 12 Model BlockModel Block - Portal Radio HatHat - Ushanka
Day 13 Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - The Grinch Head HatHat - Xmas Tree
Day 14 Sword SkinSword Skin - Gnawed Chocosword Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Cindy Louu
Day 15 Sword SkinSword Skin - Eavi Sword Chest SkinChest Skin - Charming Shoulders
Day 16 Chest SkinChest Skin - Prince Cape and Belt 4x Aether OrbAether Orb
Day 17 Wings SkinWings Skin - Harmonic Wings
Day 18 Sword SkinSword Skin - Ice Sword Stellar SwordStellar Sword
Day 19 Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Mar Head Skirt SkinSkirt Skin - Starlight Skirt
Day 20 Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Ice Mage Chest SkinChest Skin - Mar Chestplate
Day 21 HatHat - Nide in a Box ClarinetClarinet
Day 22 Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Garde Helmet Chest SkinChest Skin - Garde Plastron Pants SkinPants Skin - Garde Pants Chest SkinChest Skin - Garde Boots
Day 23 Revenant Greataxe Frost Shield Wings SkinWings Skin - Dragon Knight Wings
Day 24 Sword SkinSword Skin - Crimson Lotus Sword SkinSword Skin - Phoenix Battle Axe
Day 25 Wings SkinWings Skin - Angel Wings Wings SkinWings Skin - Evil Wings Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Crown
The start of the christmas event
4,004 presents + 9 killed penguins

Present Hunt

Similar to the Skull Hunt in Grimlock 3, players are required to run around and search for presents. Every milestone they reach they have a chance to obtain a christmas costume piece or another random item such as CoalCoal or a Christmas Cracker.

There are 110 locations spread across the map where presents can spawn.

  • There are 40 presents in play at one time.
  • Collecting a present (by right clicking) will increment your present counter, give you a present block and relocate the present.
  • Presents will despawn and relocate after a set amount of time.
  • Collecting 10 presents will allow the player to fight the Penguin Boss

Milestones: After 5,10 and 25, the next milestone is the previous plus 25 (EG. 50, 75, 100).

Obtainable Skin Sets

The Grinch Skin Set Creeper Doll Skin Set Whoville Mayor Skin Set Pennywise Skin Set Cindy Lou Who Skin Set
Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - The Grinch Head Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Creeper Voluminous Baby Pig Tails Hair Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Whoville Mayor Head Helmet SkinHelmet Skin - Cindy Lou Who Head
Chest SkinChest Skin - The Grinch Torso Chest SkinChest Skin - Creeper Doll Shirt Chest SkinChest Skin - Whoville Mayor Torso Chest SkinChest Skin - Pennywise Corset Chest SkinChest Skin - Cindy Lou Who Torso
Pants SkinPants Skin - The Grinch Legs Pants SkinPants Skin - Whoville Mayor Legs Skirt SkinSkirt Skin - Pennywise Skirt Pants SkinPants Skin - Cindy Lou Who Legs
Boots SkinBoots Skin - The Grinch Feet Boots SkinBoots Skin - Creeper Doll Shoes Boots SkinBoots Skin - Whoville Mayor Feet Boots SkinBoots Skin - Pennywise Shoes Boots SkinBoots Skin - Cindy Lou Who Slippers

Obtainable Weapon Skins

Swords Bows Arrows
Sword SkinSword Skin - Rescue Tube Bow SkinBow Skin - Automatic Rifle
Sword SkinSword Skin - Crimson Lotus Bow SkinBow Skin - -

Other Obtainables

Store Additions

During Xmas 2017, players were able to purchase these items within the store:

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