Pirate Dungeon

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Release Date: 10th November 2017
Patch Released: Update 8.08
Dungeon Boss (Captain)
Early Image: Opening the Pirate Dungeon doors
Inside the Pirate Dungeon
Inside the Pirate Dungeon
Inside the Pirate Dungeon
Inside the Pirate Dungeon


The Pirate Dungeon can be found randomly within Deepvale and is generated mostly out of Pirate StonePirate Stone and Light Pirate StoneLight Pirate Stone. You can access this dungeon by using a Pirate Dungeon KeyPirate Dungeon Key on the door which is found within the Pirate Ship. You can find the Pirate Ships on the coasts of Beaches in Deepvale.

Boss Fight

The boss fight will begin once the player has entered the boss chamber and attacks the Captain. The Captain has 5,000 HP.

Phase 1 (1 on 1)

The Captain will pursue the player at a slow walking pace, giving the player a good chance to kite the Captain and walk around him whilst dealing damage. Attacking the Captain, similar to the Elysian Knight boss, there's a chance that the tool being used will be Damage Locked. At certain health points, the Captain will enter Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Phase 2 (Run and Hide + Pirate Crew)

3 times during the boss fight the Captain will open the doors of the chamber and block it off with a mineable Pirate StonePirate Stone with the name of "Arctic Stone" and enter Phase 2 The Captain will also summon 3 level 2-3 Pirates for the player to fight. The goal of this phase is to mine down the "Arctic Stone" to cause the Captain to walk back into the chamber and fight the player in Phase 1.

Phase 3 (Big Bomb)

The fourth time the Captain runs out the chamber will be Phase 3. The Captain will place a Big Bomb on the ground which the player will have to attack to break in order to survive. The bomb will detonate after a period of time and will put the player on edge as the bomb ticks gradually get faster and faster. Three Pirates will be summoned again like normal with a mineable wall.

If the player fails to destroy the Big Bomb, they will instantly die.

After the bomb is destroyed and the wall is mined down, the Captain will return to fight in Phase 1 one more time before dying to the player and dropping a Pirate Dungeon Loot KeyPirate Dungeon Loot Key.


Once the boss is slain, the player is rewarded with a Pirate Dungeon Loot KeyPirate Dungeon Loot Key. The player can then open a loot chest which has a chance to contain these items:

The Treasure Chest inside the loot room


  • If a Pirate Dungeon happens to not have the boss there, contact a Moderator to reset the dungeon.
  • You cannot teleport into a Dungeon but you can teleport out using /spawn or /tp
  • Similar to the Elysian Dungeon, All chests (excluding the Treasure Chest that becomes available after defeating the Captain) are cosmetic.
  • There is a bug where if you relog mid battle the captain will return to its state as if you never attacked, but will be missing health.