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This table holds most of the available commands within Craftland.

  • Bare in mind this table excludes any commands that are seen as useless and/or broken.

Player Commands

Command Aliases Arguments Rank Description Usage
Gold Nugget/account <action> [action arguments] Apprentice Create, access and manage your bank accounts! /account withdraw Beandon 20000
Enchanted Book/achievements Apprentice View the achievements of Craftland within the Craftland Menu! /achievements
Enchanted Book/ach <page number|#id> Apprentice View the achievements that you own. /ach #120
Diamond Pickaxe/acrobatics Apprentice McMMO Command - View your Acrobatics skill progress and information! /acrobatics
Shop Chest/advertise [-flags] <warp id> (message) Premium III (?) Advertise a warp! /advertise -color FF3232 -item 218 74917 &eRandom things with more random things. &6*scree*
Stone/afk Apprentice Sets you as AFK (Away From Keyboard). /afk
Bow/archery Apprentice McMMO Command - View your Archery skill progress and information! /archery
Cursed Blade/arena Apprentice Warp to the Arena! /arena
Diamond Axe/axes Apprentice McMMO Command - View your Axes skill progress and information! /axes
Beacon/beaconeffects /beacon Apprentice Toggle whether you recieve effects from BeaconBeacon blocks! /beaconeffects
Book of Lore : Volume 1/book Apprentice Recieve 3 books of lore and a Recipe Book. /book
Mjölnir/bugs Apprentice This command opens the Tracker /bugs
Gold Ingot/buy /market buy <itemname> <amount> Apprentice Purchase an item from the server market! /buy cobblestone 10
Stone/checkpermission <permission> Apprentice Check to see if you have the specified permission. /checkpermission achievements.view.own
Chest/cinfo /lwc -i, /lwc info [limits] Apprentice LWC Command - View information on a protection after punching a protected block (Administrators see more info). /cinfo
Chest/climits Apprentice LWC Command - View the amount of protections you are allowed. /climits
Chest/cmodify /lwc -m, /lwc modify [-/g/@ modifications] Apprentice LWC Command - Modify a protection that you own (Moderators can modify others). /cmodify -Brandon_Jones @nickmcski
Stone/color Apprentice View the available colourcodes that you can type in chat and use on signs! /color
Chest/cpassword /lwc -c password <password> Apprentice LWC Command - Protect the punched block with a password. Unlock the block using /cunlock <password>. /cpassword XXXXXXXXXX
Chest/cprivate /lwc -c private [other players] Apprentice LWC Command - Protect the punched block with a private protection. /cprivate pig001, nickmcski, Brandon_Jones
Chest/cpublic /lwc -c public Apprentice LWC Command - Protect the punched block with a public protection (Anyone in the region can access it). /cpublic
Head/crashme Apprentice Crash your game. /crashme
Chest/cremove /lwc -r Apprentice LWC Command - Remove your protection (Moderators can remove any protection). /cremove
Diamond Shovel/excavation Apprentice McMMO Command - View your Excavation skill progress and information! /excavation
Command Block/find <string> Apprentice Search the entire list of commands for commands that contain your string! /find ba
Fishing Rod/fishing Apprentice McMMO Command - View your Fishing skill progress and information! /fishing
Map/forums Apprentice This command opens the Forum /forums
Map/friend Apprentice Open the friends list GUI. /friend
Vampire Blade/game <action> [action arguments] Apprentice View, join or leave a game lobby. /game join SG 1
Block of Gold/gamemode [player] <gamemode> Apprentice SPECIFIC WORLDS ONLY - Toggle your gamemode (Administrators+ can modify other players' gamemodes). /gamemode 1
Vampire Blade/games Apprentice Open the game menu. /games
Clock/getpos Apprentice Get your current position. /getpos
Perfect Diamond/glow Premium IV (?) Toggle the emission purple aura around your character. /glow
Book/help Apprentice Your friendly /help menu! /help
Bricks/home Apprentice Teleport back to your home! Use /sethome to set a home! /home
Perfect Diamond Sword/hunt Apprentice View the stats of the previous MonsterHunt and time until the next one! /hunt
Red Wool/ignore <player> Apprentice Ignore the specified user (cannot be a staff member). /ignore jjc1999
Paper/join /ch join <channel> Apprentice Join a chat channel. /join germany
Leather Tunic/kit <kit name> Apprentice View your kits or obtain a kit! /kit torches
Map/list Apprentice Display the list of currently online users. /list
Life Shard/love Apprentice Spread the love. /love
Gold Ingot/market Apprentice Open the server market GUI. /market
Golden Pickaxe/mcability Apprentice McMMO Command - Toggle whether you can use your McMMO abilities or not. /mcability
Golden Pickaxe/mcmmo /mcc Apprentice McMMO Command - View your McMMO statistics and available McMMO commands. /mcc
Golden Axe/mctop /mcc <skill> Apprentice McMMO Command - View the leaderboards of the specified skill. /mctop Mining
Book/mentor /mentor <player> Apprentice View the mentor menu or request a player to be your mentor. /mentor
Pumpkin/model /model <model id> Apprentice View your list of available models or transform into the specified model. /model 13
Diamond/money <player|top> Apprentice View your/another players' balance or view the leaderboard of richest players! /money DiamGamingWTF
Arcane Dungeon Stone/motion <motion name> Apprentice View the list of available motions or play a motion! /motion point
Diamond/pay <player> Apprentice Pay the specified user some coins (Minimum of 10 coins). /pay Tjolleeeh 200000
Red Wool/pickup Apprentice Toggle the ability to pick up items, xp, flux and coins. /pickup
Red Wool/pickupfilter Apprentice Open the filter UI to manage which items you cannot pick up. /pickupfilter
Sapphire/played Apprentice Display, in chat, how long you've been playing for (d,h,m format). /played
Sapphire/playerid <player> Apprentice Display a player's database ID and UUID. /playerid nidefawl
Empty Painting/plugins /pl Apprentice Display the list of plugins that Craftland uses. /plugins
Portal/portals Apprentice Open the portal GUI and warp to a random position in the selected world. /portals
Bricks/sethome Apprentice For a fee of 100 coins, set your home! Get back here with /home. /sethome
Portal/spawn /lobby Apprentice Warp to the server spawnpoint! /spawn
Sapphire/stats /stats [player] <category|stats> Apprentice View your stats or the stats of another player! /stats pig001 blockdestroy 1
Aether Portal/tp <player> [to-player] Registered (?) Attempt to teleport to the specified player (Moderators+ can teleport other users). /tp Furious
Aether Portal/tpallow <player> Apprentice Allow the specified player to teleport to you. /tpallow Hades
Aether Portal/tpblock Apprentice Prevent all incoming teleport requests until 15 minutes after logout (Moderators+ and region owners bypass this). /tpblock
Aether Portal/tpclear Apprentice Remove all /tpallow'd players from your /tplist. /tpclear
Aether Portal/tplist Apprentice View all of your /tpallow'd players. /tplist
Aether Portal/tpdeny <player> Apprentice Remove a player from your /tplist. /tpdeny Hades
Portal/warp <action> [action arguments] Apprentice Manage your warp(s) or teleport to an already existing warp. /warp help
Book of Lore : Volume 1/wiki (search) Apprentice Browse the wiki! /wiki Commands

Staff Commands

All of the commands listed here are for Staff members only.

  • The commands listed are categorised into Ranks and are sorted Alphabetically.
    • Some commands are not listed for anonymous reasons.
Command Aliases Arguments Rank Description Usage
Hammer of Notch/bungee <action> [action arguments] Helper Access and perform punishments on the Bungee server. /bungee tempban _Beandon_ 0 1 0 Do not spam!
Wand//contract <amount> <direction> Helper WorldEdit Command - Contract your wand selection from the specified direction/direction you're facing. //contract 5
Wand//expand <amount> <direction> Helper WorldEdit Command - Expand your wand selection in the specified direction/direction you're facing. //expand 10
Mjölnir/hawkeye /he, /hawk [arguments] Helper Check the database for player activity in the area. /he search r:50 p:pig001
Wand//inset <amount> Helper WorldEdit Command - Contract your selection by the specified amount from every direction. //inset 2
Wand//outset <amount> Helper WorldEdit Command - Expand your selection by the specified amount in every direction. //outset 2
Wand//pos1 Helper WorldEdit Command - Move your first selection to your current location. //pos1
Wand//pos2 Helper WorldEdit Command - Move your second selection to your current location. //pos1
Wand//shift <amount> <direction> Helper WorldEdit Command - Shift your wand selection in the specified direction/direction you're facing. //shift 10 up
Wand//wand Helper WorldEdit Command - Give yourself a WandWand //wand
Mjölnir/warn <player> [warn arguments] Helper Warn a player for breaking the rules. /warn marc0303 SPAM Please do not beg for items!
Wand/ascend //ascend Moderator WorldEdit Command - Ascend a floor. /ascend
Mjölnir/ban <player> (reason) Moderator Permanently ban a player. /ban Beandon Test ban message.
Mjölnir/banlist <player> (reason) Moderator View the list of bans that were given ingame. /banlist
Wand/ceil //ceil <clearance> Moderator WorldEdit Command - Jump to the ceiling of the room (with clearance) with a glass block beneath you. /ceil 2
Wand/descend //descend Moderator WorldEdit Command - Teleport to the floor below you. /descend
Sentry Stone/dungeon <action> [action arguments] Moderator Manage the dungeons of Craftland. /dungeon warpto 2033
Wand/findwarps <region name> Moderator List all warps within the specified region. /findwarps beans-beans
Nether Star/hide [-fl|-fj] <player> Moderator Hide yourself or the targetted player with an optional fake leave/join flag. /hide -fl
Wand/jumpto //jumpto Moderator WorldEdit Command - Jump to the block you're currently looking at. /jumpto
Mjölnir/kick <player> (reason) Moderator Kick a player. /kick CodySewell Test kick.
Command Block/mod <action> [action arguments] Moderator Moderator Command - Do some slightly mythical stuff. /mod deownshop
Shield of Repulsion/modify <player> <key> <value> Moderator Modify a player's name/rgb/ranks/permissions etc. /modify DiamGamingWTF name Beandon
Clarinet/say (message) Moderator Announce a message to the entire server. /say I'm a sausage.
Mjölnir/tempban <player> [m h d] (reason) Moderator Temporarily ban a player. /ban nickmcski 1 0 0 Test Ban
Wand/thru //thru Moderator WorldEdit Command - Teleport through the wall/floor you're currently looking at. /thru
Portal/tocoord <x> <y> <z> Moderator Teleport to the specified coordinates. /tocoord 2000 129 -2550
Portal/toent <entity id> Moderator Teleport to the specified entity. /toent 1118345
Portal/tohome <player> Moderator Teleport to the specified players home. /tohome pig001
Portal/tospawn <player> Moderator Move a player to the server spawn. /tospawn pig001
Portal/towarp <player> <warp-name> Moderator Move a player to the specified warp. /towarp Crovan voteshop
Aether Portal/tphere <player> Moderator Teleport the specified user to you. /tphere Epic_Super_Sonic
Nether Star/vanish /poof <player> Moderator Turn yourself or the targetted player invisible. /hide -fl
Command Block/admin <action> [action arguments] Administrator Admin command - Do mythical stuff that could be useful or annoying. /admin nohunger
Mjölnir/banip <ip address> (reason) Administrator Permanently ban an IP address. /banip XX.XX.XXX.XX Test ipban message.
Wand/fixlava <radius> Administrator WorldEdit Command - Fix the flow of nearby lava blocks. /fixlava 20
Wand/fixlight <radius> Administrator WorldEdit Command - Fix the lighting of nearby blocks. /fixlight 20
Wand/fixwater <radius> Administrator WorldEdit Command - Fix the flow of nearby water blocks. /fixwater 20
Map/forcesave Administrator Save all player data, world data and entity data. /forcesave
Wand/forestgen <size> <type> <density> Administrator WorldEdit Command - Create a forest of a specified size, specified type and density. /forestgen 10 tree 0.5
Command Block/give /i, /item Administrator Give yourself or the specified player an item(s). /give Beandon 17417
Valkyrie Chestplate/god <player> Administrator Toggle God Mode for yourself or the specified player. /god
Bedrock/protect Administrator WorldEdit Command - Make blocks within the specified region unbreakable to ALL users. /protect
Bedrock/unprotect Administrator WorldEdit Command - Unprotect the unbreakable blocks within a region. /unprotect
Golden Sword/addxp <player> <skill> <xp> Owner McMMO Command - Add some McMMO XP to a specified player's specified skill /addxp pig001 Mining 10
Portal/back Owner Warp back to your previous location. /back
Command Block/op <action> [action arguments] Owner Owner Command - Do some insane shit. /op haltserver 60
Powerstick FiroBall/debug <action> [action arguments] User Specific Debug command. /debug recvitem Lavender

The above tables are currently a WIP

  • WorldEdit commands may be moved to their own category in the future

Old Table

//shift Admin Shift the selection area //shift [direction]
/checkachievements Admin Look to see if anyone has a new achievement /checkach
/gamemode Admin Changes your game mode /gamemode [player]
/give /item, /i Admin Gives a player an item /give [player] [item] [amount]
/god Admin Toggles god mode /god [player]
/kickall Admin Kicks all players from the server /kickall
/model Admin Model a player /model
/modify Admin Modifies information about a player /modify [player] [rank|display name]
/mvpbuild Admin Build a Portal /mvpbuild
/say Admin Announces a message /say [message]
/spawnmob Admin Spawns mobs /spawnmob [number] [amount]
/ban Moderator Bans a player /ban [player]
/tempban Moderator Temporarily bans a player /tempban [player] M H D [reason]
/banlist Moderator Views a list of banned players /banlist
/hawkeye /he Moderator HawkEye command page /hawkeye
/hide Moderator Hides your online status /hide [player]
/kick Moderator Kicks the player from the serevr /kick [player]
/mute /gmute Moderator Stops the player from talking in chat (they can still private message) /mute [player]
/poof Moderator Turns you invisible /poof [player] (playername not needed to use command on yourself)
/serverstats Owner View stats about the server /serverstats
/achievements /ach Registred List achievements /ach [page]
/afk Registred Sets you as AFK (away from keyboard) /afk [message]
/book Registred Gives you all the books of lore and a recipe book /book
/color Registred Lists all the color codes for the server /color
/cprivate Registred Protects a chest /cprivate
/home Registred Goes to your set home /home
/hunt Registred View your monster hunt high score, current score, Previous nights high score /hunt
/ignore Registred Will not receive any chat from that player (only affect you /ignore [player]
/iteminfo Registred Views the ID and name of the item in your hand /iteminfo
/itempickup Registred Stop your player from picking up items /itempickup
/kit Registred List or receive a kit /kit
/list /online, /players Registred See online players /list
/mcc /[skill name] Registred View all McMMO commands /mcc
/mctop Registred See who has the Highest McMMO skill level /mctop [skill name]
/money Registred Check balance /money
/money top Registred See richest players /money top [number of players]
/motd Registred Shows important messages from nidefawl /motd
/msg /tell, /message Registred Sends a private message to a player /msg [player] [message]
/pay Registred Sends another player money /pay [name] [ammount]
/played Registred Check playing time /played
/pvp Registred Views all PvP commands /pvp
/sethome Registred sets home /sethome
/spawn Registred Brings you back to spawn /spawn
/stats Registred View your stats /stats
/tpallow Registred Allows a player to teleport to you /tpallow [player]
/tpblock Registred temporally stops al players from teleporting to you /tpblock
/tpdeny Registred Stops a player from teleporting to you /tpdeny [player]
/tplist Registred Give you a list of players allowed to teleport to you /tplist
/ts Registred Lists all of your tombstones /ts [list|destroy|warp] [id]
/warp create Registred Creates a warp /warp create [name]
/warp delete Registred Deletes a warp /warp delete [name]
/warp give Registred Gives one of your warps to someone else /warp give [player name] [warp name]
/warp help Registred View's help for all warp related commands /warp help
/warp invite Registred Invites a player to your private warp /warp invite [player name] warp name
/warp list Registred Lists all warps /warp list [page]
/warp plist Registred Lists all private warps /warp plist [page]
/warp private Registred Makes one of your warps private (its private by default) /warp private [warp name]
/warp public Registred Makes one of your warps public /warp public [warp name]
/warp search Registred Searches for warps you have access to /warp search [name]
/warp uninvite Registred uninvites a player to your private warp /warp uninvite [player name] warp name
/warp welcome Registred Changes the welcome message /warp welcome [name] message
/whois /who Registred Find out about a player /whois [player]
/tp VIP Teleports to a player /tp [player]
/tempmute (channel) (username) (Minutes) (Hours) (Days)