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Latest Updates

Second Chance Island update! (13th of February, 2023)

After 11 years on craftland, and a long eventless year. we've decided to adjust the concept of the second chance market!

For this next version, everyone is invited to trade their old event currencies into second chance coins. Be it skulls, candy, presents or easter eggs, there's a trade for everything! (There are still gem trades and coins obtained from dungeons, arena and monsterhunt for newer players) Additionally, as a novelty there will be some very useful items besides a ton of old and new cosmetics available for trade, and many more, all of these come at an appropriate price. Therefore, wait no longer and earn as many coins as you can, to use them in the trades we prepared for you!

By the way, for any bored people amongst you, there is a small gambling feature with beer included.

Special thanks to Lagius, this wouldn't have happened without him!

Easter Event 2022 (17th of April, 2022)

An Easter Event has been released at /warp easter2022 collect as many eggs as possible, who can reach 10k first?

9.61 (5th of April, 2021)

An Easter Event has been released at /easter (Event is now over)!


  • Added Easter Event 2021
  • Added an Artifact Slot to the Garderobe (Skin Inventory)!
  • Added a rare "True Goldrush" event that can occasionally occur in place of a regular Goldrush with a different and more valuable loot table. Additionally, Coins earned are multiplied by 5.
  • Added "Red Bird Ring", obtainable via the Easter Event and transforms the wearer into a Red Bird!
  • Added lore to every morph ring that tells the player which creature they morph into.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to re-enchant items after being enchanted.
9.6 - More Wood Things, Settings Updates, Backend Changes.. (17th of Febaruary, 2021)

Hey again! It's been quite some time since the last update and we greatly appreciate the patience you all have shown for us during a bit of a down period for most of the dev team. We assure that we're not dead!



  • Added "Craftland Edition" text to the Main Menu title!
  • Added new Main Menu Panoramas and updated their quality.
  • Added a new "foggy woggy" - pig, to the Mining World and purple fog to the end.
  • Added Pink Slime Blocks.
  • Added "Blacklist" to the Edit Warp GUI.
  • Added NPC Spawn Eggs to the Creative GUI.
  • Added Tooltips when hovering over Potion Effects in the Inventory.
  • Added the ability to craft the Basalt Slab variants.
  • Added the ability to "clean" Ironwool blocks inside of a Cauldron.
  • Added Quest Icons to the Minimap, this can be toggled off in the Rei's Minimap Settings Menu.
  • Added a new achievement.
  • Added RGB portals.


There are now Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Redwood, Fir, Acacia, Dark Oak and Magic Wood Variants of; Wooden Buttons, Trap Doors, Doors, Pressure Plates, Display Cases and Bookcases.

  • Added the ability to craft and place 11 various all-sided log variants, more to come..
  • Added the ability to craft 16 sticks using 2 of these log types.
  • Added the ability to craft 16 skyroot sticks using 2 skyroot or golden oak logs.
  • Added Magic Wood Fence, Fence Gate and Slabs.
  • Added all of these things to the Creative GUI.



  • Rescaled all levelled mobs. Level is no longer linear, and difficulty exponentially increases the higher level the mob is (Math.pow(mobLvl, 2.5D) / 35D + 1D)
  • Buffed shields.
  • Updated the names of the 2 Shadow Skyland Logs to "Light" and "Dark" Shadow Logs.
  • Updated the names of Lilypads.
  • Updated the Ironwool texture.
  • Updated some Tutorials and added more helping text.
  • Updated how Shift Clicking works in the Enchanting Table GUI.
  • Updated the NPC GUI in correlation to a new Edit NPC permission for Game Worlds.
  • Improved breaking VFX for Metal Chests and Wooden Signs.
  • Improved the Main Menu GUI a little, should be less text clashing.
  • Improved the Edit Warp GUI; More pleasant to look at and use.
  • Improved the Edit Protection GUI; Block Preview when displaying Doors, Signs and Monster Spawners.
  • Improved the Platinum Shop GUI; Entries with multiple items now cycle which item is previewed.
  • Improved the Staff Menu GUI; Menus are now categorised, buttons are bigger and highlight the appropriate menu.
  • "Fire Spread" Region Flag now disables fire from Lightning Strikes.
  • Dropping an NPC in Egg form will now provide a bit more information about the NPC.
  • Flesh Liches now take extreme amounts of damage when exposed to sunlight.
  • Flesh Liches now take more damage and take longer to fire their attacks.
  • Bone Knights now take more damage when exposed to sunlight.
  • Broken Keys now have an Item Value, allowing them to be used to feed the Boss Spawner at /arena.
  • Hammers, Bows and Shears now show up in the Tool section of the Player Shop.
  • Cakes now stack up to 16.
  • Nerfed Spicy Chicken Soup hunger and saturation bonuses, but it now cures Frozen and Frostbite debuffs.
  • Removed the recipe book.


Settings Menus have been better compacted and categorised where you'd expect them to be.

  • Biome Colours is now permanently turned on with the option removed.


Hoes now classify as a "Tool" and have been updated to replicate their Vanilla functionality.

  • Hoes can now be enchanted with Efficiency, Unbreaking, Fortune and Silk Touch.
  • Hoes can now be used to harvest Leaves, Hay and Glowstone blocks very quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Paxels being slow on Dirt blocks.
  • Fixed the Inventory Tutorial being outdated.
  • Fixed Bookcase textures and drops.
  • Fixed an Inventory Desync error in the Enchanting Table GUI.
  • Fixed "x" from showing up on Items that can still be used within Regions.
  • Fixed the texture on the underside of Blast Furnaces.
  • Fixed a lighting error when using the Edit NPC GUI.
  • Fixed some crashes when Shift Clicking in the Edit NPC GUI.
  • Fixed Carpenter Blocks from not accepting any Chisel-able Blocks.
  • Fixed Cherry, Dark and Bamboo leaves from randomly dropping Damage Value 8 variants of themselves.
  • Fixed the missing Elysian Dungeon Loot Key prefix in announcements when winning hats from Elysian Dungeons.
  • Fixed being able to blacklist users from Special Warps.
  • Fixed flying cow crash.
  • Fixed particles from phoenix armour covering vision.
  • Fixed vote screen null crash.

Some Behind the Scene/Special Changes

  • Pig went ahead and removed all pointless Bukkit Entity classes behind the scenes, there is a chance that there will be entity related bugs somewhere after this update, please report them when you see them! It will help a lot!
  • Modified how some blocks are textured to free up some texture space.
  • Some random server values have been moved to a Database to allow for live changes with my own cool GUI, yay!
  • Monster Hunt values have been moved to a Database to allow for live changes.
  • A lot of Class Refactoring to help with Optimisation and reading the code in general.
Platinum Store Changes (30th of December, 2020)

Hey all! There's been a few adjustments to the Platinum Store! There will be more adjustments coming in the future!

New Items

  • Added "Hat: applehat" for 50 Platinum.
  • Added "Hat: soda top" for 50 Platinum.
  • Added "Elysian Dungeon Key" for 15 Platinum.
  • Added "Pirate Dungeon Key" for 30 Platinum.
  • Added "Rosalina's Trial Luma" wings for 300 Platinum.
  • Added the Rosalina Skin Set for 250 Platinum.

4th January

  • Added "4x Sponge" for 8 Platinum.
  • Added "Plasma Aercloud" for 6 Platinum.
  • Added Directional Aerclouds for 3 Platinum.
  • Added "Dark Aercloud" for 2 Platinum.
  • Added "4x Strawberries" for 5 Platinum.

Price Changes

  • Yggdrassil Wings and Variations Platinum cost reduced by 100.
  • All Dungeon Stone's Platinum cost reduced by 5.
  • All Hats' Platinum cost reduced by 5.
  • All Awnings' Platinum cost reduced to 2.
  • Lugia Tail's Platinum Platinum cost 400 ≫ 350.
  • Revenent Remnant Platinum cost 18 ≫ 12.
  • Aerogel Platinum cost 12 ≫ 10.
  • Monster Spawner: Ocelot's Platinum cost 1,500 ≫ 1,250.
  • Monster Spawner: Raven's Platinum cost 1,000 ≫ 800.
  • Monster Spawner: Bird's Platinum cost 1,000 ≫ 800.
  • Valkyrie Spawn Egg's Platinum cost 10 ≫ 8.

4th January

  • Pirate Spawn Egg's Platinum cost 25 ≫ 20.
9.5 - Loom Recipes, Tool Changes & Iron Wool (27th of August, 2020)

Ahaha... It's been a while.. Hey guys ._.

Searchable Recipes
New Bookcases
New Loom Recipes
Improved End Islands
Chiselled Concrete and Ironwool


  • Added an absolute ton of Loom Recipes.
  • Added an "Enderpearls" region flag which can block the usage of pearls being used to enter/leave the region.
  • Added the ability to shift click within NPC GUI's (both for trading and equipping items).
  • Added Bookcases.
  • Added Ironwool.
  • Added the ability to chisel, using a Hammer, Ironwool and Concrete for more block textures!
  • Added the ability to un-dye wool in a water-filled cauldron.
  • Added a Staff Icon next to staff member's names in the Chat Tab. Additionally, AFK players go translucent.
  • Added scroll buttons to fishing gui


  • The World Guard/Regions GUI screen now has extensive information on each flag when hovering over them. Additionally, the selection boxes for each flag shows a little more information to help people better understand the settings.
  • The Crafting Helper in the Inventory has been updated to include a textbox.
  • Pickaxes have reduced effectiveness on non-stone materials.
  • Non-Aether tools now have ZERO effectiveness on Aether Blocks.
  • Aether tools now have ZERO effectiveness on Overworld Blocks.
  • Translucent items now render how you'd expect them to. Translucent.
  • Stained Glass + Panes have had their colours slightly changed.
  • Items that cannot be used within certain regions will have a red cross rendered over the item.
  • End Pillars now generate in a circular pattern, rather than fully random.
  • End Pillars can now generate with Iron Bars protecting the End Crystals.
  • Endermen now spawn on End Islands after their next reset.
  • Dead Bushes now drop sticks.
  • Books now require Leather to craft.
  • All "alias" commands are no longer case sensitive.
  • /votepoints command is now /platinum.
  • Recipe lists are a bit more readable.
  • A Warp Pad's *ZAPP* text now displays at the top of the screen, rather than spamming the chat.


  • Removed more lore books.
  • Removed Deepvale splash message.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some rendering issues.
  • Fixed glowing animations being too fast.
  • Fixed all sorts of Cow crashing the user when right clicking them with an empty hand.
  • Fixed the entire server destroying itself when firing a potion arrow at a non living entity.
  • Fixed being able to use End Portals in Gameworlds.
  • Players in God/Creative mode no longer infinitely stack the Frostbite effect when getting hit with a Frost Ball.
  • Fixed null pointers rendering icons in GUI's
  • Added small tutorial reminder that people need to open chat to use the tutorial (this relies on people reading)
  • Fixed recipes in recipe finder rendering in the wrong slot positions

Backend changes for those interested

  • Changed our database interface library
  • Refactored a lot of code to make client and server dev easier (e.g. material list)
  • Refactored all recipe declarations in code to make them easier to find for us.
  • Prepare for mining world structures and improved generator
Rule Update! (6th of May, 2020)

Hey, we've gone ahead and updated the Rules for the Craftland Server; Check them out here:!

9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event! (12th of April, 2020)

Woo! Another big patch with loads to read! (Special thanks to Recontrex, Nox and devinhamster for donating to my Ko-Fi after last patch! It really does mean a lot! :thumbsup:)

Easter 2020 Event!

Yipee! There is a light amongst the darkness. It's another event with things for players to do and exclusive goodies for players to collect! As usual, larger events like these will be lasting a month!

You can access the Easter event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /easter in-game! This event was made by Saya and yours truly, with the skins being provided by Lisa and Caity!


Platinum System + Platinum Store

With the soon-to-be removed Credit shop, Vote Shop and Boss Medals, comes a brand new system to take their place. One big universal, and more refined, system rather than a bunch of tiny outdated systems! Here's some information on how the new system works!

  • First off, all players' Vote Points have been converted into Platinum.
  • Secondly, an NPC has been added to spawn, called the "Medal Yoinker". He will happily take your Boss Medals and convert them into Platinum. The rate of conversion is 2 medals for 1 Platinum.
  • Players can spend Platinum on the Vote Wheel and Platinum Store!

The platinum store's items will rotate daily! Some items will only be available on a specific day of the week! Also, it is important to note that the Platinum Store hasn't been fully stocked yet, so stay tuned for a bunch of new items!

Reworked Quest System

The Daily Quest System served its purpose for some time, giving players something minor to do while playing Craftland. However, the rewards and purpose of it slowly became more redundant over time, and because of this, it's time for a rework! And what better time to introduce a rework than alongside another rework? Perfect!

Quests are no longer just a simple "pink achievement" in the Achievements GUI. They now have their own GUI! Woo! To save this list of patchnotes being exceptionally long, here's a short list of what this system entails;

  • Players can now do an infinite amount of Quests each day.
  • The first 5 generated quests of each day automatically have 2x the rewards. Re-rolling will remove this bonus.
  • Quests progressively get more difficult the more a player completes each day.
  • Players can re-roll a quest they don't like for a small fee. Quests that are unlikely to be completed cost less.
  • Quests do not give out items, but rather, they give out coins and platinum.
  • The amount of feathers on a Quest tells the player the difficulty level (Difficulties range from 1 to 7).

Bag o' Treats

A Soulbound Bag o' Treats is a bottomless bag that can store an infinite amount of Halloween Candy and can be purchased at /docks for 2,500,000 coins. It is highly advisable to not purchase more than one as their passive bonuses do not stack. The Bag o' Treats item rarity and speed bonus increase with the amount of candy that a player has stored inside of it!


+ Added a "Divider" mechanic to Hopper Ducts. This setting allows for items to be evenly divided among all available filter pipes (the pink pipes). Any left over items due to full containers will exit through the main pipe. + Added "Giant Slayer" Enchantment (Deals more damage to high level mobs, reduced damage to low level mobs). + Added "Sniper" Enchantment (Fully charged shots deal extra damage based on flight time). + Added a Rainbow Glint. + Added a Rainbow Incandescent Artifact. + Added the ability to disenchant Flux Crocus, Lunar Crocus and Amaranth into Flux.


Diamond Bladed Saw

  • Diamond Bladed Saw can now chop wood similar to an Overworld Axe.
  • Upped Diamond Bladed Saw durability to match Diamond tools.
  • Added a description onto Diamond Bladed Saws to better describe their use.
  • Diamond Bladed Saw now renders similarly to a tool or weapon.

Enderman Boss Changes (Mostly Nerfs)

  • Enderminion HP has been reduced by 25 (50 for Super Boss).
  • Killing an Enderminion now does double damage to a Super Boss.
  • Scheduled abilities now occur every 3,000 (from 1,500) HP for a Super Boss.
  • Significantly lowered the chance for an on-attack ability to occur.
  • Added a 3 second cooldown whenever an on-attack ability occurs.
  • Shooting an Enderman Boss now inflicts Wither IV, rather than Wither III.
  • Fixed the Enderman Boss randomly deciding to stop attacking


  • The /voteshop has been replaced with the Platinum Store!
  • Axes now only lose 1 durability when used to attack enemies.
  • The mining world has been reset!
  • All animals now drop at least 1-3 experience.
  • Significantly buffed the effectiveness of Bone Meal on vanilla crops.
  • Slightly buffed the effectiveness of Bone Meal on modded crops.
  • Experience and Flux bars are now a bit more animate when collecting Experience and Flux.
  • Made the Experience and Flux level text a little more vibrant.
  • Furniture now stacks up to 16. This includes Craftland Chairs and Display Cases.
  • Mob Spawn Eggs and Empty Spawn Eggs now stack up to 64 (this excludes reusables).
  • Aether Dungeon Loot Keys now stack up to 8, similar to other Dungeon Loot Keys.
  • Brewing Stands now have a custom collision ray trace, similar to Vanilla (AKA. Hitbox is better).
  • Blast Furnaces now output Soul Flames when the "Zanite Flame" is active.
  • Blast Furnaces and Smokers can now accept the exact same fuels as Furnaces.
  • Valkyrie Swords and Bows will no longer despawn or burn.
  • Hovering over a player's name in chat will now display their ID.
  • Changed the "Hold Shift for more info" Tool Tip on items to "Hold [Shift] for more info!"
  • Reduced the brightness when hovering over list entries in the GUI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Withers not summoning.
  • Fixed not being able to manually place items inside of Blast Furnaces.
  • Fixed Blast Furnaces "Zanite Flame" feature, which has a 50% chance to double the output!
  • Fixed being unable to throw Ender Pearls into your own regions.
  • Fixed Ender Pearls, for real this time.
  • Fixed the Revenant Greataxe not losing durability when attacking enemies.
  • Fixed NPC's not saving their "Display Item" properly.
  • Fixed "Accumulator" constantly trying to change its name back to "Infinity".
  • Fixed tagged items having an extra line of empty tooltip space when they don't have any readable lore.
  • Fixed symbol with unicode "\u00C2" appearing in the Credits whenever a new color is used.
  • Synced item values.
9.3 - St. Patricks, Ender Pearl Changes + Bug Fixes (11th of March, 2020)

St. Patricks 2020 Event!

Woo! A new event! This event consists of 5 daily quests to choose from (of which you can do 3 each day) with plenty of new skin rewards. This event has a few new smaller mechanics that I'm trying alongside 3 new exclusive fish!

This smallish event will last 2 weeks. You can access the event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /stpatricks in-game!


  • Added a new NPC to spawn which allows players to exchange their unused Aether Loot Keys for loot!
  • Added the Clipping Enchantment, can only be applied to Shears at a max of level 2.
  • Event NPC's now play a villager noise when being spoken to.
  • NPC's can now have an item displayed over their head, similar to a villager.
  • Added Large Mug of Beer (Used in the St. Patricks event).
  • Added the ability for Admins to add custom colored item borders to items.
  • Added more sounds and swinging animations to random actions.


  • Shears can now be enchanted with Unbreaking and Clipping.
  • Projectiles now fire from your crosshair, rather than slightly right of it.
  • Ender Pearls and Sword of Ender now glow red when in an area where you cannot use them.
  • Ender Pearls now function slightly differently, reducing the amount of glitches that exist.
  • Players can no longer Ender Pearl into an area where Region Flag TP_TO is disabled.
  • Bamboo can now be used as a very weak fuel.
  • 2 Bamboo can now be used to craft 1 Stick.
  • The boss bar now has a new texture and layout!
  • The boss bar now slides in and out when approaching/escaping a boss.
  • Players should now be able to interact with Anvils and Workbenches when in an Event World.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Model Blocks not displaying their proper cased names.
  • Fixed normal portals from using the wrong portal effect.
  • Fixed Ender Pearls from playing the wrong portal effect when being thrown.
  • Fixed Ender Pearls from ignoring the "Portal Particles" option.
  • Fixed Aether Portals from ignoring the "Portal Particles" option.
  • Fixed Honey Blocks jump restriction not applying properly.
  • Fixed Bees Nests not keeping their maximum of 4 bees per nest on server restart.
  • Fixed Bees randomly yeeting themselves 15 blocks into the air.
  • Fixed Beacons dropping Stone.
  • Fixed a crash when shift clicking non-blocks into any container that uses burning fuel.
9.24 - Bees, for real this time + Valentines! (15th of February, 2020)

Woo! Fixes! Valentines! Beeeeees!


  • Bees have been re-enabled!
  • Valentines Event 2020! Access it by using /warp valentines
  • Added a swinging animation when opening a Loot Bag.
  • Added the Cherry Blossom Name Tag.
  • Added Cherry Blossoms.
  • Added 2 new achievements! One relating to Valentines, one relating to the new Enderman boss!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a logic error with Bee Hives when harvesting Honeycombs.
  • Fixed Golems not absorbing the ingot/gem used when repairing them.
  • Fixed being able to access the Celestial Name Tag when it should've been the Gold Rush Name Tag.
  • Fixed being unable to set an McMMO cape despite being level 1,200.
  • Fixed several Null Pointer's in the new Valentine's Eve
9.2 - Beendon (10th of February, 2020)

Woah! Patch 9.2! (Thank you very much to Recontrex, nickmcski, chriskjpk and Lisa for donating to my Ko-Fi page after last patch!)

Holy.. I didn't realize how long these patchnotes were.. :P



  • Added an Enderman Arena Boss!
  • Added Respawn Sickness . This effect is afflicted onto VIP+ users, for 10 minutes, on respawn.
    • This effect scales with rank, and reduces the amount of damage you deal. Can be cured with a Remedy Bucket.
  • Added Brown Mooshrooms!
  • Added Soul Fire Torches. A weaker, but blue, version of torches.
  • Added Soul Soil. Igniting a normal fire on this block will instead light a Cold Fire.
  • Added the 'Sword of Ender', obtainable from the Enderman boss!
  • Added Cat Collars! And similarly to Dogs, you can color your cat's collar by using dyes.
  • Added the ability to craft 6 kinds of hats in the Loom! More features coming soon!
  • Added a "Server Warp" section to the Warps GUI for handpicked warps by our staff!
  • Added Carrot Juice! Made with.. well, carrots! Grants Night Vision when consumed!
  • Added a Goldrush Name Tag, which is unlocked after winning 15 Gold Rushes.
  • Added a "Daily Quest Cape", which is unlocked after completing 50 Daily Quests.
  • Added the ability to heal Iron, Gold and Diamond Golems.
  • Added Bronze, Silver and Gold dungeon loot tables to the /loot GUI.
  • Added a Pickup Filter Shortcut to the Inventory ([F] button at the top right).
  • Added 9 new achievements to Craftland!
  • Added a few Craftland-unique splashes to the Main Menu, maybe you'll see one soon!


  • Added Bees, Golden Bees and Rainbow Bees to Craftland!
  • Added Honey Blocks! Very sticky blocks that you can slide down, but can't jump off of!
  • Added Honey Bottles! Can be consumed to restore hunger, cure Poison and Aether Poison!
  • Added Honeycombs! These can be used to craft Honeycomb Blocks and Beehives!
  • Added Bee Nests and Beehives! Homes for our Bees.. And they can be privated!

Hand Animations

  • Added a hand animation when shearing or dyeing Sheep.
  • Added a hand animation when breeding animals.
  • Added a hand animation when using buckets.
  • Removed a hand animation when trying to eat cake when full on hunger.
  • Removed a hand animation when trying to press buttons too fast.



  • Server Chunk Load Distance has been increased from 8 to 12.
  • Dying in a dungeon no longer drops your inventory, but will instead damage your armor slightly.
    • XP and Flux still get dropped, and life shard hearts are still lost!
  • Killing a First Mate now has a 0.5% - 3.3% chance to drop a Pirate Dungeon Key.
  • Iron, Gold and Diamond Golems now display cracks on their bodies as they lose health.
  • Nerfed the effectiveness of Swords when destroying blocks.
  • Nerfed the difficulty of some Daily Quests.
  • Furnaces can now use Boats, Beehives, Skyroot Buckets, Skyroot Sticks and Magic Sticks as fuel.
  • Enchanters can now "enchant" Ambrosium Ore and Zanite Ore.
  • Enchanters now take slightly longer to repair Valkyrie Swords and Valkyrie Bows.
  • Empty Skyroot Buckets now stack up to 16.
  • Slime Blocks now slow players down more, similar to Vanilla.
  • Slime Blocks now emit a sound when being stepped on.
  • Nature Staff is now rendered in 3D on the third person model.
  • Double Tallgrass now takes into consideration the type of grass it's on, regardless of biome and world.
  • Updated how walls render when there are blocks above them, slightly different from Vanilla 1.16, though.
  • When a Cooker is done making gelatin, the resulting Juice item will now always land on top of the Cooker.
  • Apple Juice now also grants Speed I when consumed.
  • Slightly buffed basic Golden Apples and slightly nerfed OP Healing Stones.
  • Slightly buffed Fruit Wood Fishing Rods durability (increased by 4).
  • Updated Whirly loot table to contain a larger variety of items.
  • Ender Pearls now have a 0.75 second cooldown between throws, similar to Vanilla.
  • Ender Eyes now take damage from the sun based on their level, rather than a flat amount.
  • Containers now display whether Hoppers are enabled or not, on their hover tool tip.
  • Highscores GUI now displays the top 10 players of each category!
  • Highscores GUI has been improved slightly.
  • Player Info GUI now displays little trophies next to the player's McMMO levels.
  • Achievements GUI now properly informs you of the correct Daily Quest stats and progression.
  • Achievements GUI now gives Daily Quests a purple trophy when completed.
  • The /daily command now pre-searches "Daily Quest I" instead of "Daily Quest".

Main Menu Changes

  • Added a new panorama to celebrate the addition of bees!
  • Added a button that takes players to our website!
  • Moved around some buttons, making it look better.
  • Button textures have been updated to match 1.15 (having a white outline when hovered)

McMMO Changes + Limit Break

  • The maximum level of a skill has been raised from 1,200 to 5,000!
    • Level experience scaling past level 1,200 is insanely minuscule, but is purely cosmetic!
  • Levels 1,000 - 1,100 now require slightly less XP to level up.
  • Levels 1,100 - 1,200 now require drastically less XP to level up.
  • Fishing now gives 1.25x more McMMO experience.
  • Archery now gives 1.25x more McMMO experience.
  • The amount of coins given out for leveling McMMO have been doubled.

Gold Rush

  • Monster Spawners now grant 15 points during Gold Rush.
  • Gold Rush now gives out 2,500 to third place contenders.
  • Gold Rush now gives out 2 Diamonds or 2 Enchanted Gravitite to each contender.
  • Announcements now grab the player's hover-able name, rather than just a white name.

Vampire Blade

  • Damage is now 8 instead of "7 or 10".
  • Vampric Healing is now 2 instead of "2 or 1".
  • Now has +1 Additional Reach!
  • Can now be repaired in the Enchanter.
  • Fixed the Vampire Blade's tooltip.
  • Removed the two types of Vampire Blade that existed (tags still exist, but have no effect).


  • Fixed trying to place and pickup water when using Buckets and Skyroot Buckets.
  • Fixed an Inventory Desync when shift clicking "enchantables" into an Enchanter.
  • Fixed a global Inventory Desync when shift clicking a large stack of an item, onto a smaller stack.
  • Fixed explosions being able to push bosses.
  • Fixed Blackberry Bushes disguising themselves as Arctic Dungeon Stone.
  • Fixed Skyroot Buckets from vanishing when trying to consume a liquid from them.
  • Fixed Skyroot Buckets from glitching out when placing and collecting water.
  • Fixed being able to spam the same button in the /loot GUI.
  • Fixed Slider and Valkyrie boss fight Daily Quests always displaying the Sun Spirit Daily Quest description.
  • Fixed being able to create withers using bridged Soul Sand.
  • Fixed rails always placing north/south if there's no rails to attach to (A vanilla bug ;)).
9.1 - Cats, Doors, Fixes and Additions! (16th of January, 2020)

Huzzah, we've reached the next version of Craftland! Version 9.1! Here are the patchnotes! Also, thanks alot to Recontrex, Caity, Lisa and a private donator for donating to my Ko-Fi page, it means alot! ;)


  • Added the 8 new Vanilla cat variants (Plus an exclusive Blue cat variant)!
  • Added 8 kinds of Fruit Doors! (Apple, Pear, Plum, Lemon, Peach, Cherry, Mango and Kiwi)!
  • Added Skyroot Doors (Craftable using 6 Skyroot Planks)!
  • Added Skyroot Chests (Craftable using 8 Skyroot Planks)!
  • Added Grass Paths (Created by right clicking Grass, Aether Grass or Shadow Grass with a Shovel)!
  • Added the "Kaleidoscopic Shine" legendary hat effect!
  • Added the "Enchanted Nature Staff". This is an upgraded version of the Nature Staff and can affect a large radius of sitting/following entities rather than just one (Craftable in the Enchanter).
  • Added the ability to search for effects in the Player Shop GUI!
  • Added reward announcements for Silver and Gold Dungeons!
  • Added the ability for Gold Rush to record your highscores! This, ofcourse, comes along a highscore table of your Highscores. I heard you like Highscores, so I made a highscore table of your highscores.
  • Added the ability to record Golden Aechor Plant kills.
  • Added 13 new achievements!



  • No Lifer has been given more public and private warps. They've also been given a larger LWC limit!
  • All door recipes now result in 3 doors rather than 1.
  • Skyroot Fence recipe now results in 3 fences rather than 6.
  • Cooking Pots now display the amount of items inside of it with magical floating text.
  • Haha! The durability of Tourmaline Pickaxes have been doubled! (Increased to 4992 from 2496)!
  • Squeezer durability has been lowered by 1 to allow for a perfect '4 stacks of juice crafting experience'.
  • Holding a Nature Staff will now tint all followers pink with a pink exclamation point above them.
  • Players no longer lose hearts when dying in a "Keep Inventory" flagged world/region.
  • Simplified the Gravitite Beacon GUI by removing pointless buttons and centering icons.
  • Tourmaline Blocks can now fuel a Gravitite Beacon.
  • Quicksoil Glass can now alter the color of a Beacon Beam.
  • An Infusement Altar's "Star" will now change into the color of the fuel you've added to it!
  • Swapping between items in your Hotbar now display their rarity border rather than generic purple!
  • Dungeon Loot announcements now display their Loot Key as a prefix of the announcement!
  • Aether Keys now follow the naming format of "DUNGEON Dungeon Loot Key" rather than "DUNGEON key".
  • Aether Dungeon Loot Keys are now Uncommon rarity.
  • Deepvale and Skyland Dungeon Loot Keys are now rare rarity.
  • Hoeing Coarse Dirt will now result in Dirt, rather than Farmland.
  • Updated the Zanite Block texture to look less boring.
  • Fire Fighter achievement names have been updated to flow better.

Shop/Money Related

  • Shop Chest Price Limit has been raised to 50,000,000 from 9,999,999 Coins!
  • Shop Chest prices are now formatted, allowing for easier recognition of larger numbers.
  • Server and Player Shop's prices in their GUI's are now formatted for the same reason.
  • Player Shop GUI now displays the Double Click/Loading messages in a better spot rather than floating in space.
  • Bank Account Coin Limit has been raised to 1,000,000,000 from 100,000,000 Coins!
  • Bank Account Creation cost has been raised to 25,000 from 2,000 Coins.
  • Bank Accounts now have a 0.25% tax when making a deposit.


  • Item Tool Tips that include an effect duration will now, always, be written in gray.
  • Negative Potion Effects in the Effect GUI will now be shown with a light red tint.
  • Level 5 Potion Effects will now have the "V" roman numeral accompanying it in the Effect GUI.
  • Changed the name of the "Fly" effect to "Flight" with a yellow tint.
  • Changed the name of the "Godmode" effect to "Invincibility" with a yellow tint.


  • Fixed an issue where placing a Stained Glass Pane above a Beacon Beam would corrupt that color from ever showing up in Beacon Beams or sheep fleece again.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between the Server and Client of what is considered a "Beacon that can see the sky".
  • Fixed incredibly weird collision issues with Hopper Ducts. Yes, that includes creepers phasing through them.
  • Fixed the Slider from looking like he's half-asleep whilst fighting you.
  • Fixed Daily Quest Highscores.
  • Fixed glint rendering on the Effects GUI.
  • Fixed players from also eating the bowl when finishing a bowl of delicious cooked stew.
  • Fixed the awkwardly silent hoeing of Shadow and Aether Grass.
  • Fixed Shadow Grass deciding to become Dirt Farmland, as opposed to Aether Farmland, after being hoed.
  • Fixed Infusement Altars from losing their animated star during Infusement if there's no fuel left.
  • Fixed Infusement Altars from losing the girth of their lasers if there's no fuel left.
  • Fixed the "Inventory" string inside of the Beacon GUI from rendering way too high.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when hammering.
  • Added name mapping for container.garderobe. You're welcome.
  • Added name mapping for placed Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Shoji Doors.. You will no longer see some silly string when protecting your doors!
  • Removed the "Edit Filter" button from Minecart Hoppers as it shouldn't have existed in the first place.
9.012 - More Xmas Loot, Display Cases and Flower Dyes! (16th of December, 2019)

Yes. We skipped like 6 versions... It's fine!!! Here are the patchnotes for version 9.012! Woo!


  • Added the ability to right click Display Cases with wool to change their wool color.
  • Added the ability to shear "wool'd" Display Cases to remove their wool.
  • Added the ability to craft 19 variants of useless flowers into dyes!



  • Revenant Ring now grants 8% Other Protection rather than 5%!
  • Revenant Ring now reduces maximum healing by 6 rather than 5!
  • Revenant Ring's durability has been increased from 200 to 250!
  • Revenant Greataxe now has a chance to chop off an undead monster's head (This chance increases based on missing hp and is much more effective on natural entities)!
  • Revenant Greataxe now has a slight fuchsia glint.


  • Warping will now clear players of fly effects.


  • Fixed a dupe bug involving the Slider boss. Yes, the Slider boss.
  • Fixed staff icons, in chat, randomly getting tinted.
  • Fixed staff icons, items and advertisement items, in chat, from disappearing behind the potion effect UI.
  • Fixed wool colors server-side (fixes crafting Display Cases due to RGB changes).

Xmas 2019 Updates

  • Added a new awesome reward for finding 75 and 150 Special Presents in Present Hunt!
  • Added the Celestial Present to Present Hunt (Counts as 2 special presents)!
  • Added a new Christmas exclusive skin set to the Present Hunt loot table!
  • Replaced several rewards in the Present Hunt loot table!
  • Reduced the amount of time between 2x Present Hunt Loot events.
9.06 - Xmas Event & Small Bits (2nd of December, 2019)

The Xmas 2019 Event is now released!!!

You can get there by using the /xmas command in-game!

Mini patch notes!

Changes & Fixes

  • I destroyed Quake Craft Reward announcements.
  • You can now use Elysian, Forest etc. Lit and Non Lit dungeon stones in Bridges!
  • Fixed messages automatically being made lowercase when talking in a GameWorld channel.
  • Mining game logic was changed a bit to hopefully prevent any future.. 'incidents'.

Mini-Patchnotes (03/12/2019)

  • Fixed snowflake arrow in Xmas 2019.
  • Fixed Toki unlock requirement: 31 -> 30 quests in Xmas 2019.
  • Fixed a NullPointer in Gold Rush.
  • Fish Found now displays on the Xmas 2019 sidebar.

Mini-Patchnotes (07/12/2019)

  • Added a 1/6 chance to get a present when collecting a present in Xmas 2019.
  • Added the ability to cancel a quest in Xmas 2019 (Retired Elf at /xmas).
  • Make the rendering of hats inside of size 30-24 dyed display cases "better".
  • The chance to get a Golden Snow Globe from completing a quest in Xmas 2019 has been increased substantially.
  • The chance to get a Golden Snow Globe from a Golden Present in Xmas 2019 has been increased substantially.
9.05 - Holiday Banners, Bridges, Weapon Changes & Bug Fixes!s (1st of December, 2019)

Hope everyone is having an awesome Winter! I am. I never get to see the sun since I wake up at 5pm.. Patchnotes 9.05! Woo!

The Xmas event will be out tomorrow, after another patch, while a few things are finished up! However, the Advent Calendar is released!


  • Added the Snow Globe.
  • Added the Golden Snow Globe.
  • Added a 6th kind of present; Celestial.
  • Added an item value to Hissing Hat, Revenant Remnant and Valkyrie Plates (this makes it possible to obtain them in Supply Crates and Christmas Crackers).
  • Added the ability to remove yourself from invited warps via the Warps GUI or /warp uninviteself <name>.
  • Added 40+ new possible fishing quests into the Daily Quest 'table'.
  • Added 7 new banner designs!
    • Candy Cane (Made by combining your banner with a Candy Cane)
    • Snowman (Made by combining your banner with a Snowball)
    • Snowflake (Made by combining your banner with an Ice Block)
    • Present (Made by combining your banner with a Present Block)
    • Santa (Made by combining your banner with a Santa Hat)
    • Menorah (Made by combining your banner with a Gold Ingot)
    • Tree (Made by combining your banner with a Spruce Sapling)
  • Added the ability to see 3rd and 5th place Arena loot tables.



  • The chances for higher placed players to obtain a super rare item has increased slightly.
  • Anyone placing lower than 4th (7th for superbosses) no longer has a chance to get a super rare item.


  • You can no longer make bridges out of saplings or aerclouds.
  • Bridges now take into consideration the data of the block being used to create said bridge. For example; using Spruce Planks will actually make a bridge out of Spruce Planks, rather than Oak Planks.
  • You can now make bridges out of these materials:
    • Dungeon Stone
    • Red Nether Bricks
    • Wool
    • Hardened and Stained Clay
    • Concrete
    • Nether Quartz Blocks
    • Prismarine
    • Marble Pillars


  • Spamming CAPS will now automatically force your message to be lower case.
  • Tombstones no longer store Soulbound items. It now sends the items to the player's Ender Chest or Item Inbox.
  • The effects of Beacons, similarly to Gravitite Beacons, now cover the entire Y axis.
  • Shiny, Snowflakes or Heart effect hats now fall under the Rare rarity.
  • Valkyrie Lance range has increased from 4 to 5!
  • Elysian Blade base damage has increased from 6 to 7!

Additionally, its damage bonus against Skyland mobs has increased from 2-4x to 3-5x! (This increases its maximum possible base damage from 24 to 35).

  • Obsidian Sword durability has increased from 64 to 256!

Additionally, its charged attack damage has increased from 4 to 12, at the cost of an extra durability.

  • Phoenix Sword durability has increased from 64 to 128.
  • Ice Blade durability has increased from 64 to 128.

Additionally, its charged attack frozen timer has been increased from 4 to 6 seconds.

  • Changed "Merry Christmas!" main menu splash text to "Happy Holidays!".
  • Broken Keys now burn.
  • Reset mining.


  • Players no longer get banned for spamming CAPS in private channels (Party, ShopChest etc..)
  • Fixed Hoppers from sucking Soulbound items out of Containers.
  • Fixed trying to give a dead player their Soulbound items back.. It now sends to their Ender Chest or Item Inbox.
  • Fixed Daily Quests sticking to the old naming convention of Largemouth Bass (which was Bass in the past).
  • Fixed a bunch of Inventory Desynchronizations when using the Disenchanter. It's less jittery to use now.
  • Fixed hostile health bars from not wrapping around longer names/names with health totals.
  • Fixed 'Playful Nine Tails' Spawn Egg and Mob Spawner displaying in creative menus.
  • Fixed players being able to enchant Aether Grass using Ambrosium in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed players being able to spread Aether Grass using Swet Orbs in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed players being able to open Smokers in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed players being able to open Blast Furnaces in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed players being able to open Stencil Tables in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed players being able to open Tool Stations in regions they're not permitted to build in.
  • Fixed Perfect Diamond Rod tool tip.
9.04 - Bouncy Beds, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life additions (9th of November, 2019)

Woah, another patch! But what's it called? Patch.. uh.. hmm.. Let's just call it 9.04! Here are the patchnotes!

Crows Hallow - Carnival Extension!

The carnival is in town! Check out the brand new quests, daily quests and traders at Crows Hallow! Get your ticket at /warp Mr Murdercrows Masterpiece!


  • When re-spawning or using /return, players are now granted 10 seconds of God Mode!
  • Blast Furnaces can now smelt clay, netherrack, cobblestone and sand.
  • Cookers now return glass bottles when filling up with water.
  • Players can now warp out of dungeons!
  • Added bouncy beds!
  • Added Hellfire Glowstone!
  • Added the "Celestial" Name Tag.
  • Added the /relog command. This is simply a shortcut to [ESC] -> Reconnect.
  • Added the /fishtime command (Also known as /isitmiddayyet).
  • Added the /fastfilterpaste command. Similar to /fasthoppertoggle, this command allows you to right click a hopper, boosted hopper or hopper duct and paste your currently copied filter.
  • Updated, implemented and fixed several salvage recipes.
  • Added "Fast Hopper Toggle" and "Fast Filter Paste" flags. When enabled, these flags will display at the top left of the players screen when using either of these "fast options"

Fixes & Changes

  • Daily Quests have been fixed!
  • Wither, Falling, Poison, Frostbite, Hunger etc.. no longer damages armor.
  • The /tp command now costs 20% less for addicts, 35% less for no lifers and 50% less for immortals.
  • Improved the rate of getting better Protection Values when unsealing Perfect Diamond armor.
  • Fixed being able to salvage Soulbound items.
  • Quivers can now accept regular arrows.
  • Fixed Bows from charging when trying to use an empty Quiver slot to fire.
  • McMMO Sharp Shot no longer penetrates player armor, but instead deals bonus damage.
  • Macros now take client commands (such as /night, /relog and /fastfilterpaste) into consideration.
  • Swapped the "Jolly Candy Cane" Name Tag for "Frozen Solid".
  • Spectral Shovel and Spectral Pickaxe now deal 2 more damage.
  • Fixed Gold Rush giving out the wrong hat when winning an Unusual hat.
  • Fixed the Tourmaline Pickaxe from displaying the wrong amount of damage on its tool tip.
  • Fixed Mini Game Reward announcements from spamming whenever 10 players logged in.
  • Increased the amount of time between Mini Game Reward announcements.
  • Fixed taking fall damage from having enhanced jump height.
  • Fixed being able to "enchant" fishing rods in the Enchanter.
  • Fixed Shadow Vines from being tinted.
  • Fixed a Cooker sync error.

Bug Fixes from Recent Patches (11/11/2019)

  • Players no longer recieve God Mode when /return'ing into pvp zones.
  • Mini Game announcements should be fixed this time.. For real.
  • Fixed the Loot Hoarder quest in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed Grim being shrunk before doing the shrinking quest in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed being able to open Loot Chests in dungeons before defeating the boss.
9.0 - Bang, Bash, Bob n' Bind (18th of October, 2019)

Ah boy.. This is a long one. If you're planning on reading this, I suggest you get yourself a drink and maybe some popcorn. Here are the patchnotes for Update 9.0 (Also known as 'Update 4B').

Armor Rework

Let's start with noting some big things..

  • The amount of damage taken from a damage source is no longer reduced with a simple "Protection" value (with a slight bonus when using Fire/Projectile protection respectively), but is now reduced based on the amount of specific protection you have against that damage type. For example; Fire Protection will protect you from all sorts of fire damage, but will have absolutely zero effect against melee damage.
  • With the removal of the base "Protection" value, the Protection Enchant has had its function entirely altered. The Protection Enchant now serves as a multiplicative amplifier for the protection types that your armor wields (more information on that below). For example; if a piece of armor has 10% fire protection, depending on the power of the Protection Enchant, it will raise that 10% value higher (to perhaps 15%).
  • Additionally, with the removal of the base "Protection" value, each piece of armor now has their own set of protections which is displayed on each respective armor piece in the form of % Reduction (EG. 10% Melee Damage Reduction). This also means that something like Gravitite Armor may be better at projectile resistance than, let's say, Valkyrie Armor. You can view your total reduction values in the Armor Stats tab within your Inventory.

New Protections

  • Melee Damage Protection: Protects against, the common, melee attack.
  • Physical Projectile Protection: Replacement for Projectile Protection, functions the same.
  • Magic Protection: This protects against magical projectiles such as tipped arrows and Potions of Harming.
  • Cold Protection: This protects against forms of cold damage such as Frostbite and Snowman Boss in general.
  • Other Damage Reduction: This is an interesting one. If you take damage that your armor doesn't have a resistance to, the amount of "Other Damage Reduction" you have will be the reduction value. It basically takes the place of any protection your armor is missing.

Here's a list of noteable armor changes..

Note: Every piece of armor has a base "Other Damage Reduction" value. Additionally, I will not be listing the reduction values of every armor here as it will make this section of the post twice as long xD Gold Armor: Each piece of this set now grants a bonus while enchanting (a higher chance to get better enchantments). Additionally, each piece of this set will weigh you down, reducing your jump height. Valkyrie Armor: Rather than the full set granting a +3 reach bonus, each piece now grants +0.5 reach. Gravitite Armor: Rather than the full set granting a Jump Height bonus, each piece now grants small jump height bonus. Having the full set still grants Fall Damage immunity. Obsidian Armor: Each piece of this set weighs you down heavily.

Perfect Diamond Armor

Perfect Diamond Armor is now sealed upon being crafted (this includes old armors too), and can become unsealed when combined on the floor with an Aether Orb. When the armor becomes unsealed, it will gain 1 random protection value, alongside the base, plus 1 or 2 random traits! It will also remove all existing enchantments, in the form of an Enchanted Book, as Perfect Diamond Armor can no longer be enchanted. Possible traits include;

  • Double Durability (doubles the durability of the item)
  • Triple Durability (triples the durability of the item)
  • Jump Height (increases your jump height, similar to each piece of Gravitite gear)
  • Reach (increases your reach, similar to each piece Valkyrie gear)

Shields and Blocking

A bunch of shields have been added to Craftland, alongside functionality! In order to block, you must now use your shield, which typically has a chance to deflect an attack and defend you from harm. All Shields also now have a 3d model and are displayed on your characters arm when worn, and in front of the character when blocking. New shields include;

  • Flimsy Shield 20% chance to block, 20% movement speed reduction when blocking
  • Sturdy Shield 40% chance to block, 39% movement speed reduction when blocking
  • Lightweight Shield 10% chance to block, 10% movement speed reduction when blocking
  • Heavy Shield 60% chance to block, 80% movement speed reduction when blocking

Tipped Arrows

Similar to Vanilla, we have added tipped arrows which apply potion effects when colliding with another mob. These are made inside the cauldron, which is different to vanilla. Simply pour the potion into the cauldron(right click), then right click with plain old arrows, simple! These arrows however can only be fired from your bow when they are placed inside a quiver! Simply craft a quiver, then place it in one of your misc slots. it will then add a new inventory tab, allowing you to add the arrows into the quiver!

Fishing Rework

Loads of Fish!

Previously, Craftland was home to only 17 variants of fish (5 being event exclusive). But now, with the addition of this rework, Craftland is now home to 78 different fish, with more to come! However, with the addition of new fish comes a sacrifice. You will not be able to collect the new fish in the form of items, but rather in the form of entries. You can view all of the fish you've collected via the Fish Collection tab within your Inventory.

Additionally, most species of fish can only be fished at certain times of the day, during certain weather patterns, within certain biomes, worlds and one currently even desires a specific kind of fishing rod.

Loads of Rods + Tool Station

Alongside being able to find almost 80 kinds of fish, you can do so with new kinds of fishing rods! With this rework, there are now over 2,000 possible combinations of fishing rods! Some specific editions of rod, string or tackle will grant different perks while fishing. For example; a phoenix string will allow you to fish in lava, and a dressed tackle will make it easier to find rarer fish. Additionally, you now create Fishing Rods using the brand new crafting station known as the Tool Station(and soon, be able to modify fishing rods as well as other tools!)

Fishing Minigame

Lastly, fishing is no longer a simple "right click at the right time" system. It's now been extended to have a minigame which will determine whether you successfully reel in your catch or not. The goal of this minigame is to keep the green bar behind the fish as it squirms around trying to break free! You can hold the Right Mouse Button to move the bar to the right, and let go to have it drop to the left. At the end of the fishing minigame, if you reeled a fish, it will display the fish you caught on screen!

Salvaging + Repair Changes

Hammers, Salvaging and Fragments

An entirely new tool type has been added to Craftland! Hammers! The more productive kind, not more magical orb shooting hammers. You can craft these hammers with the recipe specified below in Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond versions.

Hammers, alongside being used to break down certain blocks into simpler forms (Stone -> Cobblestone -> Gravel -> Sand), are the tools used to salvage existing tools and armors into fragments! Bare in mind, for the most part, the exchange rate for salvaging is immensely unfavorable, so only do it when necessary! In order to make this post a little smaller, the list of armors/tools to fragments will be posted on the wiki in the coming days. However, here's the list of new fragments that have been added to Craftland;

  • Iron Nugget (can be crafted into Iron Ingots)
  • Zanite Fragment (can be crafted into Zanite Gemstones)
  • Gravitite Nugget (can be crafted into Enchanted Gravitite and floats off when thrown)
  • Valkyrie Plate (can be used to repair Valkyrie tools and gear)
  • Revenant Remnant (can be used to repair Revenant tools and gear)

Small Repair Updates

With these additions of the new fragments, some repair materials have been updated. For example; Valkyrie gear now requires Valkyrie Plates to be repaired and Revenant tools can now be repaired using Revenant Remnants. The anvil also now shows what item is requried to repair another item as ghost items in the slots.

Soulbound Rework

Soulbound Changes

With the plans to make more loot from events soulbound, we needed to change the soulbound system eventually to appease the large influx of soulbound items.. Here are the changes!

Soulbound items are no longer bound to your character, enderchest and garderobe with a generic tag.. Now, they're bound to your player ID and name, which opens up the ability to place these items ANYWHERE. That's right, you can now place your soulbound costumes on display stands, in chests, display cases and more! The only exception to this rule is that they cannot be placed inside of containers that can transfer/drop or destroy items (Crafting Inventories, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Hopper Ducts, Minecarts, Shop Chests, Enchanters and Disenchanters).

Additionally, soulbound items now have a tinier B in the top left corner of the item, which changes color dependent on if the item belongs to you or not. Red B for an item not belonging to you, and a light Blue B for items belonging to you. And lastly, players cannot destroy or even move soulbound items that don't belong to them.

Soulbound On Loot Mechanic

Alongside the new soulbound system, we've added a brand new mechanic which can be noticed with a cyan string "Becomes Soulbound once looted". If a player picks up or receives this item through their mailbox, the item will automatically become bound to them. Items with this tag will also have a Cyan B and a cyan background.

Other Additions

Tax on Transactions and Shop Chest Earnings

Seeing how Craftland's economy is getting worse by the day, with a constant influx of money and not enough sinks to remove it, we've decided to implement a tax on transactions and Shop Chest earnings. From now on, when trying to transfer money to another player, you will be charged an additional 1.15% before making the transaction (if you don't have the money to pay the tax, you won't make the transaction). As for Shop Chests...

  • When selling items to a Shop Chest, 1.15% of your earnings will be taken away.
  • When buying items from a Shop Chest, 1.15% of the sellers earnings will be taken away.

Loot Bags

Loot Bags have been added to Craftland! Loot Bags are bags that give you the power of choice when it comes to picking what loot you desire. Their first appearances are within the Crows Hallow event so use that event to experience them! They will soon be added to many more things such as dungeons, future events and trades!

Small Goldrush Changes

  • Goldrush rewards now heavily depend on the amount of points accumulated during the Goldrush.
  • Goldrush 1st place coin reward math is now: 2,000 + (min(250, points) x 20) with a 2% chance to be doubled.
  • Goldrush 1st place hat rewards have been updated with a min(100, points / 750) chance to be won.
  • New Goldrush rewards include Citrine, Tourmaline and Spectral Pickaxes (the chance to obtain these rewards increases as you get more points during Goldrush) alongside the base Perfect Diamonds.
  • The Goldrush widget displays how many coins you will win, if 1st, and your chance to win a hat.


  • Added custom Name Tags (these will be event exclusive, but permanent)!
  • Added a bunch of new skins and model blocks!
  • Added the Palladium Sword (an upgradeable sword, potentially relic tier, exclusive to the Crows Hallow event)
  • Added Palladium Ore (currently exclusive to the Crows Hallow event)
  • Added Withered Ring (transform into a Wither Skeleton! currently exclusive to the Crows Hallow event)
  • Added Warrior Gummie Swet (grants Strength IV (20s) and Slowness I (10s))
  • The Golem Arena Boss now has a chance to be Golden or Diamond.
  • The Snowman Arena Boss now inflicts Frostbite and Frozen effects where appropriate.
  • Time between mob spawns is effected to a much higher degree by number of mobs spawned, see
  • Ender Eyes now die when exposed to daylight.
  • Ender Eyes now die faster in water.
  • Non-natural Pig Zombies have a lower chance to drop items.
  • Tempests have a slightly higher chance to drop White and Dark Aerclouds.
  • Updated all item tool tip schemes to match the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Updated the wool color scheme to match the latest version of Minecraft.
  • If flag display is enabled it will now show, at the top left of the screen, when you have fasthoppertoggle enabled.
  • Premium V+ members are no longer immune to losing maximum health on death.
  • Premium V+ members no longer have an enchantment bonus.
  • Premium members no longer have /tp cost reduction.
  • Addict rank now has a 25% /tp cost reduction.
  • Added inventory tabs (but these should be obvious ingame)
  • Updated enchantment table to require lapis for enchants
  • Ender bags are now placed in the Misc slot, and add an inventory tab to access your ender chest

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to create floating torches.
  • Fixed White Apples being completely useless.
  • Fixed the ability to pull bosses with a fishing hook.
  • Fixed Aerbunny Morph from having an inverted Y head rotation.
  • Fixed Pumpkins dropping damage values that shouldn't be possible.
  • Fixed Item Tool Tips from overflowing the Tool Tip box when the Tool Tip is too long.

Bug Fixes from Recent Patches (16/10/2019, 17/10/2019 and 18/10/2019)

  • Fixed not being able to open doors in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed not being able to collect skulls while on a sidequest in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed not being able to collect skulls from a location previously collected from in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed Moneybags and Nickelbags from having looping dialogue in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed Sally not appearing later in the story in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed not being able to do Daily Quests after hitting the Side Quest limitation in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed not being able to use paxels on Palladium Ore blocks in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed temporary name color permission in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed trading crashing players in Crows Hallow.
  • Fixed shift clicking in the Tool Station.
  • Fixed Brewing Stand crash issue.
  • Fixed Fishing Rods not being enchantable.
  • Fixed tipped arrows not applying potion effects if the damage is zero.
  • Fixed not being able to regenerate health or lose hunger in events.

Also, special thanks to Trico_Everfire for making the 3d renders of me and pig used in this post.

8.9 - The Pre-Big Update (Summer Event, Vote Change, Effects etc)! (19th of August, 2019)

Hey guys, it's been a little while since our last patch, but please don't kill us! We have some big things planned.. But for the moment, here are the patchnotes for update 8.9!

Mini Summer Event

A mini summer event has been released! You can get there by using the portal in the Event Corner at spawn or by using the /summer command! This Event has a custom VoteWheel table and a slightly different take on how to obtain rewards compared to normal.

  • This Event includes 3 quests that you can complete daily.
  • Completing Quests will reward you with Frozen Popsicles, which can be used for trade or at the Summer NPC.
  • This Event has 2 exclusive achievements!
  • Custom Vote Wheel.


  • Added the Summer Event!
  • Added some more loot to the Snowman boss!
  • Added some model blocks.
  • Added an achievement for spinning the VoteWheel 10 times!
  • Added the Frozen Effect (Not used much yet)!
  • Added the Frostbite Effect, this is a progressive effect that gets worse the higher level it is! Each level gives the player slight slowness and mining fatigue, with level 3 freezing the hotbar and level 4 dealing damage over time (Not used much yet)!
  • Added the Cold Resistance Effect, while this effect is active, both Frozen and Frostbite effects expire twice as fast! And will soon resist against cold damage (spoilers :O)
  • Added the Frozen Popsicle! (These will be used during the Summer Event)
  • Added the Navy Gummie Swet! (grants Cold Resistance and Resistance, made in the Freezer)
  • Chest Rendering FAST option now renders Iron, Gold and Diamond chests similarly to how a regular chest would be rendered in FAST.
  • Added some more live loot editing tools for debuggers (mostly for me heh).

Fixes & Changes

Vote Changes

  • Previously, when voting, players with the Premium rank would be given bonus Vote Points. This is no longer the case. From now on the amount of points earned are based off of playtime ranks;
    • VIPs now gain 2 Vote Points when voting!
    • Addicts now gain 3 Vote Points when voting!
    • Immortals now gain 4 Vote Points when voting!
  • Additionally, for newer players, the amount of coins earned when voting has been doubled!
  • The VoteWheel has also gotten a bit of love;
    • The VoteWheel now works off of the same loot system that Dungeons and Arena does.
    • The VoteWheel now records your total amount of spins permanently.
    • The VoteWheel now gradually increases the chance of rare items appearing and lowers the chance of common items appearing in a fixed manor (was previously percentage based) when not receiving a rare item (You should see super rare items appear a bit more often when on a loss streak).


  • Ice Sword now inflicts Frozen instead of Slowness.
  • Updated the Tourmaline Block texture.
  • Fixed the UI in the Main Menu being slightly too high.
  • Reduced the number of stars in the skybox when in the Spawn World.
  • Reduced the number of stars in the skybox when graphic settings is set to FAST.
  • Removed //undo from /copyflippaste.
  • Fixed flickering on areas of little blocks
  • Fixed the //flip command
  • Apply LOD to armours blocks in spawn world, this should increase FPS significantly
  • Add support for mixed CTM resolutions
  • Load hardcoded CTM paths from default resource packs
  • Many "behind the scene" bug fixes.
Minecraft Forum Posts? (5th of August, 2019)

Recently (January) Minecraft forums owner Curse was sold by Twitch to Fandom, and in the process a lot of old accounts posts have been removed, not going into the exact details, our old posts from years ago were removed.

As such, we've created a new post!

Give us a like, and let us know your favourite feature in the comments!

Also let me know of anything its missing or should be added, or any possible spelling mistakes!

Extra Loot Weekend 1 - Unreleased Dungeon Stones! (12th of July, 2019)

Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you all know that during this weekend, and this weekend only, all released dungeons have a slight chance to drop some of the unreleased dungeon stones! The unreleased dungeon stones consist of;

  • Arcane Dungeon Stone
  • Cursed Dungeon Stone
  • Swet Dungeon Stone
  • Spectral Dungeon Stone
  • Twitch Dungeon Stone

Additionally, the Fishing Event that was released recently has an NPC that allows you to trade for the Lit and Beam versions of some of these stones! Come and grab them while you can!

Fishing MicroEvent Redux (8th of July, 2019)

The Fishing MicroEvent is back with a whole new look! New map, new traders, a new hat effect and ofcourse, more money to make!

  • We've re-enabled the previous achievements for those that weren't able to get them last year:
    • Let's go-lo! (Fish 25 Lekgolo during the new Fishing Event!)
    • Can I Ax-olotl you a question? (Fish 50 Axolotl during the new Fishing Event!)
    • The newest and rarest species (Fish 3 Sangheili during the new Fishing Event!)
  • And for those that don't know what new fish are added within this event, here they are:
    • Flameback (500xp upon catching)
    • Yanmee (1000xp upon catching)
    • Lekgolo (2000xp upon catching)
    • Axolotl (3000xp upon catching)
    • Sangheili (4000xp upon catching)

Additionally, similar to last year, this event introduces a load of mini events such as MultiBob, NaturalSelection, OnlyFish and much more!

8.81 - Monsterhunt Table, Mini Modifications, Additions and Bug Fixes (8th of July, 2019)

Ah, it's about that time isn't it? Time for a brand new batch of patchnotes fresh out of the Craftland oven! Here are the patchnotes for Version 8.81!


  • The Loot Hoarder now has an additional two tables (Monsterhunt and.. well, you'll see soon)!
  • Added a new rare hat effect, Fishy!
  • Added a new status effect, Ichor! Entities that have this effect will take additional physical damage.
  • Added the ability to ping players and staff groups in chat (EG. @Beandon)!
  • New Pirate Dungeon loot has been added!
  • New Monster Hunt loot has been added!
  • Item Frames can now rotate at 8 angles rather than 4.
  • Shearing Sheepuff now makes a sound.
  • Dyeing Sheep and Sheepuff now makes a sound.

Fixes & Changes

  • The Mining World has been reset.
  • All Dungeon Loot tables have been pushed into one system. This allows for easy debugging and changes for the programmers! Additionally, for the most part, all loot should be just as rare/common as they were before.
  • Name Change Cost has been reduced from 500,000 Coins to 300,000 Coins.
  • Priate and Silver Dungeon Keys now get added directly to the inventory upon defeating the boss.
  • Flesh Lich Fireballs now inflict Ichor for several seconds.
  • Prizes for Minigames are no longer announced when there are less than 10 players online.
  • Aha! The durability of Ender Bags has been doubled!
  • Fixed Valkyrie Queen floating desyncs (this should prevent most glitchy visuals from now on).
  • Fixed the occasional loot not being recorded within Bronze, Silver and Gold Dungeons.
  • Fixed Candle never dropping from Gold Dungeons.
  • Fixed Little Blocks from dropping naturally mined versions of the blocks they contain when destroyed.
  • Fixed Candy and Lollypops saturation level, consumption time and tooltip.
  • Food now takes a minimum of 10 ticks to consume (this should hopefully prevent any accidental consumptions).
  • Improvements to the Tutorial System.
8.8 - Loot Tracking, Name Changing, Tutorials and Other Things! (1st of June, 2019)

It's that time again! Time for some delicious patchnotes! Version 8.8:


  • Added two new NPCs to the docks area at spawn, the name changer, and the loot hoarder! The details of these NPC's are explained below!
  • Added the Player Name Change Tag (used within the Name Change NPC)
  • Added alot more to the Server Market!
  • Added the Orange Gummie Swet.
  • Added several things to the Bronze Loot Table!
  • Added new skinsets and other things to the Gold Loot Table!
  • Added a new skinset to the Elysian Loot Table!
  • Added several things to the Arena Loot Table!
  • Added Information to the World Selection screen.
  • Added a trial version of the brand new tutorial system!
  • Added a "Outsiders can trade with Villagers" flag. Prevent pesky players from yoinking your precious trades.. with help from a moderator.
  • Added several new achievements!
  • Fixed the Achievements button taking you to the wrong screen.
  • Fixed the credits menu from crashing the gam
  • The Mining World has been reset.

Tutorial System

  • A trial version of the new tutorial system is here!
  • Already with several tutorials in place (which can be accessed via /help), these tutorials can assist those that are new to craftland!

Props to pig001 for making this a reality!

Name Change NPC

  • The nicknaming system has been reworked slightly and now has a brand new UI for both staff and players!
  • Players can now submit a nickname request for a monetary/item fee and get their nicknames that way.

(Please be sure to read our nickname policy before submitting a name, to ensure you get the nickname you desire!)

Loot Hoarder NPC

Ever wanted to keep track of your progress when defeating dungeons? Keep a log of all of the loot you've collected? Well now you can!

Starting from now; this NPC will log every single item you find from dungeons and keep them stored in her handy dandy UI!

If there's an item you've never looted before, you will instead see a "???" in place of the item information, to add some mystery for newer users. Hovering over a found item will display their information as expected. Additionally, at the bottom of the list, you will see your completion bar. If this hits 100%, you have successfully completed the sheet!

If you happen to complete a loot sheet, you will be rewarded with some exclusive skins and other goodies! Be sure to stick around, as we have plenty of plans for the Loot Hoarder in the future!

8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes (16th of April, 2019)

Mini Serverside Patch (23/04/2019)

  • Easter - Fixed players having permanent double egg loot if they never turn in the "Egg Hunt" task.

Mini Serverside Patch (21/04/2019)

  • Fixed disenchant value for Tourmaline and Tourmaline equipment.
  • Nerfed disenchant value for Citrine Hanging Lights.
  • Fixed a serious problem with the Flux Altar.
  • Easter - No longer spams Global.
  • Easter - Broadcasts have more colour to them, when they do happen.
  • Easter - Can no longer obtain rare loot from Egg Bugs if you're not assigned the "Kill Egg Bugs" task.
  • Easter - "Find Eggs" task can no longer give out rare egg tasks. Additionally, the normal egg requirement has been changed from 0-5 to 5-25.
  • Easter - Golden eggs are now rarer.

Welcome to the patchnotes for version 8.77! These patchnotes come at a small fee of: all of your chocolate easter eggs. Not joking by the way.


  • Added the Easter VoteWheel (Easter Event coming soon)!
  • For this event only, the rare item appearance bonus has been increased by 200%!
  • Added the Flux Amulet (Bonus protection based on Flux Level).
  • Added the Dark Aercloud (replaces aercloud6).
  • Added the Hammer (Can currently be used to rotate hoppers and hopper ducts).
  • Added a Crafting Recipe for the Hammer.
  • Added the ability to bonemeal Shadow Grass!
  • Tempests now have a chance to drop a Regular Aercloud or Dark Aercloud on death.

Flux Altar Changes

  • Added the ability to conjure a Flux Amulet.
  • Added the ability to conjure a Purple Aercloud.
  • Conjuring an item within the Flux Altar now requires 1x Blizz Powder!
  • Fixed not being able to shift click some convertable items into the Flux Altar.
  • UI Changes to go with this change + Alot more blue.
  • Cost changes:
    • Blade of the Elysians cost from 1,500 Flux Levels -> 1,250 Flux Levels
    • All Shadow Moa Eggs cost from 100 Flux Levels -> 75 Flux Levels
    • Molten Flux Block cost from 10 Flux Levels -> 4 Flux Levels
    • Blue Present cost from 5 Flux Levels -> 4 Flux Levels

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed being able to toss items into hoppers with containers above them.
  • Fixed the hover offset in chat when using Timestamps.
  • Fixed the word "Inventory" from showing up in the wrong places in several GUI's.
  • Fixed being able to exceed the warp give limit by giving warps to players. (This change also implies that you can no longer send warps to offline users)
  • Extended Flying Beacon "fly" effect to 9 seconds rather than 5, to hopefully prevent randomly losing flight
  • Slightly lowered the chance for Arena Loot in Elysian Dungeons.
  • Slightly lowered the amount of Dungeon Blocks obtained from Elysian Dungeons.
  • Plasma Aercloud now classifies as an Uncommon item.
  • Possible sound fix.
8.763-8.765 (31th of March, 2019)

Apologies for the delay of these Patchnotes, we're running low on funds in the patchnote writing department, please donate 2 coins today...


  • Added Wither Skeleton Spawners to the loot table of Supply Crates (and Christmas Crackers).
  • Added St Patricks Wheel and Event area.

Other Stuffs

  • Mining world has been reset.
  • Pandas now breed using Bamboo instead of Wheat.
  • Mobs are no longer greedy when mating (can't accidentally give them 50 wheat during 1 mating session)
  • Item Frames within Minigames now break from Indirect damage.
  • World Borders no longer expand.
  • Changed Pet Rock item tooltip.
  • Small performance improvements and bug fixes.
8.762 (16th of Februrary, 2019)

Mining world has been reset


  • Added random Quakecraft prizes. Requires more than 10 players online
  • Added new vanilla pane model. Only for stained glass panes

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed some incorrect rewards on the Votewheel
  • Fixed some missing translations for items on the server side
  • Fixed missing carpenters block names
Valentines Event (13th of Februrary, 2019)

Valentines Event

  • The new Valentine's Event has been released! You can warp there by using the /valentines command or via the portal at /spawn!
  • Complete the main story for cool rewards and go hunt for lost potions - or just relax under the blooming cherry trees!
  • Rewards include: Queen of Hearts set & Aurora set, Exclusive Cupid Skins, Candy Hearts, Valentine's Recolours
8.76 (13th of Februrary, 2019)


  • Added vanilla flymode (checkbox in controls screen or /flymode)
  • Added Carpenter Blocks to creative: Stairs, Slabs, Pillars, Sideways slabs, Overlays
  • It's the Year of the Pig: New votewheel rewards were added!


  • Spider Skulls are a "rare drop" now so Looting will make them drop more often
  • Gravite swords now have +2 reach, removed its rightclick ability
  • Zanite swords now have +1 reach
  • The RNG-Pig no longer modifies redstone blocks. It's harmless now
  • Made super bosses more likely
  • Item frames can no longer be broken with indirect attacks (arrows / notchhammers)
  • Removed all rewards from pet-rocks and pet-eggs

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a potential dupe glitch and prevented similar glitches from working
  • Fixed light asynchronous updates causing seeds/crops to drop
  • Fixed item pickup in creative sometimes deleting the item
  • Fixed picking in creative sometimes not working
  • Fixed a bug with creative inventory updates that caused multiple inventory resyncs, possibly causing disconnects
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks on game start
  • Fixed the info-slot on survival player inventory sometimes not accepting items
  • Fixed several security vulnerabilities on the server side
  • Fixed torches canPlace check: It was possible to place them attached to non-solid blocks
  • Fixed WorldEdits /place -a behaving incorrectly
  • Fixed the supply crate key drop from pirate dungeons dropping broken key
  • Fixed Admin/Creative Flying ending when a nearby gravitite beacon effect runs out
  • Fixed Soulbound Items with lore stacking itself when looking at the item
  • Fixed Item tooltips flickering when inventory updates are received while looking at the tooltip
  • Light updates are even more efficient now
  • Optimized the renderer for Display Cases, Lanterns and Armor stands to be a lot faster
  • Added hidden-face culling to fences, improves performance with extensive use of fences
  • Removed the "test" tooltip on coal blocks
8.742 - Gravitite Beacons (24th of January, 2019)

So long story short: Craftland has now a way to enable flying in Survival!


  • Gravitite Beacon (made from 5 Glass, 1 Golden Feather and 3 Enchanted Gravitite)
  • Gravitite Beacon Pyramides can be made out of a Gravitite Beacon and a 4-Layer (Enchanted Gravitite only) pyramid


  • Flying requires a pyramid made out of Enchanted Gravitite with a Gravitite Beacon on top
  • Gravitite Beacons can only give the Flying buff currently
  • Gravitite Beacons are fueled by Tourmaline
  • Gravitite Beacons have a range of 50 in x and z and infinite y (so 101x101 with the beacon in the center)
  • One Tourmaline grants 24h of Flight (the time will only diminish if the chunk is loaded)

This feature is still being tested so expect balancing changes.

Fixes & Changes

  • Beacon Beams are now excluded from culling
  • Flux from Villagers gives less level now (only for newly unlocked trades since 8.742)
8.74 (22th of January, 2019)
  • Added the Ability to rename Chests (The N button inside a chest)
  • Chests and other Inventories can be linked in chat via pressing T on the inventory itself
  • Reduced minimum threshold for Arena bossloot to 3% (from 5%)
  • Fixed Elysian Blades not working on Tempests
  • Fixed First Mate and other remote Inventories de-syncing the player inventory
  • Trapdoors don't require to be attached to a block anymore
8.73 - Fixes, Alterations etc.. (20th of January, 2019)
  • Blast Furnace and Smoker can be crafted now.
  • Reduced stellar axe base damage, add night time bonus.
  • Made spawning boss more expensive.
  • Change Perfect Diamond droprate, 2% without fortune, reduced by 0.25% for each fortune level.
  • Thorns no longer works on held items, only works on chestplate now.
  • Looting Enchant bonus will no longer be applied on indirect damage.
  • Looting Enchant bonus will no longer be applied on explosion damage.
  • The maximum number of mobs damaged by explosions is now limited to 100 (20 for bombs).
  • Empty Spawn Eggs no longer work with stacksizes > 1.
  • Arena bosses can no longer be set on fire.
  • Fire (on mobs) is slightly transparent now.
  • Increased birds player detection range.
  • Send onscreen message when boss spawns.
  • Fix aechor plants not having smooth animation.
  • Made shearing a pumpkin play a sound.
  • Render hat preview on NPC trades.
  • Increased all UI button sizes.
  • Lots of smaller UI improvements.
8.71 - Vanilla Stuff, Elysian Blade, UI Update and Pumpkins. (16th of January, 2019)

UI Update

  • Added a [Boss Loot] button to the ESC screen.
  • Moved some buttons from the top of the U screen into the Craftland Menu.
  • Main Menu revamp. Check it out!

New Blocks

  • Added a heck ton of walls (Red Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Carved Red Sandstone, Red Nether Brick, End Stone Brick, Prismarine, Brick, Nether Brick, Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, Andesite, Granite and Diorite)
  • Added Red Nether Brick (Can be made using 2 Nether Brick and 2 Netherwarts).
  • Added Red Nether Brick Slabs, Stairs and Fences.
  • Added Magma Blocks (Can be crafted using 4 magma cream).
  • Added Molten Flux Blocks (Can be crafted within the Flux Altar).
  • Added Carved Pumpkins (Regular pumpkins no longer have a face, and can be sheared to be turned into a Carved Pumpkin). Pumpkins cannot be carved unless you have BUILD permissions in the area.
  • Added Bone Blocks (Can be placed directionally, similar to logs. Can be crafted using 9 bonemeal).
  • Added Nether Wart Blocks (Can be crafted using 9 netherwarts).
  • Added the Smoker (Cook food at twice the speed)!
  • Added the Blast Furnace (Cook ores at twice the feed, can only use lava/coal as fuel, has a Zanite Flame perk that, when fueled, gives a 50% chance for double material output)!

New.. Other Things

  • Added Blade of Elysians (An item that does additional damage towards Skyland mobs and can be repaired with flux when holding right click)
  • Added the "The Bricks that Run Red" achievement.

Adjustments and Fixes

  • Adjusted Arena loot table to make rare stuff more rare again!
  • Fixed a bug with arena giving out negative value Boss Medals.
  • Recipe for Pumpkin Lanterns now use Carved Pumpkins instead of Pumpkins.
  • Fixed Aether Recipes from showing up twice in the Crafting Bench twice.
  • Adjusted the recipe for the Nether Brick Fence.
8.7 - Loot Changes, Fixes and Vampire Nerf (15th of January, 2019)
  • Fixed fishing: Raredrops were missing
  • Updated the Boss Arena drops, new drops on all bosses
  • Added new loot table GUI /loot
  • Added a visual warning for low armor durability
  • Vampire Boss: Armor reduced by 50%
  • Vampire Butlers: Nerfed their armor and weapons
  • Fixed a bug with First Mate Pirates that desynced the inventory
  • Added /hoppertoggle as alternative to /fasthoppertoggle
  • Fixed the dot crosshair
  • Fixed the potion-effects overlay on creative
  • Perfect Diamonds now also drop from mining with Fortune, but much less likely the higher the Fortune enchant
  • Fixed Arena Bosses not giving combat (mcmmo) XP
  • Added 5% Threshhold for boss loot (less than 5% damage dealt = no loot)
8.62 - Chunk Culling fixes (11th of January, 2019)
  • Fix chunk culling. Significantly improves overall FPS
  • Fixed fast zooming on PixelMaps resulting a disconnect
  • Fixed missing bosses in elysian dungeons.

+ Added Swet Dungeon Stone, Lit Swet Dungeon Stone and Arcane Beam Stone.

8.6 - Xmas Event, Daily Quest Updates and more Stuff! (29th of November, 2018)


  • Xmas has been released! You can access the world by using /xmas. This year it has a story to follow, similar to Grimlock, alongside some Sidequests, Daily Sidequests and some scattered-around Citizen Quests!
  • Added a festive touch to your client (Main screen GUI and ingame GUI)!
  • The Advent Calendar has returned! Use /calendar to access it quickly.
  • A VoteWheel loot table for Xmas has been implemented and will also last until the event ends.
  • Present Hunt has new present types for you to collect (Here's a little video example:!
  • Added a new hat effect, Snowflakes!

Daily Quest Update

  • The following new Quest types have been implemented: Crop Harvesting, Item Enchanting, Item Crafting and Animal Breeding :)
  • Most quests have recieved a bit of a nerf in difficulty.
  • Most quest item loot tables have been reworked slightly to provide more useful items in exchange for some coins.
  • Fixed some quests.
  • When completing a quest, it will now display "Completed!", this is to prevent any confusion when a quest has already been completed if a server restart happens to occur midday.
  • Quests such as "Mine X netherrack", "Open X crates" and "fish X treasure" have been removed.

Other Goodies

  • The ignore system now saves the players you have ignored through restarts!
  • Added some Xmas items, blocks and new skins.
  • Added Concrete Powder (All colours, created by crafting 4 sand, 4 gravel and a dye).
  • Added Concrete (All colours, created by placing Concrete next to or inside of water).
  • Added Aerbunny's Foot (12.5% drop chance from Aerbunnies).
  • Added Potion of Leaping (Requires an Aerbunny's Foot to brew).
  • Added "Lucky Rabbit Stew" (Warning: May cause psychedelic effects..).
  • Added the ability to craft Ice Bricks and Packed Ice Bricks.
  • Added an extra recipe to the Flux Altar.
  • Added the ability to record how many times you've enchanted an item with a specific enchant.. also how many times total.
  • Added 4 new achievements: Pirate Slayer I, Pirate Slayer II, Minecraft Magic and Roadworks.. almost.
  • Added a /daily command that can be used to pull up the Daily Quests in a flash.
  • Fixed a bug that allows you to place Paintings or Item Frames on the same block where a Tile Entity (chest, present, warppad etc.) already exists. No more placing frames between chests for you, lagius.
  • Other things.
8.4 - Grimlock + Daily Quests (+Mini Patch) (1st of November, 2018)

Tales of Grimlock

First off, Tales of Grimlock has been released! You can get there via /warp grimlock as usual! Have fun!

Daily Quests

Secondly, Daily Quests have been added into Craftland! Woo! Every single day (At about 12am-12:05am server time), the server will be generating 3 daily quests from a predefined pool of random criteria (This can range from walking 500 miles to murdering a poor Captain 3 times over)! Daily Quests will reward players with a set amount of money based on the difficulty (Ranging from 2,000 coins to 10,000 coins) and, occasionally, a lower tier item for those that need it.

Other Notes
  • Added a "Daily Quests Completed" section to /highscores.
  • Added a Daily Quest banner to the Main Menu, in which the player can click in order to display their Daily Quests.
  • Added flags to the /reloadachievements command for OP's only (-statreset and -daily).
  • When a Daily reset occurs, all online players will recieve a notification at the top right of their screen!
  • Daily Quests show up as pink in the Achievement List.
  • Daily Quests show up as pink within the Achievement Widget.
  • Daily Quests have a timer to let you know when they expire!

The rest of Patch 8.4

  • Added a new Hostile mob known as the "Block Bug", they have the ability to be disguised as ANY block... ;)
  • Added Spooky Sticks (Halloween version of the Christmas Cracker).
  • Added Incandescent Artifact (Relic rarity, what does it do? Maybe you'll find out one day...).
  • Added the ability to toggle the Repulsion Shield Glow, for yourself, in non-PVP regions!
  • Added a "Captains Killed" section to /highscores.
  • Added Spooky Sticks and a Halloween version of the Incandescent Artifact to the Halloween VoteWheel!
  • New Valkyrie Bow Texture (Created by Xan)!
  • The Valkyrie Bow damage math has been altered to include the doubling of Enchantment damage.
  • Party Members are now able to teleport to hidden players within the same party, you're welcome Saya.
  • The word "rare" in the VoteWheel is now the same shade of blue as rare items in the wheel to hopefully make it clearer which items are rare in the loot table.
  • Villagers can no longer walk through Private or Password locked Wooden Doors.
  • Moderators can no longer warn eachother (or any user of higher ranking).
  • Moderators can no longer ban any user of higher ranking (can still ban eachother).
  • Administrators can no longer ban Owners :(

Mini Patch

/who menu changes
  • [Banned], [Offline] and [AFK] tags are now cleaner.
  • If the user is Hidden and is being viewed by a Moderator+, it will show [Hidden] rather than [Offline].
  • Country Flags will not show up at all if the user Offline.
  • Tags and Country Flags now stick around in all sections of the menu.
  • Total Power Level is now displayed regardless if the user is Offline.
Tales of Grimlock
  • Fixed a command that lets us fix people that broke something we thought we fixed in Grimlock.
  • Fixed some Grimlock bugs.
  • Fixed Hades' loot not being given 100% of the time.
  • Fixed Chamenos' loot not being given at all.
  • Nerf to the amount of money obtained from Daily Quests.
  • Slight, insignificant changes, to the /pay and /msg commands.
  • Fixed a problem with the VoteWheel.
8.34 - Mini Patch (13th of October, 2018)

VoteWheel Update

  • There are now way more rewards that you can obtain from the VoteWheel, making it more worth your VotePoints!
  • VoteWheel rewards change based on the current event!
  • The VoteWheel now changes colour based on the current event (Orange and Purple colours for October)!
  • The VoteWheel now displays rewards at the same rate, no matter the computer.
  • The VoteWheel now spins faster and ends faster (also has a cheeky little backspin ;)).
  • Additionally, if you continue to get a load of rubbish from the VoteWheel, we got you covered! The chances for a rare item appearing increases every time you get something not-so-rare! So even the unluckiest of people have a chance to get something decent (Be wary however, this stat resets whenever you log out)!
  • A dead website has been removed from the vote menu.

The possible rewards during October include coins, experience, an undead spawner, a golden chest, skulls, decorative skulls, candy, pumpkin stuff, hats with the zombie effect, aubepinecanne, pumpkin ring, witch ring, spider pig ring, revenant greataxe, revenant ring and a zombie model unlock! Be sure to check it out!

Other Notes

  • A new, VoteWheel Exclusive, golden chest has been added (80 slots)!
  • Revenant Ring has been added (reduces your maximum healing by 2.5 hearts, synergises well with the Revenant Greataxe)!
  • If a player is vanished/hidden, a tip will be shown at the top left of the screen. This can be toggled in the Settings Menu.
  • Players no longer get kicked for AFK if there's less than 10 players online.
  • AFK kick time has been changed from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Players can no longer use the /tp, /tpallow or /friend add commands to reveal hidden staff members.
  • Candy textures have been updated!
  • Pam's Harvest Craft Seeds and Crops can now burn in lava and despawn naturally.
  • Lightning, Flaming and Holy Swords can now burn in lava and despawn naturally.
  • Perfect Diamond Tools and Armor no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.
  • The Rainbow Sword, Revenant Greataxe and Tourmaline Pickaxe can no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.
  • Tourmaline and Citrine can no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed helpers from being unable to view players on the map.
  • You can no longer shear other players when they're disguised as a sheep (sorry randoro).
  • Sheep no longer render their fleeces if they have an invalid colour.
  • Pistons can no longer be used to pull out dungeon blocks.
  • Placing Ambrosium Ore with a damage value of 0 now places the correct Ambrosium Ore.
  • Fixed Sentry Boots' fall damage.
  • Fixed Hide, Vanish and Hide Name Tag options from not saving properly in the [You] menu.
  • (Bug from this patch) Fixed a NullPointer error from occuring whenever the player teleports to an unloaded area.

Mini Patch

  • Added Basalt Brick, Stone and Cobblestone Slabs.
  • AFK kick requirement changed to 20.
  • Premium Members no longer get kicked for AFK.
8.33 - Fishing Event! (26th of July, 2018)

The new Fishing Event has been released! Warp on over to /warp fishing to take part and obtain a hefty amount of cash, new smelly and shiny hats, sexy new wings and maybe even some Squid Spawners if you're up for it!

We've added 3 cheeky limited time achievements for you to obtain to get that nice achievement score:

  • Let's go-lo! (Fish 25 Lekgolo during the new Fishing Event!)
  • Can I Ax-olotl you a question? (Fish 50 Axolotl during the new Fishing Event!)
  • The newest and rarest species (Fish 3 Sangheili during the new Fishing Event!)

This event also introduces 5 new species of fish which can be used for trading with the various NPC's scattered across the /warp fishing area:

  • Flameback (500xp upon catching)
  • Yanmee (1000xp upon catching)
  • Lekgolo (2000xp upon catching)
  • Axolotl (3000xp upon catching)
  • Sangheili (4000xp upon catching)

We're not over yet! This event also introduces a MicroEvent which will randomly occur within this world every 10-30 minutes whilst there are 5 or more players online. This MicroEvent will effect how fishing functions for 2-10 minutes within this world (MicroEvents can vary from ItsRainingFish, Durability and even MultiBob)... Happy Fishing! (More information about this event can be found on the wiki page)

Oh, and the Mining World was reset by the way :)

Old Table

Patchnote Release Date Information
1.3 Feb 26, 2011 is down atm. can only be a week till its up again (Notch left the building)
1.4?? Mar 25, 2011 MCMMO System was Implemented
1.5 Apr 20, 2011 EDIT: We are running 1.5
1.6 May 24, 2011 There is a huge list of bugfixes:
1.7 Jul 03, 2011 I will update to 1.7 as soon as some mean bugs are getting fixed. (Item duping, etc)

Meanwhile I broke the login credentials for the website and had to reset all of your passwords.

New Plugins Jul 18, 2011 IconomyChestShop, BankAccount, Tombstone, Map also Displays your warps / public warps / protections.
Craftland Launcher / 1.8 Aug 26, 2011 Craftland Launcher Release, Mail System Fixed, Aether
1.9 Oct 14, 2011 New Launcher, 1.9pre1 Minecraft, The latest launcher had a bug causing infinite restarts. Sry for that, i removed it. v1.05 is OK

If you can't kill the process or your computer goes crazy (and you are on windows) this command might help you: Start -> run -> type taskkill /im javaw.exe /f

Skylands and Swamplands Feb 08, 2012 Both the worlds "Skylands" and "Swamplands" will be removed in a few days. Please make sure you get your valuables out of this worlds before this happens!

There might be another chance in a few weeks to get back and pickup stuff in case someone came late or you forgot about the other 40 stacks of diamond you were hiding somewhere

Money Reset! Feb 08, 2012 There will be a money reset in the next few days. All bank and player accounts will be reset to 0 coins!
1.994? Mar 17, 2012 Another update on the server side.

- All Aether mobs will spawn now - Tweaked overall spawning of mobs - Armor no longer protects you from falldamage

Attention new Players! Mar 28, 2012 New players have to play 24h before they get build permissions.

This is due to the nonfinished join system which I'm still working on.

Thank you for your patience! Edit: New players have to play for 2h to get permissions now

1.996 Apr 01, 2012 Added missing bird textures

Tweaked the weight of some enchantments, it should be easier to get high-level ones now Tweaked aether spawns a little Tweaked block ticks to reduce lag, stuff may grow slower now Re-Added automatic killing of too much mobs/entitites in one area Throttled block update packets to reduce lag on client and server Throttled chest update packets to reduce lag when there are lots of chests in one area

1.997 Apr 06, 2012 Launcher has been updated, to enforce loading of NativeBass library

(It may now load an exe on windows system to check if you're running 64bit)

Jukeboxes can now play internet radio (THX TO MARC0303)
Tried to fix chestshop permissions
Nothing else
1.9985 Apr 10, 2012 * Firemonsters will now reset their health when you die/logout/warp out
  • Sliders will now reset their health when you die/logout/warp out
  • Valkyries will now reset their health when you die/logout/warp out
  • Fixed /warp beginner for new players, you can build there the first 2h
  • Improved jukebox radio!
  • Fixed moderators not seeing admins
  • Limited chunks internally to max *4000/+4000 for x and z choord (that is a +/*64k block maximum)
  • Improved warp lists in Ingame GUI Menu (more details, sortable)
  • Improved dungeon lists for admins (sortable)
  • Removed that weird "Press $%1 to open your inventory" achievement hint
  • Choose a very precise version number
1.993 Mar 14, 2012 * fixed /tplist listing all entries twice
  • /tell is now same as /msg
  • Sheeps now eat grass (1.1 vanilla)
  • New bow enchantments (1.1 vanilla)
  • Vines can be climbed like ladders (1.1 vanilla)
  • Brewing time reduced to 400 ticks (1.1 vanilla)
  • Added jungle biome, new tree, log and sapling type (not yet in use)
  • Block reach bug fixed
  • Beds will no longer explode in nether or aether
  • Fixed some bugs with gravitite that allowed duping
  • New regions flag to deny '/warp create'
  • New regions flag to deny use of any warp
  • Fixed ender pearl dupe exploit
  • Fixed golden oak log drops
  • Skeletons drop xp*orbs now
  • HammerOfNotch*kills are recognized by all plugins now
  • Sliders can no longer be attacked outside of a dungeon
  • Dungeon signs can no longer be edited
  • Blocks inside a dungeon can no longer be LWC'ed
  • Gravel to clay works better now
  • AechorPlants will do damage now
  • Shears can also be used on skyroot and golden oak leaves now
  • Admins can now see vanished admins and moderators, mods can only see vanished mods
  • There are multiple end islands now, each stronghold portal will end up on another island
  • Less snow when it's snowing
  • Silver dungeon opens the right door now (after fight/death)
  • New region flag to deny use of any warp
  • Golden apple recipe fixed
  • Limited birds to 10 per chunk
  • Adjusted screens and button layouts
  • Added column title rows to different screens/lists
  • Added amount field/buttons to the shop
  • You can sort the shop and a few other lists now
  • Fixed some bugs with the shop and disabled buttons
  • Added fog*amount option to video settings
  • Fixed holystone axe behaving like holystone spade
  • Fixed TNT x*ray
  • /who window has been updated
  • Sun in mainworld was rotated by *90 degree (0.8 behaviour)
  • Some single player fixes
  • Wool colors have been changed to save up some texture space
  • Easier registration/join process for new players
  • Stats now keeps track of crafted Items, aether mob kills and dungeon boss kills
  • Fixed stat names, added missing images
2.2 Apr 27, 2012 Edit: forgotten patchnotes: - fixed potions effects not showing up

Edit: forgotten patchnotes: - fixed fire potions not working Edit: forgotten patchnotes: - reduced hammer of notch durability and damage area

  • (MC 1.2.3): added new EntityAI
  • (MC 1.2.3): added Ozelots
  • (MC 1.2.3): added IronGolems
  • (MC 1.2.3): added RedstoneLamp
  • Increased the bookshelf*range of entchantment tables
  • Increased mcMMO repair xp reward
  • Fixed snow being created on some blocks (fences, plates, gates...)
  • Fixed issues with riding phygs/cows/moas/minecarts/boats
  • Fixed invisible Whirlies
  • Fixed Zephyr snowballs
  • Fixed double*login/kick issues
  • Added varying despawn times for different item*types
  • Items that fall from aether will now reappear in the main world
  • Fixed wrong position when falling from aether
  • Tweaked AFK*system
  • Fixed issues with having more than 1 tombstones
  • Tweaked birds a bit
  • Fixed a renderng bug with some models (mainly sheeps when eating)
  • Fixed dead entities not getting removed sometimes
  • Tweaked jukebox a bit to show error messages
  • Fixed some issues with private chat tabs
  • Fixed chat tab order not restoring correctly
  • Tweaked command history up/down
  • Fixed some very rare crashes/whitescreens
  • Fixed movement stats
  • Fixed players riding phygs/minecarts/flying cows not moving sometimes
  • Attempt to fix TileEntity updates to prevent crashes
  • Let admins always tp to mods
Rollback May 06, 2012 Because I (nidefawl) typed a dumb command there was a huge rollback (world state: 27.04.12 00:15)

I'd like to apologize for this huge reversal and will give my best to prevent things like this in the future.

There is a chance I can restore at least some your work and valueables.

2.43 May 22, 2012 Client:
  • Added latest optifine mod
  • Added new optifine feature: No*CPU hog, limits frame rate in MainMenu to 60FPS
  • Added new optifine feature: Particle distance: Max distance for particle effect
  • Added new optifine feature: Reset video options
  • Fixed white pixels on water, may still be there with different video settings and mipmapping
  • Tweaked TexturePack loading and TexturePack Menu


  • Vanilla: Added upside down Stairs
  • Vanilla: Added new Wooden Plank block types
  • Vanilla: Added new Slab block types
  • Vanilla: Added new Sandstone block types
  • Added Holystone Stairs and Skyroot Stairs, see RecipeBook
  • Updated Dispenser, can now shoot Firecharges and SplashPotions
  • Fixed wool colors on the minimap


  • Added recipe book mod
  • Added musicplayer made by marc0303
  • Vanilla: Added Fire Charge
  • Vanilla: Added Bottle o' Enchanting
  • Vanilla*preview: Added Book and Quill
  • Fixed a crash with Wool ItemStacks having a colorcode > 15
  • Moa eggs will no longer stack


  • Added more Moa colors made by M0nst3rslay3r
  • Fixed spawning
  • Whirlies are now more aggressive, can get bigger, can live longer
  • Whirlies now have a sound
  • Fixed Whirlies not breaking leaves
  • Fixed poison needle sound


  • Vanilla: Added raredrops
  • Made Fyling cows drop beef
  • Removed leather from ocelot drops
  • Fixed MagmaCube drops
  • Fixed Leave decay drops


  • Reverted broken bookshelf mod from last update
  • Added mcMMO Powerlevel to calculation of Enchantmenttable list
  • Added glove enchantments
  • Aether armor can now be enchanted
  • Fixed some glitches with the level after using a Enchantmenttable


  • Added a command screen: List * Description of all commands you have permission for
  • Added profiles to fonts, with a fixed default profile
  • Fixed sorting on shop getting screwed up when buying
  • Moved buttons on GameOver screen down to the bottom


  • Fixed achievement*rewards sometimes not being given


  • Can now be disabled in the launcher in case it causes trouble
  • The stream volume now updates when adjusting the game volume
  • Stop minecraft music when playing streams

World generator:

  • Revived pre 1.8 generator. Oldworld*chunks can now be regenerated spawning, ice and snow should be fixed. (Still some client glitches)
  • Fixed generation of Mineshafts/Strongholds/Netherbridges/Villages
  • Fixed some biome decoration glitches
  • Made generation height adjustable to prepare for worlds with 256 blocks height
2.5 Jun 12, 2012 Edit: (things I forgot to mention)
  • Littleblocks are still bugged
  • Money has been reset
  • NewWorld has max*height of 256 blocks now
  • Valkyrie tools have been fixed and limited to 8 Blocks range


  • Fixed items, bosses, mobs sometimes dissapearing on chunk unload
  • Fixed littleblocks not rendering/working
  • Fixed wrong world difficulty on all worlds but main world
  • Fixed Moas being extremly laggy and no fun to use
  • Fixed Mobs sometimes falling thru the ground, by waiting for chunk load to complete
  • Fixed resetting of falldamage on relog
  • Fixed minecarts not setting you afk
  • You can no longer warp while falling (only when out of world)
  • Limited range of deathmessages to region or 40 blocks if no region found
  • Removed out of world damage for aether dimension
  • Added better entity tracking from latest CraftBukkit (MC 1.3 like)


  • Pistons can no longer move ores
  • Pistons can no longer move ore blocks
  • Pistons can no longer move dragon eggs
  • Pistons can no longer move dungeon blocks
  • Pistons can be disabled by region flag


  • Fixed a ugly debug messages spamming your log file when glass renders
  • Fixed some rare client crashes
  • Fixed client showing whitescreening instead of CrashScreen
  • Fixed item animations when picking up items
  • Fixed lots of smaller bugs with GUI sizes
  • Fixed the control settings screen not working probably
  • Fixed the warp delete button
  • Fixed region*gui not always recognizing you as member or owner
  • Fixed swapped owner/members size in region pick list
  • Added item animations when dropping items
  • Added punch sound and item swing sound
  • Added a pvp hint on the top left when standing inside a pvp region
  • Added profiles to video settings
  • Added effects to some McMMO abilities
  • Improved textboxes


  • Fixed pigslayer not working on Phygs and not dropping extra pork
  • Fixed getting stuck in the ground when teleporting with golden feather
  • Fixed fall damage with ender pearls
  • Fixed strenght vs. aether/normal block of many tools
  • Added custom paintings!
  • Added golden aechor petal item
  • Added a unobtainable camera item
  • Hoes can be used on aether grass and dirt to make soil
  • Improved Gravitie tools internally
  • Slimeballs will now glow if the player stands in a slime chunk


  • Added experience drops to bosses and other aether mobs
  • Fixed lots of blocks not working with fortune entchantment
  • Fixed lots of blocks not working with silktouch entchantment
  • Fixed leaves not always dropping saplings
  • Fixed treefeller not always dropping the correct blocks
  • Fixed drops of stair blocks
  • Fixed mobs killed by serrated strikes not dropping items


  • Added nether fence gate
  • Added skyroot fence
  • Added skyroot fence gate
  • Tweaked knockback on TNT explosions
  • Longgrass can now grow on aether dirt
  • All saplings can now grow on aether dirt
  • All saplings can now grow on normal dirt
  • Fixed gravitite ore dissapearing when placed on littleblocks
  • Fixed skyroot slabs not rendering correctly
  • Fixed lighting bug with the new wood slabs
  • Fixed fence gates acting like full solid blocks when closed
  • Fixed aether slab types not being breakable with aether tools
  • Fixed chests rendering when destroying parts of double*chests
  • Fixed flying blocks (by gravitite tools) not showing the correct subtype


  • Added golden AechorPlant
  • Fixed slider attacking without attacking him
  • Fixed Moas instantly growing when fed one aechor petal
  • Fixed lots of mobs not having the correct health value
  • Fixed sentries explotions sometimes making you move to fast
  • Fixed sentry textures not always updating
  • Attempt to make golems despawn slower

Moderator/Admin: Added gui to see used CustomPainting images

  • Fixed hawkeye not logging chat/usebutton/relog
  • Fixed hawkeye tool acting weird on littleblocks
  • Fixed /poof not always working
  • Moderators now have permisson to /snap and /restore
  • Moderators can now always see admins and vice versa
  • Chests no longer animate when using them while invisible
  • You can now disable item pickup with /pickup
  • You can now move and place your clipboard with the numpad

WorldEdit Clipboard controls are: 7 rotate 1 flip

  • place
  • move to player

8 forward 2 backward 6 right 4 left 9 up 3 down

2.6 Jul 01, 2012 * The client now supports unlimited Textures for blocks and Items
  • Added Blue Berry Bushes
  • Added Blue Berries
  • Added enchanted Aether Grass
  • Made AmbrosiumShards work like Aether 1.04
  • Made HealingStones work like Aether 1.04
  • Improved teleporting, players will no longer fall thru ground
  • Fixed LWJGL problems with Macs
  • Fixed armor enchantments not visible to other players
  • Fixed glove enchantments not visibile at all
  • Fixed little blocks sometimes not rendering
  • Fixed chest break animation
  • Tweaked chest bounding box
  • Fixed sign break animation
  • NatureStuff Item can now be used to make Moas follow you
  • Probably more smaller tweaks i can't remember
2.7 Jul 01, 2012 EDIT: 2.72 Fixes the glitchy movement and dungeon bugs

2.7 Patchnotes

  • Fixed Glass rendering bug
  • Fixed Better snow rendering bug
  • Improved AerBunnies movement
  • You can now use the TAB key to complete lines in chat
  • Lots of GUI improvements (Lists, Fonts, buttons etc)
  • There is now a /color command that lists color numbers
  • The client now checks for Regions locally before it attempts to damage blocks
  • Fixed login crashes
  • Improved Region box visibility
  • Improved WorldEdit selection box visibility
  • Fixed Minecarts, fixed Boats
  • Added InvTweaks Mod *> see http://modding.kalam*" onclick=";return false;
  • Fixed some aether blocks not dropping correctly
  • Updated the whole MobSpawnig algorithm again
  • Improved Chunk regeneration via //regen
  • Players can see dungeon regions again
  • More smaller tweaks and fixes on the client and server
  • More smaller updates to match latest vanilla Minecraft
2.8 Jul 24, 2012 2.814 Patchnotes:
  • Fixed a crash when opening the Craftland Window (Pressing U)

2.813 Patchnotes:

  • Fixed a crash when starting the game


  • Fixed "Moving to fast" kicks
  • Fixed a common crash issue
  • Added shaders mod
  • Fixed adjustable chunk load distance
  • Reduced default and maximum chunk load distance
  • Fixed sky not rendering in the Aether
  • Added the improved (1.3) Creative Inventory
  • Minor performance improvements on the Clients Rendering code
  • All kind of chunkload/unload/send fixes
  • Fixed bookshelf drops
  • Fixed unbreaking enchantment
  • Fixed negative worldtime
  • Added ItemStack merging when Items lying close to each other
  • Fixed the /color command
  • Fixed bugs with auto*rejoining parties after relog


  • Added WarpPads (can be password protected, admin only for now)
  • Added Ender Chests
  • Added Sandstone Stairs
  • Fixed BlueBerry bushes not rendering as blocks
  • Fixed gravitite rendering as obsidian when floating up
  • Updated bookshelf drops
  • Pumpkins and Melons will now spawn on dirt
  • Redstone and Repeaters can now be placed on LittleBlocks again
  • Made it possible to select and break floating LittleBlocks
  • Fixed some issues with lighting and Aether blocks (Aerclouds etc)


  • Fixed Valkyrie not always opening the door when a fight ends
  • Fixed Valkyrie immediately attacking when coming back after a fight
  • Tweaked all the new moa colors a bit
  • Fixed FireMonster burning you standing _outside_ on top of the dungeon
  • Normal aechor pedals are fixed
  • Your Moa will now stay in place when you stop riding it


  • Made the GUI more responsive on low framerates
  • Added an "Edit sign" button to the LWC GUI (target Sign *> Press F)
  • Fixed issues when closing chat tabs
  • Improved rendering of the chat
  • Improved the custom Fontrenderer
  • Fixed some characters not beeing rendered in the chat
  • Fixed wrong sorting order in several GUI*lists
  • Fixed stored private messages not popping up on login in
  • Fixed "Please vote" screen not popping up on login
  • Improved the rendering of region boxes a bit (Green means you have build rights)


  • '/region select' can now select the region you are standing
  • Added SignChange/PaintingPlace/PaintingBreak events to protect Signs and Paintings


  • Made Hawkeye check if you already have a lookup / restore / rollback running
  • Limited Hawkeye history to 2 months


  • Fixed some bugs with schematics and block Ids > 127
  • Fixed copy/paste of littleblocks
  • Limited maximum number of chunks affected by a single command to 64 chunks

Internal Code stuff:

  • Made the internal ChunkProviders chunk maps a lot faster
  • Added a new "RegionMap" to make dungeon and region lookup 1000 times faster
  • Integrated (most of) CraftBookVehicles features into the server *> faster * better
  • Empty little blocks no longer use up memory and use less CPU time
  • Tweaked the light update code
  • Lots of internal changes to server to improve performance
2.9 Oct 18, 2012 Mobs:
  • Tamed Moas no longer suffocate or starve
  • Wild Moas will only lay up to 4 eggs in their entire life
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Moa AI
  • Improved Zombies and PigZombies
  • Big Zombie and Skeleton mobfarms will no longer work


  • Fixed a bug where the Valkyrie Queen got reset while fighting here
  • Bosses can now always be killed, no matter who has fought with them before


  • Signs can now hold up to 32 characters per line
  • Fixed wrong client*side biomes (snowing in deserts)
  • Fixed changed names sometimes not showing up for everyone
  • Achievements are now rewarded more often
  • Fixed tamed wolfs acting weird
  • Every time you die you will now loose one heart when having more than 10 hearts
  • Fixed a bug with server triggered effects/sounds not beeing played
  • Activated a few new Aether Achievements, more soon!
  • Improved overall performance with collision checks and raytracing on server and client
  • Improved light updates on the server (full chunk updates happens more often, are faster)
  • A lot of general performance tweaks to the client and the server


  • Added Holystone Brick from Aether 1.9
  • Added 1.3 TripWire Block
  • Improved littleBlocks selection boxes
  • Fixed bugs with littleblocks and worldedit


  • Added Sentry boots from Aether 1.9, not yet available
  • Added Valkyrie Armor from Aether 1.9, not yet available
  • Hammer of Notch has now a 4 second cooldown bar
  • Fixed Skyroot buckets being usable in regions

There are probably more things I forgot to mention here

Maps are Fixed! Oct 24, 2012 The Maps have been fixed and all the newest blocks have been added.

From now on there are schedeuled map updates once per hour!

2.95 Oct 24, 2012 Fixes:
  • Fixed playtime only increasing in 20 minute intervals
  • Fixed GUI sorting not working
  • Fixed light udpates not beeing sent with multi*block*changes
  • Fixed lava damaging you when trying to jump over it
  • Fixed exploit with XP and enchanting
  • Fixed exploit with Chests beeing broken by placing underneath it
  • Fixed a bug with tamed animals not following you
  • Fixed specific names for wood/log types
  • Fixed bugs with placing items in the creative inventory
  • Fixed text in chatmessages getting cut off
  • Fixed crafting wood*stairs
  • Fixed tools taking damage when breaking insta*breakable blocks
  • Fixed liquids slowing down flying players.
  • Fixed boats & minecarts not being one*hit breakable in Creative.
  • Fixed raw fish, dyes, saddles, potions, milk buckets and tools depleting in Creative
  • Fixed fully charged arrows not showing their particle effect.
  • Fixed endermen not opening their jaws.
  • Fixed weather not fading in or out.
  • Fixed fishing lines not showing.
  • Fixed Unbreaking*enchanted tools sometimes breaking and then re*appearing a few times.
  • Attempt to fix chunk rollbacks


  • Villager trading has been temporarily disabled.

Minecraft 1.3.2 changes:

  • Cocoa Beans Can be planted & grown on jungle wood now.
  • Cocoa Beans can be grown instantly using bone meal.
  • Cookies give a full hunger point now.
  • Nether Warts can now be grown in the Overworld and in the End.
  • Logs can be placed like pistons direction wise now
  • Levers can be placed on the underside of blocks now.
  • Crafting Signs now gives 3 signs instead of 1.
  • Signs / Buckets Stack up to 16 now.
  • Buckets stack to 3 if full.
  • Creepers: increased knockback * more damage
  • TNT Damage now depends on difficulty, there might be still some bugs with knockback
  • Furnace: Wood tools should smelt. Presuming for the same length as one wooden plank.
  • Dispensers: Minecarts & boats will now be placed if there's rails/water in place.
  • Dispensers: Instead of dispensing buckets, dispensers will now suck in or place water or lava in front of them.
  • Water slowly drips through Leaves when it's raining.
  • Cauldrons slowly fill up when it's raining.
3.0 / 3.032 Nov 30, 2012 Update 3.032 Patchnotes
  • Fixed crashes with rendering

Update 3.02 Patchnotes

  • Fixed crashes with rendering
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed mobspawners skeletons/zombies not wearing armor
  • Fixed broken pathfinding
  • Fixed dupe exploits
  • Added missing painting/anvil recipes
  • Fixed carrots dropping always multiple items
  • Fixed canPlace checks with redstone and stairs/slabs
  • Fixed missing sounds
  • Fixed a render bug with littleblocks
  • Fixed fermented spider eye recipe
  • Fixed bonemeal not usable on carrots
  • Fixed milking cows destroy stacked buckets
  • Fixed missing region information on the client
  • Fixed /afk command not working

Update 3.0 Patchnotes Minecraft 1.4.4 stuff:

  • Added Anvils
  • Added Carrots
  • Added Potatoes
  • Added Item Frames
  • Added Beacons
  • Added Carrot on a stick
  • Added colored leather armor
  • Added skull blocks
  • Added villager Zombies
  • Added Wither Skeletons
  • Added Wither Boss
  • Added Bats
  • Added Flower Pots
  • Added Wood Buttons
  • Added Witches


  • Added threaded chunk rendering (WIP)
  • Prepared stuff for upcoming new World
  • Improved light udpates
  • Fixed HawkEye chest restore not working
  • Fixed GUI glitches
  • Allow displaynames with less than 4 characters
  • Fixed aether farmland dropping normal dirt
  • Fixed sidway logs not dropping sideway items
  • Tweaked entity tracking (better mob movement)
  • Fixed fonts looking ugly on mac
  • Tweaked littleblock rendering
  • All kinds of performance tweaks (mostly rendering)
3.5 Feb 06, 2013 * A new fancy laucher!
  • Added smart moving
  • Added real shop chests, crafted like normal chest but with endstone
  • Removed iConomyChestShop
  • Added a video recorder, you can download the needed library in the launcher
  • Added 3D jukebox streaming playing. You can listen radio together now
  • Added gamepad/controller support
  • Added better animations mod:
  • Added /crashme command. Awesome
  • Added rotating 3D items on ground, will render as 2D at some distance
  • Added the 1.3.x minecart sound update and fixed it, may still glitch out
  • Added a tab 'Invited warps' that shows warps you have been invited to
  • Added animation when opening/closing GUIs
  • Added Enchanted books
  • Added Fireworks
  • Added a message when the Ender Eye Item can't find a stronghold
  • Added Thorns enchantment
  • Added the craftland icon to the game window
  • Full stacks can be dropped now (by holding CTRL while pressing drop*key)
  • You can now use almost any block for bridges
  • You can now use iron/skyroot/netherrack and normal fences for gates

Improved the mob spawning Renamed 'Swetty Ball' to 'Swet Ball' Made gravitite swords less efficient on big entities Made mob spawners spawn less mobs Made mob spawners spawn more mobs Enabled villager trading Updated max enchantment level to 30 Updated enchantment weightings Updated modifiers of some enchantments to reflect vanilla state Updated dispensers to reflect vanilla state Made texture loading threaded. (Less lag, short render glitch) Changed minecraft to run in a native window instead of a JFrame Changed the different video settings screens for better arranging Shaders: tweaked * bugfixes Updated the painting window to show previous pictures you loaded Updated the warps tab, added a list for invites (permissions) Improved dynamic texture updates Tweaked Item rendering Tweaked mob rendering Tweaked TileEntity rendering Tweaked particle rendering Tweaked playerlist rendering Removed single/multiplayer buttons Removed interact events for pressure plates

Fixed Lore books opening the wrong GUI Fixed mouse buttons keybindings Fixed problems with texture pack loading/reloading Fixed lots of smaller problems with GUI elements Fixed arrows in entities rendering, and improved it a lot Fixed some bugs with with attacked mobs color being full red Fixed bugs with Swets, fixed its texture Fixed bugs with Slimes, fixed its texture Fixed inventory textures with custom texture packs Fixed bugs with depthbuffer in different Windows/Screens Fixed colored leather armor not rendering correct Fixed snowman placing snow only on client side Fixed light updates Fixed chest render bug Fixed shift clicking with armor and containers not working Fixed PvP flag not showing when world has PvP enabled Fixed plasma aercloud on minimap Fixed minimap loading very slow with high res texture packs Fixed fire aspect not setting mobs on fire Fixed dungeon stones not beeing pick and placeable Fixed passive mobs spawning on stone Fixed dart shooters texture and consumed dart type Fixed too many block faces beeing rendered sometimes Fixed lots of problems with threaded rendering Fixed bugs with Littleblocks rendering Fixed bugs with protection enchantments Fixed dragon egg dropping sometimes Fixed sponge block not doing anything (It's not that powerful now) Fixed Enderman teleporting into the ground Fixed logs dropping sideway log items Fixed pistons pushing blocks that it shouldn't push Fixed PigZombie not dropping the right stuff Fixed golden aechor plants turning to normal ones on chunk unload Fixed a bug with registration links not working on first attempt Fixed a bug that could lead to despawning of a mob/animal when player relogs Fixed Aerbunnys hopping into the ground Fixed all kinds of mobs moving through the ground Fixed WorldEdit //pos[1|2] giving the server a headache There is more that has been fixed...

Internal server performance tweaks: (Block ticks, Entity AI, Entity tracking, collision detection, biome lookups, explosions, redstone updates, chunk load/saving/unload)

3.56 Feb 26, 2013 * Updated the Main menu to show the server status
  • Added 4 new Premium ranks: see Ranks
  • Non*Premium AFK players now get kicked after 5 minutes
  • Added NPCs: Spawned by admins. Can have custom names, skins, equip and trades
  • Added a proper way to calculate the ping time (displayed in F3)
  • Added the coordinates back to F3
  • Added some highlighting when you hover a sign
  • Added aether saplings to flower*pots
  • Added a level up sound to mcmmo, let me know what you think
  • ChestShop owner is set right on block place now
  • ChestShops now send messages to the customer and owner (if online)
  • Increased wither skeleton chance for skeleton spawners placed in nether
  • Changed Nether spawns, skeletons everywhere!
  • Smaller updates on SmartMoving
  • The anvil now repairs all aether items
  • The anvil GUI now shows the RepairCost number minecraft uses for calculations
  • The anvil repairing now gives xp for the mcmmo repair skill
  • Reparing with the anvil will be cheaper with higher repair levels ( xpCost = xpCost * RepairSkill / 25)
  • A portal made out of Mossy Cobblestone no longer lights up
  • Changed the mobspawning a bit, group spawning works better now
  • Improved BassController/JukeBox error handling
  • Controller Input is now disabled by default (launcher setting)
  • Fixed manual /afk not setting you unafk when playing again
  • Fixed JukeBoxes not letting you insert discs
  • Fixed some glitches with pistons moving players
  • Fixed a bug when resizing ingame Windows
  • Fixed sorting of the Players Online list menu
  • Fixed newworld holding wrong biome information
  • Fixed playerlist looking broken when hidden players are online
  • Fixed a few crashes related to Controller Input
  • Fixed a crash with /report
  • Fixed Darts not stacking, showing the wrong texture
  • Fixed Buckets not updating your inventory on use
  • Fixed Signs hit boxes
  • Fixed enchanting giving bad results, its 100% like vanilla now
  • Fixed Zanite blocks only mining very slow
  • Fixed chest mimic mobs popping up on dungeon reset
  • Fixed a bug with littleblocks that broke redstone and a lot more things
  • Fixed ChatTabs sometimes clearing your global chat on close
  • Fixed a bug with fence collision checks
  • Fixed Slider Bosses not attacking you while crawling
  • Fixed ItemFrames flickering at some distance
  • Fixed LWC on Jukebox not working
  • Fixed Aechor plants spawning on each other

Admin / Moderator / Staff:

  • Replaced MultiVerse with own code. /mvtp = /world tp
  • All admins now have the *4 Inventory Rows
  • The wand item no longer breaks blocks (in creative)
  • WorldEdit: added //saferegen [ignoreregion1,ignore2,...] to regen a selection while preserving regions
  • WorldGuard: Increased the priority of dungeon regions to 100
  • Added /entity <id> <kill|here> command
  • Admins can now modify all chest shops
3.6 May 23, 2013 * Mobs from MobSpawners now have a limited lifetime.

They randomly despawn after a minimum liftime of 1 min

  • Improved Moas: Riding is no longer laggy
  • Added ExtraBiomes XL mod
  • Added a new World called 'GreyCliff' not yet public
  • Added keybinding for /wave
  • Added new Recipe types for Money and Votepoints to NPCs
  • Added missing Netherbrick slab
  • Added missing Command blocks
  • Added Pandas
  • Added XP for enchanting gravitite ore, mining zanite and mining ambrosium
  • Added close button to most Container GUIs
  • Added a hopper button to Containers to allow hopper interaction
  • Added a protection button to Containers to confiugure protection
  • Added missing shift*clicking handlers for a some block types (still missing a few)
  • When relogging too fast and too often you will get a timeout now
  • When logging in while the server is full you will be put on a queue now
  • Attempt to fix steve skin bug
  • Fixed sheeps eating grass bridges
  • Allowed teleports betweens admins and mods
  • Tweaked HawkEye database scheme
  • Implemented better HawkEye Container (Chest) logs
  • Allow /modify self
  • Readded fire*spreading as option. Disabled in all worlds right now
  • Droppers and Hoppers can be protected
  • Updated the Connected Texture Manager
  • Jukeboxes can now play aac streams in 3D
  • Fixed optifine Fog setting acting weird
  • Fixed Mob Skulls being placeable in protected regions
  • Fixed dogs following you when they should sit and stay
  • Fixed burning arrows always setting players on fire
  • Fixed rotated golden oak log drops
  • Fixed shift/alt key stuck bug (4 real)
  • Fixed camera in 3rd person colliding with grass and vines
  • Fixed custom models
  • Fixed bugs with shift*clicking on bigger inventories
  • Fixed wither skeletons bugs (size/no weapon)
  • Fixed a nasty crash bug been around for 3 month
  • Fixed shaders not really working
  • Fixed skyroot buckets not working
  • Fixed donors /glow command being usable on other players
  • Fixed WorldGuard ghost regions
  • Fixed Moa Eggs stacking

Minecraft 1.52 Features:

  • Implemented new Texture Pack System (Wrote own version)
  • Added new Minecart types
  • New Inventory management featuers (doubleclick/drag*divide)
  • Added new death message system (WIP)
  • Added Nether Quartz Ore, Quartz and Quartz Block/Slab/Stairs
  • Added Activator Rail
  • Added Block of Redstone
  • Added Daylight Sensor
  • Added Dropper
  • Added Hopper
  • Added Redstone Comparator
  • Added Weighted Pressure Plates
  • Beacon range increased
  • A lot of internal redstone changes
  • There are some missing features which will be added soon
  • There is probably more that has been fixed/tweaked/changed/added
3.608 Jun 05, 2013 * Fixed enchanted books loose their enchantments sometimes
  • Fixed renamed things loose their name sometimes
  • Fixed tombstone getting placed incorrectly sometimes
  • Fixed teleports ending up in the wrong location sometimes
  • Added Arm Chairs:
  • > Can be made of 4 types of wood
  • > Can be dyed with ink sacs
  • > Can be used with special interact key (F)
  • Improved the recipe book
  • > R button on inventory opens it
  • > There is a keybinding for it
  • > Has a searchbox and scrollbar
  • You can no longer place boots in dungeons
  • You can no longer mount on anything in dungeons while fighting
  • Fixed Moas falling thru floors
  • Fixed admins approving paintings causing lag
  • Gave new wood types a use
  • Fixed bugs with the new NPC recipes
  • Fixed a few x*ray glitches
  • Fixed the hopper button on shop chests being usable by everyone
  • Fixed Jukeboxes stopping sometimes
  • Fixed Vanilla music discs
  • Fixed Noteblocks
  • Added the new blocks to worldedit
  • Fixed buckets dissapearing in freezers
  • Made player position changes > 2 Blocks instant clientside
Goodbye Littleblocks Physics Jun 09, 2013 Due to the high server load I will remove Physic updates on LittleBlocks soon.
3.61 Jun 11, 2013 * Prepared the Greycliff portal:
  • > Made out of Mossy Holystone.
  • > Will light up with flint and steel after 14th of June 7 PM Server time (GMT *2)
  • Reduced Apprentice time from 1 hour to 10 minutes
  • Removed littleblocks physics
  • Blocks are no longer placed when right clicking a sign or a jukebox
  • Fixed a dupe bug with enchanters and freezers
  • Attempt to fix the sitting bug with chairs
  • When stuck in the chest room of a dungeon a relog warps you outside
  • Added a 64 pixels version of the Sphax Texture Pack. Thanks to Mooshroom for making it
  • You can now see your votecoins on the title of the Craftland window (U)
  • You can now place Ambrosium torches on fences
  • Fixed bugs introduced in the last few updates (Protect*keybinding, ChestShops, DungeonChests)

Edit: *Fixed reserve slots not working for Premium members

Color and HD Skins Jun 13, 2013 I added a better profile page to the website.

Everyone can now pick their name colors themselves. It will show all colors that are available for you depending on your groups.

There is also a Change Skin page where Premium III+ members can upload HD skins. It supports resolutions up to 1024x512. You can also use that page to just store normal skins and quickly switch between them. I will link it to the server soon so you don't have to relog to apply a new skin.

3.65 Jun 18, 2013
3.7 Jul 09, 2013 Added a player shop list on the Main Window
  • > When you place a chest and it has a selling item it will be added to the list
  • > Shows stock/price/owner/location
  • > Can find the closest warp and highlights the selected chestshop block in the world
  • > When a block is broken it will be removed from the list

Added a reset system for the End Dimension

  • > Islands reset 24 hours after a dragon has been killed
  • > You can no longer travel between Islands
  • > Reduced the amount of dropped xp by dragons

Added ingame voting Mobs from spawners no longer count towards Monsterhunts scores Fixed infinite Moa Jumps Fixed playtime getting increased when not online Fixed Sapling drops Fixed bug that makes players stay in sit animation Fixed dispenser and dropper bugs Added missing dispenser and dropper logic Added option to disable mob sounds Fixed log dropping sideway items with silktouch Added missing enchantment logic (combine books, damage on axes) Fixed Hopper/Dropper button with double chests Fixed getting falldamage with full gravitite armor set (Minecarts) Fixed broken Villager GUI with large inventories Fixed default config for InvTweaks * larger inventories Fixed placing of blocks on top of hoppers and some other blocks Fixed placing blocks when holding sneak key while jumping Fixed getting falldamage when wearing Phoenix Armor and touching the ground of a lava see Fixed a few things that allowed players to move the sun god outside the dungeon You can now repair your diamond hoe with diamonds Fixed bugs that prevented growing trees from saplings Fixed a TNT dupe bug Fixed holystone stair drops Fixed slow mining with aether axes and some blocks made of skyroot planks Fixed slow mining with aether picks and some blocks made of holystone Fixed IcePendant/Ring ignoring regions Fixed trapdoors not being protect Fixed falling thru protected trapdoors Added a recipe for chiseled stone bricks Fixed bugs with Moas falling thru the ground or getting stuck while riding Made riding Moas much smoother Made Phyg and FlyingCow riding much smoother Fixed block animation with Vampire Blades Fixed Sentry Boots Fixed player motion updates sometimes not being sent to the player only to others Fixed Incubators flame bars Fixed shift clicking with Furnaces Added shift clicking for Incubators Added shift clicking for Aether Enchanters Fixed wrong costs on Anvil for non*vanilla items (Server thought you renamed when you didn't) Fixed Chests not staying in the direction you placed them Added a search bar to the public warp list Fixed on*ground items sometimes stuck in transparent blocks Fixed comparator output of chests Added comparator output to Incubators, Enchanters, Freezers and ChestShops Fixed activator rail block*update when getting powered Fixed comparator block*update when toggling mode Removed sorting buttons from Dispensers and droppers Added the snowball drops to snow layers Added the Snowlayer recipe Rightclicking armor now equips it Enchanted books now show the level on your inventory Made /give command more clever Tons of serverside perfomance tweaks Fixed the server status update on the main*menu Fixed some bugs WorldEdit and copying TileEntities

Voteshop Jul 11, 2013 The voteshop has just been opened /warp voteshop
Monsterhunt Jul 16, 2013 MonsterHunt points for mobspawner kills are back and natural spawned Mobs give 3 times as much points now.

The Region TP flag has also been fixed today.

3.7.9 Aug 06, 2013 [*] Added different difficulty levels to mobs:
  • Levels affect speed, health, attack strength, xp dropped, amount of items dropped, coins dropped and the chance to drop rare items
  • > Currently only Greycliff contains higher level areas
  • > All mobs known from before the update are level 1
  • > All mobs spawned inside a region are level 1
  • > The Minimap shows what level area you are in

[*] Added chat bubbles [*] Added damage inidicators [*] Added health bars [*] Added custom portals [*] Added a tplist GUI [*] You can now use 2x or 1x GUI scale on the Craftland windows [*] Swets now have a chance to drop Swet Orbs [*] Added repairing Swet Capes with Swet Orbs [*] Added effect for full Valkyrie Armor set: Increased block reach distance [*] Added /love command [*] Added up to date 64px and 128px sphax texture packs [*] Added /reloadskin command [*] Your health will now restore faster when sitting on a chair [*] Modified the voting GUI [*] Armor and enchanted items will now go first into your Tombstone [*] Raised protection amount of Valkyrie and Obsidian armor [*] Moved server spawn [*] Renamed ‘Swety Balls’ to ‘Swet Orbs’ [*] Adjusted villagers bounding box size [*] Updated and improved Aerwhales a lot [*] Fixed the Panda baby model [*] Changed the Pig baby model [*] Tons of server side performance tweaks [*] Fixed wolves losing their collar colors [*] Fixed Moas/Withers sometimes not spawning [*] Fixed a crash bug when clicking Players on the Main Window [*] Fixed Aechor Plants and more aether mobs not spawning [*] Fixed rotation of items in Itemframes [*] Fixed item frames popping off in protected regions [*] Fixed paintings popping off in protected regions [*] Fixed NPCs not storing their rotation when unloading [*] Fixed NPCs trading not working after being attacked [*] Fixed the /votepoints command [*] Fixed Villagers dieing after mating [*] Removed bacon

Admin/Mod changes: [*] Added kicking/banning ingame players from IRC [*] Added /showinv admin command [*] Added /portal admin command [*] Improved /ent command

3.9 Aug 24, 2013 * Added Macros: Commands you can bind to keys
  • Added visible 3D warps. Can be interacted with
  • Extended border on Aether world to 16000 blocks
  • > Better terrain will be generated outside the current border
  • > Contains new trees
  • > Completely rewrote the Bronze Dungeon Generator
  • > Is a lot better than old Aether
  • Fixed block updates not happening in chunks close to players
  • Fixed lighting bugs with half slabs
  • Fixed smooth lighting not disabling/enabling until game restart
  • Fixed a bug that let pistons create unbreakable blocks
  • Fixed Greycliff Leaves not being shearable
  • Added a player list to ChatTabs
  • Fixed Cloud Parachutes not rendering
  • Added carpets from 1.6
  • Added Orange trees, Oranges, Strawberries and Enchanted berries
  • Added skyroot wall block
  • Added more descriptions to items
  • Added damage information on weapons
  • Fixed new dungeons being bugged until server restart
  • Fixed Gravitite Sword texture
  • Added warp cooldowns. Depending on the distance up to 30 Seconds
  • Added a death animation
  • Dead players will now float around until they click respawn
  • Fixed Flying Cows riding bug
  • Fixed Long Grass color in aether with custom texture packs
  • Fixed End Portals not working sometimes
  • Fixed bugs with leaves not decaying
  • Added cold fire
  • Reduced costs of /return for first days of playtime
  • Added Nether Quartz ore to McMMO
  • Fixed Skyroot buckets
  • Fixed cows not beeing milkable
  • Removed healthbars from Mobs while riding
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused invisible players
  • Fixed arrows not activating wooden buttons
  • Fixed a few GUI bugs
  • Added RGB Wool to worldedit
  • Fixed Aechor Plants spawning on each other
  • Attempt to fix not tradable NPCs
  • Added a command to reset Entities AI Tasks
  • Added a command to make Entities talk
  • Slightly reduced the power of Creepers explosions
  • Fixed Region welcome/farewell messages resetting on server restart
4.0 Sep 05, 2013 Added Hats, still working out the details on how to receive them

Added better block particle effects, can be disabled Added block place animation, can be disabled Added an Item receive screen, will be used for achievements rewards + upcoming features Fixed Jukebox volume slider Made chickens despawn when there are hundreds close to each other Fixed silktouch on ice blocks Fixed aether pillar tops turning in to normal pillars when placed Reduced rain seasons in all worlds Fixed skyroot sapling drops Sphax 64 pixels is now the default texture pack Added Premium 5 rank and adjusted Premium 1 to 4 benefits Fixed Items on chat not allways rendering correctly Fixed loosing items when falling from the aether while the inventory is open Made it so you no longer demount from your moa when the moa is getting damage Fixed colors on chat tabs

Get a Hat! Sep 13, 2013 You can now buy Hats. You have to get some Credits first.

Credits can be obtained for Coins and Euros:

4.1 Sep 20, 2013 Added a Friends List + Friends Chat Tab

Friends can be shown on your screen (as seen on parties) Improved GUI Windows and added buttons on top of screen Changed Ingame Menu (ESC) Made a lot of the commands respond on the tab you send them from You can now hide your armor if you want to Fixed Torches not always placing correctly Fixed different Hat types stacking up sometimes Fixed Pistons ignoring the Pistons region flag Fixed a crash on the Vote Screen Fixed double (and triple) using of xp potions, ender pearls etc. Fixed a few reproducable Moa-dissapearing bugs Fixed Warpto button in warp list GUI Fixed Warp cooldowns always being 30 seconds for warps in the same world Fixed loss of XP levels > 135 Local chat now works over the whole world Disabled Animated GUIs for all Intel graphics cards Added temporarily muting to channels, and global temp mutes Worked on chat tabs player lists Changed default keybindings a bit (Grab is now G)

4.2 Sep 29, 2013 Added Display Cases and Armor Stands

Added Saws and Wooden Plates which are used to craft Display Cases You can now put Hats and almost all other Items in your Custom Slots Added level-of-detail to all Entities: You may notice very far away Players will no longer show their armor -> More FPS Added a New option (Options -> Video Settings -> Performance -> Detailed Chunk Distance) -> This option can boost your FPS a lot by skipping rendering of certain blocks at a certain distance -> It hides Long Grass, Dead Bushes, Vines, Leaf Piles, Flowers, Torches, Fire, Anvils, Chairs and LittleBlocks on far away chunks Mobs and players being hit from a distance greater than 5 blocks will no longer be knocked back. This change does not affect the knockback enchantment Rewrote and fixed the chat text color parser and color render code Fixed LittleBlocks structures shaking a bit when moving Fixed LittleBlocks not always updating correctly (invisible faces) Fixed the Hide Armor option Fixed Redstone Comparators not allways updating Fixed a few bugs with Villagers and Village detection/updates Fixed rendering artifacts on Items when using MipMapping Fixed a few bugs with slab block placing when the place animation is active Fixed sideways placing of Aether Logs failing Fixed texture rotation on sideways placed Golden Oak Log Fixed shift clicking on the NPC and Villager Inventory Fixed Entity Pathfinding failing a lot, causing Zombies not atticking you Fixed a bug with general Entity AI tasks managing Fixed invincible Mobs allowing you to level up skills

4.3 Oct 22, 2013 Added Survival Games (aka Hunger Games)

Added Hardened and Stained Clay Added Double Slab recipes for the unique looking stone slabs Premium Players can now create more warps and public warps Colored Glass can now be crafted into Colored Thin Glass Armor Stands and DisplayCases are now logged with HawkEye Rewrote BankAccounts and Chat Channel Manager to fix bugs Made Ambrosium from hoppers always go into the lower slot of an Enchanter Potions can be stacked up to 8 now Fixed Wall Signs getting unregistered when the block below was broken Fixed several bugs with /restore Fixed Players/Entities sometimes not appaering client side after warping around Fixed Commands in Private tabs opening a new tab Fixed a few bugs with URLs and Colors in the chat showing wrong Fixed a bug with button clicks in the GUI not getting registered Fixed lamp not getting powered with a lever on top Fixed freezer freezing without checking if there was water in the skyroot bucket Fixed mushroom cow not breading Fixed huge mushroom not generating on mycelium with bonemeal Fixed Greycliff leaves on the Minimap Even more bugfixes Maybe more (secret) features

4.4 Nov 1, 2013 New Achievement GUI (/achievements)


  • Added Coin rewards for kills and wins in Survival Games
  • Fixed Villager AI and breeding
  • Prepared things for a new Minigame
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs listed on the bugtracker
  • Server side performance tweaks
4.5 Nov 12, 2013 Added Games GUI

This GUI is available on the Ingame Menu (ESC), as button on the window screen and with the command /games You can simply join a queue which will notify and teleport you into a the next game that starts.

  • Added search box to Achievements GUI
  • You can now leave the local channel, its no longer forced
  • Improved Quakecraft. The shooting is more precise now, Game pace is even faster
  • Improved Jukeboxes: There is an "Repeat Song" option, it shows the playlength of the current song, and it will play the next song in your list when the current song is over.
  • Improved Playershops list: It will no longer load the whole list at once but instead send requests the list in chunks. This is to prevent client side network lag due to the large size of that list.
  • Improved Public Warp list: Same as playershops. Now loads in chunks
  • Fixed sprinting on stairs
  • Fixed several bugs in Quakecraft
  • Fixed Mobs not getting into Minecarts (Only allowed for Pigs, Sheep, Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper and Villagers)
  • Fixed a bug with transparent blocks showing too many blockfaces on fancy graphics
  • Fixed a bug that caused the world not being rendered with certain Performance (FPS Limit) settings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the craftland.log file from being created
4.6 Nov 21, 2013 Added a new, more helpful Crafting GUI
  • New Crafting GUI
  • You can now use Bank Accounts with Shop Chests
  • You can now give other players permissions to your Shop Chests
  • You will now get notified about Shop Chests transactions that happened while you were offline
  • Improved the netcode. Packets get send more often now, lowering the latency
  • Added empty spawn eggs that can be used to store almost any mob into a spawn egg
  • Book and Quills can now be stacked up to 8
  • Fixed a few bugs in Quakecraft and Survival Gamelogic
  • Updated Spruce, Jungle, Oak and Birch Log textures
  • Several GUI bug fixes
  • Made a few server and client side performance tweaks
4.65 Nov 24, 2013 Updated the launcher, client and server to fix the "Bad Logins"

You can now ride Pandas

4.7 Dec 13, 2013 * Added penguins
  • New hats!
  • Added RGB name colors
  • Chestshops now automatically set the next best Item as sell stack
  • Added several new Wall and Fence types. Recipes are not added yet
  • Fixed a RGB wool duping glitch
  • Fixed silktouch on enderchests
4.73 Jan 17, 2014 A bit delay, here the 4.73 Patchnotes:
  • Fixed Jukeboxes not starting to play automatically
  • Fixed Door recipe
  • Fixed RGB Wool duping and color loss bug
  • Coded new permission system for NPCs
  • A few more internal bugfixes, what was it again...?!
4.78 Mar 24, 2014 Update 4.78 is here!
  • Aether build height is now 256
  • You can now use 1.8 Skins (Info/Editor)
  • Moa eggs stack up to 8 now
  • Added the block dust effect when players fall on blocks
  • Fixed a crash when using controllers
  • Fixed a crash with disabled Bass Library (3D Radio)
  • Fixed voting on several server lists
  • Fixed a dupe glitch with saws
  • Fixed a few block place animations
  • Implemented more Premium 5/6 features (to be announced soon)
  • Fixed Premium 2 TP cost limit not working
  • Quakecraft: Fixed players bringing the hammer to the lobby room
  • Fixed NPCs giving Swords/Bows after eating
  • Fixed shearing greycliff leaves dropping wrong type
  • Fixed several bugs with orange trees
  • Fixed putting rails on redstone blocks
  • Fixed BigTrees not generating logs
  • Admins can now toggle xray with F3 + X
4.8 May 04, 2014 * Premium 6 officialy released now
  • All eligible players got Premium 6 rank
  • Premium 6 can use /model (Mob disguise)
  • Greycliff border has been expanded to 10000 (from 8000)
  • Fixed cape textures
  • Fixed Dragonborn helmet not fitting
  • Thorns Enchantment now also goes on Aether Armor
  • Flying mode is no longer reset on relog or when leaving the world
  • Inventory in creative worlds is no longer wiped when leaving/relogging
  • Fixed gravitite tools working on dungeons holystone
  • Fixed items not pickable when falling into a stair/small hole on the ground
  • Fixed playlist not working with portable music player
  • Creative worlds will no longer increase your stats for achievements
  • Creative worlds will no longer level up your repair skill
  • Admins: X*Ray mode now shows invisible blocks outlined
  • Fixed a bug where the launcher downloader produces corrupt files
4.9 Jun 27, 2014 * New spawned Villagers have a chance to trade otherwise unobtainable high level Enchantent Books

For example Unbreaking VIII, Protection IX

  • Fixed bug with crafting result preview
  • Fixed mobspawners spawning mobs too fast!
  • Fixed hoppers putting too many water bottles into brewing stands
  • World Edit permissions can now be given out limited to single worlds
  • Removed PlanetMinecraft from ingame voting.

We got removed from that site

  • Added Essence of Undeath:

Every Essence of Undeath applied to a spawner takes 1000 "Creatures spawned" from it until 0 A spawner with lower total "Creatures spawned" is slightly faster

4.91 Jun 29, 2014 * McMMO max level increased to 1200

Skill Levels > 1000 will reduce your ability cooldown times !

  • Added new (rare) Monster Hunt rewards
  • Fixed frozen Skeletons, Creepers, Cows, Pandas....
  • Fixed enchantment books not working on anvil
  • High level enchantment books are really rare now!
  • Fixed a bug with NPCs wearing Hats being extra derpy
  • Tweaked item (on ground) rendering
  • Fixed Premium 6 kits (last patch)


  • Added /loadplayer,/saveplayer,/effect
  • /say now goes directly on the screen
  • Fixed /spawnentity *health flag
  • Fixed /ent clone
  • Added /ent setai evil
  • Added /remove xp
5.0 Jul 09, 2014 Added new boss spawners for boss arenas:
  • The arenas will be public places in normal worlds (no gameworld), everyone can join them.
  • The boss fight can be joined and left by any player any time
  • After a boss fight there is a cooldown between 20 minutes and a 6 hours
  • Once the cooldown is over the spawner needs to be fed with items to spawn a new boss
  • Players standing near the boss spawner will lower the cooldown a lot
  • There is 2 types of bosses right now: Boss Skeleton and Boss Golem
  • The bosses have around 20000 health
  • The bosses drop a lot of different things
  • Drops are split apart all players based on damage done
  • Drops directly go into your Receive Item window

Added perfect diamonds:

  • Dropped by diamond ores with a chance of 1%
  • Does not drop when using fortune to mine the ore
  • Can be crafted into Perfect Diamond armor set
  • Can be crafted into Perfect Diamond Axe and Sword
  • Perfect Diamond items are repaired with perfect diamonds only


  • can now despawn after 10 hours if they were never traded with

The villagers will not poof right after 10 hours. It depends on the overall server load, how the long villager and how far away the next player is

  • Now have a maximum number of trades per recipe!

Rebalanced Enchantments:

  • Efficency: Slightly reduced the power of the Efficiency > 5
  • Fortune: Amount of additional drops of levels > 5 is more random now

Even more:

  • Added experimental feature "Animated Corpse"

Inspired by the mod "Mob Dismemberment" You can find it in Settings *> Other *> Animated Corpse

  • Added new effect to strawberries "Scarry Berry"
  • Fixed hats rendering white when getting hurt
  • Fixed a bug with Moa textures after switching texture pack
  • Attempt to increase Penguin spawn rate
  • Tweaked the hostile mob target AI a bit, they switch targets more often now
  • Fixed ingame voting
  • Put a hard limit of 10 on all potion amplifiers
  • Fixed some server side translation names. (Fixes rename cost on Anvil for some items)
5.05 / 5.02 Jul 23, 2014 * Hats can now have rare visual effects
  • Updated the Ocelot Boss

Spawns up only to 3 kittens now Heals 400 every 2 seconds when 3 kittens are spawned Damage done to kittens now counts towards boss damage

  • Added boss medals, stacking up to 64

You get one per Bossfight

  • Updated NPC trading code, new rare trades coming soon
  • Made it so the world does not reload when respawning. Experimental
  • Tweaked the fontrenderer (better spacing)
  • Fixed a few chat render bugs
  • Fixed ingame voting again
  • Fixed a render bug with floating blocks/grass you could walk through
  • Fixed particle color when running on RGB wool
  • Decreased the maximum distance for rendering Chests, ChestShops and ItemFrames
  • Added tiny delays to threaded chunk rendering. Reduces lag spikes after joining/warping
  • Fixed fall damage sounds
  • Added weather volume option
  • RGB wool now shows up correctly on the minimap
5.1 Aug 03, 2014 *Added support for Resourcepacks
  • Added Podsol
  • Added the (old) new minecraft fish
  • Added the (old) new minecraft fishing treasures
  • Added Quarter Blocks (Littleblocks with 2x2x2 division)

Quarterblocks recipe: 3x3 sand

  • Added Double Plants, Podsol and the missing 1.7 Minecraft Flowers
  • Royal Aercloud now acts as a trampoline aercloud
  • Tangerine, Fuchsia, Jade and Pink Aercloud push in vertical directions now
  • Orange Aercloud acts like blue Aercloud with half power
  • You can now place all the flowers on flower pots

~Fixed a bug that rarely made players stuck locally ~Fixed several partial blocks lighting issues ~Fixed name color changing in Appearance menu not working ~Fixed display case item rendering ~Updated all translation files and textures ~Updated LittleBlocks recipe: 3x3 Dirt

  • Threaded rendering is now enforced

~Changed "detailed chunk distance" setting to "detailed block distance"

  • Made it so far away "inner leaves" now only render if inside the "detailed chunk distance"

~Setting a low block distance will give you much higher FPS

5.2 Aug 11, 2014 New Spawn world

Thanks to Soulmusician for his efforts on getting this world done so quickly Thanks to everyone who helped building it!

  • > The spawn world has randomized portals to Aether, Greycliff and Nether

You will land at different locations everytime you use the portals

  • > The spawn world has disabled hunger bar
  • > The command '/spawn' will take you to the spawn world now

(Unless used in a region with set spawn location)

  • > More to come!

Added Archery skill Does not have a command yet Multiplies arrows damage by '1 * SkillLevel / 250' (applied after power enchantment!) Increasing chance to not consume arrows when shooting Increasing chance to make a shot critical even not fully charged

Added fishing skill Increasing chance to give you 2 to 4 times as much fish Increases your fishing speed Increasing chance to find treasures Increasing chance to get good treasure when you find treasure Spawn world gives double fishing xp

  • Added a lot better treasure to fishing
  • You can now wear multiple hats (i.e. Sunglasses * Strawhat)

When starting the game it tests every hat against every other hat If none of both hats cubes collide it will show both hats Hint: You can put hats in your custom slot

  • Added a preview when hovering hat items in the inventory
  • Added options to the Appearance window to hide certain layers of your skin
  • Fixed a bug that always set your name color cooldown when clicking something on the appearance window
  • Added a lot more boss drops:

Potions, Aercloud, Enchantment Books, Perfect Diamond Armor

  • Fixed bosses getting invisible when close to certain walls
  • Fixed bosses HP bar not updating after you died
  • All bosses now give equal Swords, Axes and Unarmed XP
  • Portal creation is now disabled for players. Existing portals still work
  • Disabled chestshops and block protections in the nether.

Removed all existing block protections in the nether

  • Repairing an item with a new undamaged item on the anvil will now bring the increasing repair costs back to 0
  • Tweaked Littleblocks rendering
  • Added back a canPlace check to littleblocks and quarter blocks.

Checks if block is grass when placing flower, If a ladder could be placed etc.

  • Added back basic physics to littleblocks and quarter blocks.

Makes double plants break fully when removeing lower part, Makes flying torches fall off

  • Fixed some item drop bugs with littleblocks and quarterblocks
  • Tweaked item rendering
  • Fixed a crash with certain resourcepacks
  • Synchronized seaLevels parameter on server and client. Fixes some sky render issues
  • Fixed random players joining random partys
  • /entity command is now admin only
  • Added a rare hat drop to valkyrie queens
  • Added a world flag to disable hunger bar
  • Added a world flag "keep inventory on death"
5.3 Aug 17, 2014 * You can now create experience potions: There is a button on your inventory
  • Added a better Player Shop list (/shop)
  • Added Cursed Blade: A sword that can inflict the wither effect on your enemies

The blade is dropped by the Skeleton boss. More details on the wiki (soon)

  • Villagers now pickup experience orbs:

This way you can level them up and make out of stock trades fill back up

  • Increased AFK kick time to 10 minutes
  • All of the bosses now give Archery XP
  • Updated the Skeleton Boss
  • Server shop command has been changed to /market
  • Aercloud movement no longer increases your movement stat (and prevent afk)
  • Entities colliding with you will no longer increase your movment stat (and prevent afk)
  • Reduced the Vampire blades damage amount, incresed the healing amount to 2 HP

Old swords will keep their old stats

  • Long grass on top of aether grass blocks now always has the aether grass color
  • Improved memory usage: Sometimes it didnt free the loaded chunks changing worlds
  • Fixed render glitches on enchanted/glowing items other players/mobs/NPCs hold
  • Fixed going AFK while fishing, you will not go afk if you catch things
  • Fixed villagers sometimes not having trades
  • Fixed maximum enchant levels for premiums not matching advertised levels
  • Fixed downward floating water not always dropping blocks/plants it flows into
  • Fixed manual /afk instantly setting you back
  • Fixed speed potion icon
  • Tweaked whirlies animation code, less lag
  • Fixed a render bug caused by coins lying on the ground
  • Contains more fixes not worth mentioning
5.4 Aug 26, 2014 * Added Basalt Stone, Basalt Cobblestone, Basalt Brickstone
  • Added Kings Lantern and Diamond Lantern
  • Added Sugar Glowstone and Emerald Glowstone
  • Added Diamond Chests and Iron Chests
  • Warp Pads now work between worlds
  • XP Levels over 30 increase linear now (Every level above 30 requires the same amount of xp)
  • If you rightclick a penguin with a nature staff it will toggle the follow owner mode
  • Fixed a rarely occuring render bug with connected textures
  • Tweaked hats rendering * faster
  • Tweaked memory usage again
  • Made it so hats textures are loaded at runtime not when the game is starting. Makes it load faster and uses less memory
  • Fixed the region teleport flags not always working
  • Fixed /tpclear
5.5 Sep 12, 2014 These patchnotes are summary of the last 4 updates
  • Pig001 now also helps out coding. He added a ton of new things already:
  • Added new Fish Types: Angel Fish, Jellyfish, Blue Tang, Bass, Blow Fish, Sea Horse, Angler, Beta

Cannot be cooked, some are rare and give more xp when fished

  • Added coal blocks and char coal blocks
  • Added lava sponge
  • Added Valkyrie Bow: Double chargetime * Double damage
  • Added Valkyries Sword: Extended reach sword with 9*11 Damage and 14% chance to do double the damage
  • Fixed and changed Orange Trees: No longer dissapears on normal grass/dirt. Now you can also get saplings from a grown orange tree
  • Changed natural mob spawning. Mobs had a tendency to only spawn on the surface and towards the higher y levels. They will now spawn in caves more often.
  • Fixed Herbalism ability. (Activates with Hoe)
  • Fixed Blue berry bushes and Orange trees not giving Herbalism XP
  • Fixed glitchy water brightness when placing blocks near water surface
  • Fixed monsterhunt highscore getting reset every reboot. Had to reset the higscores for this
  • Added a tweak that improves FPS stability a lot when "Advanced OpenGL" is enabled

Added new Mentor system:

  • Addict ranks and higher can now be mentors
  • Apprentice players (before VIP) can now be students of mentors
  • When a student selects a mentor (by using the /mentor GUI) he gets a list of tasks
  • Once he completed all of these tasks he will instantly get VIP rank
  • "Trained Students" will forever stay in the mentors "Trained students" list
  • There will be a new rank for reaching a certain number of students. Stay tuned

Arena Boss changes:

  • The first 2 ranks on the damage scoreboard now have a much higher chance to get good drops
  • The other ranks have a lower chance on good rewards

Hardcore world changes:

  • Disabled fishing skill, Fishing still works and still has rare drops as hats/swords/armor
  • Made beds work. You can go to your bed by using /home. This changes do not affect /home in normal worlds.
  • Added Blazes to natural Nether biome spawns.
  • Staff members, this includes Helpers, Moderators and Admins are no longer allowed to play in the hardcore world. They are allowed to be there for administrative tasks
  • There is now a 10 second long combat cooldown after attacking and getting attacked. This cooldown prevents usage of commands
5.6 Sep 16, 2014 * Added a protection limit to LWC locks
  • > Apprentice: 10 Locks
  • > VIP: 50 Locks
  • > Special Unit: 100 Locks
  • > Addict: 200 Locks

Premium ranks give you following locks on top:

  • > Premium 1: *10
  • > Premium 2: *25
  • > Premium 3: *50
  • > Premium 4: *100
  • > Premium 5: *200
  • > Premium 6: *400
  • New defined regions can now only have a maximum length and width of 800 blocks
  • A world can have a single world region that covers the whole world
  • Emblems: Mentors now have an emblem shown besides their name tag

Right now only numbers show:

  • > 1 trained student: Emblem "1"
  • > 2 to 5 trained students: Emblem "2"
  • > 5 to 15 trained students: Emblem "3"
  • > 15 to 30 Trained students: Emblem "4"
  • > 30 Trained students: Emblem "5"

There will be more emblems in the future, and the ranking may change

  • Added a "No Lifer" Rank: Right now its only the color and name. I will add permissions to it soon
  • Added a "Master" Rank: Can be reached by having 100 Trained students.

This requirement may be lowered after the mentor system got another adjustment

  • Added a Crafting GUI as seen on the Workbench to following Blocks:

Brewing Stand, Furnace, Aether Enchanter

  • Fixed Orange Trees infinite sapling glitch
  • Updated mcmmo
  • > Fixed the swords skill parry check
  • > Reduced Axes AOE to 25%
  • > Increased Swords AOE to 50%
  • > Updated the herbalism icon
  • > Added /fishing and /archery command
  • > Updated the commands: /mcmmo, /swords, /axes, /mining and all the other skill commands
  • > Removed Taming Skill (Why? It was broken and silly, I spent the time working on important skills)
  • Added item switch tooltip
  • Fixed zombies breaking protected doors
  • Mobs in regions with "Disable Mob Damage" no longer drop loot
  • Removed /lwc droptransfer
5.7 Oct 01, 2014 Voting for the Video contest hasn't started yet.

Watch all of the contest entries here:

Patchnotes: Updated the code to allow more Block IDs than 256 Updated rendering code to make translucent blocks blend like vanilla does

Added Disenchanter Block Added Stained Glass Added Stained Glass Panes Added 1.8 Slime Blocks Added 1.8 Banners Added 1.8 Mutton, Cooked Mutton (Sheep drop) Added Dark Oak 1.8 Doors/Sapling/Leaves/Log/Plank/Stairs/Slab/Fences/Fence Gate Added Birch 1.8 Doors/Fences/Fence Gates Added Spruce 1.8 Doors/Fences/Fence Gates Added Jungle 1.8 Doors/Fences/Fence Gates Added Acacia 1.8 Doors/Fences/Fence Gates Added Redwood Fences/Fence Gates Added Fir Fences/Fence Gates Added Packed Ice Added Hay Blocks Added Mimic Block (WIP) Added Inferno Pickaxe (WIP) Added Obsidian Sword (WIP) Added Phoenix Sword (WIP) Added Ice Sword (WIP) Added Dark Scythe (WIP) Added Mace (WIP) Added Pitch Fork (WIP) Added Bat Fang Item (WIP) Added Candy Item (WIP) Added Lollypop Item (WIP) Added a new trade list GUI to Villagers

Ender Dragons now have 1000 HP and do more damage Fixed some rendering bugs Fixed Chest Lock GUI not allowing to unlock when over limit Fixed Apprentices being able to select any player as mentor Fixed Mentors not getting completed students stat updated when offline

Temporarily disabled Shaders to keep the game stable Temporarily disabled Connected Textures to keep the game stable

Admins and the Economy Oct 24, 2014 I want to make clear that from now on admins are no longer allowed to take part in the economy.

This includes any kind of trade, Coins vs Item, Items vs Items, Other things vs Coins, Anything vs. anything.

If any current admin does not want to comply with those rules please let me know and I will demote to moderator.

5.78 Nov 02, 2014 * Attempt to fix required chunks unloading sometimes

That bug caused mobs not being updated, items not stacking up on ground

  • Fixed invisible hats
  • Added 3 new hats
  • Added NPCs to trade candy and lollys for cool stuff
  • Fixed bow with high punch not affecting players/teleporting them back
  • Fixed obsidian texture
  • Fixed dispensers not firing when redstone goes on *> off
  • Fixed premium name colors
  • Fixed hunger not causing damage
  • Fixed animals not dropping cooked meat when shot with phoenixbow
5.8 Nov 18, 2014 Added a new "Mining World":
  • Contains Dungeons as seen in Greycliff
  • Has all possible Biomes (including Aether/Nether and Basalt biomes!)
  • Will reset every 14 days
  • PvP is enabled, Regions and Protections are not allowed
  • Tombstones are disabled
  • Contains higher leveled mobs further from spawn

Added "Goldrush" minigame in Mining world

  • Starts randomly when 10 or more players are online
  • Get points for mining diamond, gold and emerals ores.
  • Rewards: Points times 100 as Coins for all players, 3 Perfect Diamonds * 10k for Winner

Added Tree Mutation:


  • Fixed several bugs listed on the bugtracker
  • Fixed chunks loading/saving very slow on the server
  • Fixed several crashes and render bugs on the client
5.85 Nov 18, 2014 * Mining World has been reset
  • Changes to Mining World:
  • > Modified terrain generation
  • > Added new mineables: Andesite, Granite, Diorite, Red Sand, Coarse Dirt
  • > There are a lot more ores now, may need to be reduced next reset
  • > Added supply crates: Locked chests that contain Hats/Spawners/Armor and more
  • > Added keys for supply crates: Find them in chests in Dungeons
  • > Added "Shadow Stone": Darker version of dungeon stone, generated in Mining world
5.9 Nov 20, 2014 * Brought back insta*breaking blocks with efficiency/haste
  • Disabled McMMO double drops for silktouch mined blocks
  • Additional rewards for goldrush: 2 new hats
5.92 Dec 12, 2014 * Mining world is no longer PvP
  • Mining World got reset and updated: More Andestie, Granite and Dirote
  • Added Mesa biome to Mining World
  • All NPCs got their "Child", "Follow" and "Attack Mobs" flags reset
  • Added Seedmutator
  • Added several new crops:

Corn, Rice, Tomatoes, Onion, Grapes, Cranberries, Cotton, Flax, Jabuticaba, Red Chili, Tea, Onion, Celery, Peanuts, Hops, Seaweed Green Beans, Seabean, Jab, King Spear

  • Fixed a bug that caused chat messages to be sent twice sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that caused blocks placed in Creative Mode rolling back sometimes (For non*admins)
  • Maximum stack size for items on anvils is now 1 (Fixes enchantment dupe exploit)
6.0 Mar 10, 2015 There is simply to many villagers on craftland now due to the fact that no villager despawns ever.

With the next update any villager that is older than 1 Minecraft month and hasn't been traded with can despawn! 1 Minecraft month equals 10 hours. The villager will only age if its loaded

The villagers have a lot of AI tasks that produce a lot of server load. We cannot keep 20000 Villagers around that no one uses.

Thank you for your understanding.

Added the Infusement Altar Added Spectral Pickaxe, Mines 3x3x1 area Added Spectral Shovel: Digs 3x3x1 area Added Spectral Axe: Breaks 10x1x1 logs at once Added Spike blocks: Expands when spikes powered, mobs get stuck on it and take damage Added Dragon Souls obtained from Ender Dragons that were hit with the Dark Scythe during fight Added new gems and ores: Ruby, Sapphire, Citrine, Zircone, Tourmaline and Onyx

Removed the void particles Fixed the command /reloadskin Fixed skins, voting and login for players that changed their name on Fixed some color issues with the Achievement widget (When you ticked achievements as watched) Fixed ender dragons bounding boxes. You can now attack them with projectiles again. Fixed entity senses sometimes getting stuck in a state were they receive no updates, causing mobs not to recognize players any longer Fixed empty spawn eggs getting consumed by dispenser Achievements on the ingame achievement list are hiding the progress bar when completed Fixed some glitches when wearing the Agility Cape Fixed a bug that allowed players to get free items from NPCs under certain conditions. Fixed a bug that caused the mobkill stat not to go up on 1-hit mob kills Fixed a few bugs with tombstone waypoints not loaded properly on login Fixed the stat for crafting items (on workbench) not getting updated correctly (Stat was increased multiple times ore not all sometimes) Fixed a bug that caused the log file getting flooded when Swets fired their particle animation. (Causing fps drops) Fixed a bug that caused PigSlayers particle effects throwing errors (Writes a lot of text to log files, caused fps drop)

6.1 Mar 31, 2015 Update 6.1 is here. Mining World got reset.

Patchnotes Brought PetRocks to life New mobs: 'Eye of Ender' and 'Flesh Lich' will now spawn in your basement. WATCH OUT! Buttons can now be placed on the ceiling and ground so you can stumble upon them.

Added a new ingame World Map (Work in progress). You can open it by setting up the keybinding in controls Its is a server*side map that can show warps/mobs/waypoints/party members.

  • The ReiMinimap options have a new option "Render Server Map": It will render additional parts of the map and send it to the server

This will use up some additional resources on your computer and some bandwith. Don't enable it if you have bad internet or a slow computer! The more players enable this options the faster the whole worlds will be completed on the map

Added invisible pressure plates and traps (Creative only). Added Fortune enchant bonus to Zanite and Ambrosium Onyx Ore can no longer be silktouch'd Onyx Ore drops changed to 1 gem per ore, no fortune or mcmmo extras Fixed a bug that prevented Premium 5 & 6 to repair higher than level 48 on the anvil Fixed a repair bug on the Anvil that lowered an high*enchantment level if both input items had an high*level enchant with same level (eff. 8 diamond pick + eff 8 diamond pick resulted in eff 5 diamond pick, whereas eff. 7 + eff 8 would have resulted in eff. 8 on the output) Fixed red sandstone slabs instantly breaking Fixed likely dupe glitches with floating blocks (Gravitite Block / Blocks rightclicked with gravitite tools) Fixed double "Not allowed to /tp" messages Fixed enderdragon resetting when fighting while server is shutting down Removed anaglyph render mode. Removed a lot of dead video options. Fixed the animated terrain/items/water/lava etc. video options Fixed the Fancy/Normal/Fast video options profiles. Tweaked the item/terrain texture loader, loads twice as fast now. (When starting game/changing resource pack) Fixed a few issues with the launcher sometimes not showing accounts/skins/news Fixed the Inventory Tweaks GUI not showing all options (opens with ... in your inventory) Made creepers derp out even more

6.1B Apr 28, 2015 * Upgrades to the launcher
  • Added Diamond and Gold Iron Golem
  • Disable /tp and warp pads in the mining world when goldrush is active.
  • Fixed an exploit with gold rush
  • Fixed invisible players making noise/particles when walking
  • Admins can spawn in unbreakable boats
  • Large back-end update to the communication between the vanilla server and modded servers
  • Added a /bungee command for helpers+ so they can moderate the vanilla servers from the modded server
  • Fixed Obsidian Armour not rendering
  • Fixed /reloadskin
  • Fixed Middle Clicking slabs
  • Made some plugins less likely to crash
  • You now need to be able to build in a region to right click the dragon egg
  • Few updates we use use player id's instead of player names so we can eventually use Mojang's renaming system

(More features will be listed later)

6.2 May 14, 2015 * Updated the bukkit server to full 1.8, added back a lobby server
  • You can now join the vanilla/bukkit server with the Craftland client
  • > There is a portal in the spawn world to hop over
  • > Its still in a beta phase. Please report all new bugs on the bugtracker
  • > You can expect more small updates to make the integration even better and smoother
  • The Mining world has been refreshed!
  • The Mining world now generates with Prismarine (at lakes)
  • The Mining world now generates with Igneous Rock (nether biomes, underneath lava)
  • The Bow skill damage multiplier is now applied before enchantments (power)

This drastically reduces the maximum amount of damage arrows can do

  • Made looking through block sides (xraying) a lot harder (especially in Mining world)
  • Fixed the borders of the End*Island sectors glitching players out
  • Tweaked enderpearls so its less likely to glitch into blocks
  • Made leveled Witches heal more powerful
  • Fixed several bugs in creative inventory that caused loss of items/desynchronization with server
  • Fixed some blocks appearing twice in the creative block list
  • Fixed potion effects also getting calculated client side and thus getting your own and other entities HP out of sync with the server
  • Fixed wooden taste of Mushroom Stews
  • Fixed Fruit drinks not giving you back the bottles
  • Made Fruit drinks always edible
  • Fixed map*tiles for the new server side world*maps being generated with wrong grass colors when client had custom resource packs loaded
  • Fixed incorrect gold*rush scores on scoreboard
  • Added the slim/alex player model as an option the appearance menu

(currently only works for premiums, supposed to be available to all players)

  • Updated regeneration potion strength to 1.8 state (Ticks half as often now)
  • Fixed the fire aspect enchantment (was only 1 second of fire with any level)
  • Fixed disenchanter disenchanting stacked items with enchants but only giving one book
  • Made flesh lich more rare
  • Fixed play time stat and color for offline players when typing /who <player>
6.2B May 17, 2015 * Bat spawners now also work above y 62
  • Dead bushes can now be mined with silktouch
  • Fixed commands getting send all lowercase to server
  • The game*scoreboards now stays open for 10 seconds after a game ends
  • Moved respawn button to middle of screen
  • Fixed enter*key on respawn screen moving you to spawn world
  • Fixed armor texture on slim model
  • When using the relog*button you will no longer get left/joined messages
  • When using the new vanilla portal you will no longer get left/joined messages
  • Fixed a movement bug that prevented the player from walking over 1 block gaps when there is a block above you

This also fixes a few cases where you glitch into a block when moving

  • Fixed players positions not getting re*synchronized with server when lying on ground dead
  • Fixed players not always auto*respawning in quakecraft
  • Fixed high bandwith usage when player position was resyncing with server (when pushing players out of blocks)
  • You can no longer use enchantment*books on items when the output wouldn't change (i.e. putting a eff 8 book on a eff 8 pick)
  • Fixed ender pearl teleporting players in wrong world (when switching worlds while pearl is flying)

Vanilla mode changes:

  • Fixed text not getting applied after placing a sign
  • Fixed several issues with the chat and chat tabs
  • Fixed hub*commands not working
  • Fixed a redstone*lamps turning into stone
  • You can now see broadcast messages on all servers (goldrush/boss announcements)
  • Fixed entering the nether crashing game
  • Removed more blocks that are craftland*only (colored glass, colored glass*pane, lava*sponge)
  • Added missing 1.8 text rendering types (big title text + record playing text)
6.3 Jun 03, 2015 * Refactored the database, mobs and playerfiles to use player IDs instead of usernames
  • Updated LWC, HawkEye, Chestshops, and plenty of other stuff to use player IDs
  • As a result you can no longer add player names to regions/bankaccounts/warps that haven't played on the server
  • The launcher now uses UUIDs to load the skins and renders skins slightly better
  • Refactored bank accounts. They no longer use a password.
  • Added a new boss!
  • Added item filters to hoppers
  • Highscore system has been improved: Type /highscores (more coming)
  • Invtweaks has been updated to fix sorting and autoreplacing
  • Fixed multiple bugs with shift*clicking that caused item loss
  • Fixed disenchanters with stacked tools
  • Fixed model appearance option not showing up
  • Improved player shop list load and search behaviour
  • Added hat previews to the player shop window
  • Bosses now attack faster
  • Arrows now fly through invisible / invulnerable entities
  • Buttons placed on the ceiling now correctly send a redstone signal
  • Fixed a bug when milking aether cows
  • Valkyrie message now use the player's display name
  • Fixed a bug that caused jungle saplings to become dirt or grass
  • Fixed placing mushroom blocks harvested with silk touch
  • NPCs can no longer be picked up with a spawn egg (there is a drop button when right clicking)
  • Fixed ambrosium ore not giving more shards with fortune
  • Updated the ladders' recipe to 1.8's
  • Lava now spread deterministically
  • Fixed some MCMMO issues
6.3B Jun 06, 2015 New Boss Areana has been released

All credit goes to Arbr, Luke, Hotpot, Pig, Joyman, Caity, MrHotPringles, MrGoldGames, Rocksox, Randoro, Term (/warp arena)

  • Added a new (working) mob*spawning flag for regions (admin only)
  • Fixed Rings/Capes and Pendants not being enchantable (on table)
  • Fixed the sort*inventory keybind
  • Fixed shift*clicking on freezers
  • Implemented hopper insert/take logic with freezer
  • Changed freezer particle animation
  • Fixed "show region boxes" updating very slow (causing frame drops)
  • Fixed player and NPC skin being slow and causing frame drops
  • Fixed Moa textures loading slow and causing frame drops
  • Fixed hawkeye search not working
  • Fixed Region*GUI owner check being broken (Owners couldn't change flags or add members on GUI)
  • Fixed issues with broken InvTweaks configs crashing the game
  • Fixed fortune on ambrosium not working like the other ores
  • Fixed a bug that made you crawl when you were swimming with Depth*Strider or Neptune armor set
  • Disabled client side knockback on arrows (Attempt to fix rubberbanding)
6.4 Jun 16, 2015 Added new Rings and Amuletts: Citrine, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmaline and Zircon

Villager trading has been revamped Improved the controls and macro screen Improved the loot you can find in Supply Crates Increased the time it takes to disenchant items with enchantments Reduced the amount of netherstars dropped by the Wither Skeleton Boss Reduced the XP you can get from Onyx, Tourmaline and several other items Bonemeal now fails a lot more often on the higher grade crops (Chili, Rice, Corn) Made all fonts but the chat-line font fixed to fix layout problems Added one new hat effect Made ambrosium blocks work on the disenchanter Infusement altars and Seed mutators are protected by regions now Infusement altars and Seed mutators can now be LWC'd Following enchantments no longer show their level: Silktouch, Aqua Affinity, Infinity, Depth Strider The unbreaking enchantment no longer works on: Hammer of Notch, Cloudstaff and chargeable swords F3 now shows the name of your graphics card Reduced memory usage of Minimap/Worldmap Lowered memory usage of texture (by getting rid of duplicate texture data in memory) Fixed a crash in the font-settings screen Fixed shiftclicking ambrosium blocks into Aether-Enchanter Fixed skins not updating (when changed on minecraft account) Fixed duplicate warp name check with '/warp create' Fixed suicide giving points in surival minigame Fixed several bugs with macros and keybinds (getting fired twice, or fired from function keys when no key was assigned) Fixed wither skeleton texture Fixed a shiftclick bug on the furnace Fixed text on message boxes not being fully centered Fixed chestshop GUI not always centering correctly when opening Fixed hat names on chest-shop messages Fixed pending-messages (offline-messages) from players and chestshops sent in wrong order Fixed McMMO not announcing level ups when having multiple level ups at once (i.e. going from 199 to 201) Fixed the monster-hunt points for Aechorplants Fixed tp-list not saving Fixed double-plants always giving herbalism xp right after placing (exploit) Fixed internal server error with essence of undeath Removed InventorySort plugin (Didn't have permission/protection checks) The launcher now has an (experimental) option to make the game start with the better of two graphics cards in your system

6.4b Jun 19, 2015 * The mining world has been reset
  • Tombstones have been enabled in the mining world (Unprotected)
  • You can now hit thru players (Unless you are in a PvP region)
  • Added a new region flag "Teleport in on moa" to prevent players warping into regions riding Moas
  • All players now have the permission to modify the Mobspawning and Fire*Projectiles flag on their regions
  • Fixed combat*trackers on mobs possibly lagging the server when hitting a mob for hours
  • Witches now run out of healing potions after a while
  • Archery XP now scales with the time the bow was charged before shooting
  • Fixed 2 render bugs on itemframes
  • You can no longer trade damaged items on villagers (to get them repaired)
  • Added code in attempt to fix a bug that draws textures in wrong color on some graphics cards
6.4c Jul 11, 2015 * Added wearable capes for some skills and high scores.
  • There is a new server*spawn
  • Mining world has been reset
  • Reduced knockback on butlers and ocelots kittens in arena boss*fights
  • Invisibility and healing potions no longer work in arena boss*fights
  • The boss spawner no longer consumes items that have enchants
  • Fixed Mining World map not resetting with world reset
  • McMMO combat skills XP for non*natural mobs reduced by 90%
  • Added server side world map rendering to uncover the complete map faster
  • Fixed and improved colors on the ingame world map
  • Fixed redstone not working like vanilla (ticket*1224)
  • Cactus no longer destroys items
  • Fixed buggy Lift Thru signs
  • Fixed controls settings not saving mouse*button bindings
  • Fixed party members showing online when offline
  • Fixed LWC protecting neighbour blocks when used on diamond chest
  • Mobs no longer push players. This fixes mobs making you go un*afk
  • Fixed /kit not giving you the items when inventory full (but setting cooldown)
  • Fixed /ts pickup (Tombstone remote pickup)
  • Fixed vines not always stacking properly (Dropping with different data*values)
  • Fixed low FPS issue on the crafting table
  • Added a description to the boss metals.
6.4d Aug 02, 2015 * The mining world has been reset
  • Updated the terrain generator for the mining world
  • The mining world now has a round border (radius 1200)
  • Removed the friends chat tab
  • Added the command /musicplayer. Same function as the music*player item
  • Fixed Warp*bubbles not updating instantly when toggling "Show warps" option
  • Fixed bow xp not getting reduced by 90% when shooting non*natural spawned mobs
  • Fixed a 3 year old (server*side) light update bug
  • Fixed grasses and plants dropping lots of items on newly generated chunks
  • Fixed endercrystal explosion leaving an invisible fireblock behind
  • Fixed holystone dropping with wrong damage value from littleblocks/quarterblocks
  • Fixed XP unlock button on villagers sometimes not working
  • Fixed wrong mob showing inside a just placed mobspawner
  • Reduced the cost for /ts pickup (4 times the cost of /return now)
  • Broken villagers now reset on load (or when spawn egg is used)
  • Removed some unobtainable items from the villager buy list
  • You can no longer breed animals in overcrowding places
  • Added a cooldown to /book
6.4e Sep 01, 2015 Added /advertise command, Premium 3+ (for now)

Added /servertime command Added the ability for Moderators to give players Nicknames if they are Premium 1 +. Reduced the item values (xp you get from disenchanting) for: Netherwarts, Blazerods, Enderpearls Added a piston recipe for dark oak and other wood types Added a drop chance for "roots" to the herbalism skill (see /herbalism) Disabled item pickup for Zombies and Skeletons Fixed stacked items getting lost when using 1-9 keys to swap items into the anvil Fixed villagers first trade not always working Fixed leaves on littleblocks always dropping saplings Fixed gravel on littleblocks always dropping flint Fixed enchantment table never giving more than one enchant Fixed floating items on ground merging when they shouldn't Fixed slimes always counting as "natural" mobs after splitting Fixed hammer of notch giving XP in PvP Fixed a few bugs with warps and warp bubbles (might have affected shoplist gui warp lookups) Removed map items dropping from excavation

6.4f Oct 02, 2015 * Mining world reset
  • Fixed hoppers not getting out of sleep mode (Fixes efficiency of sorting system)
  • Fixed renderbugs with enderdragon death animation
  • Made itemframes immune to fire
  • Fixed entities falling from aether not landing inside the world border
  • Fixed the admin command /loadplayer
6.4g Oct 12, 2015 * Fixed a major bug with GPU memory deallocation

This caused invisible entities, chests, littleblocks This also was a major memory leak

  • Fixed villagers not having any high level enchanted books
  • Added a new Ring
  • Added a new Arena Boss
  • This years Halloween event starts with this update and ends on November 2nd.
  • Added a new region flag "Chest shop access"

All region owners can modify this flag The older "Chest access" flag no longer affects chest shops The initial state of this flag was copied from the regions current "Chest Access" flag The "Chest Access" can no longer be toggled by players or helpers

  • Helpers can no longer modify all region flags.
  • Added the command /beaconeffects

With this command you can prevent beacon effects getting applied to you

  • Added /nohalloween if you want to disable the enforced halloween night time
6.4i Nov 09, 2015 Update #2:
  • Repairing with new items no longer set the repair costs to zero
  • Reduced the increasing repair costs on items to 1/4 of the previous costs
  • Renaming now has a constant cost of 5 xp and is free if the cost would exceed your repair max level
  • Renaming no longer affects the costs of subsequent repairs
  • Fixed the mobspawner distance check. The distance between spawners is now 9 blocks on all sides
  • Renamed Mods channel to Staff channel, now auto*joined by helpers+

Update #1:

  • The mining world got reset. Fresh ores! Lots of keys!
  • Fixed xp bar going negative when having more than 32 767 levels
  • Disabled /model in Minigames
  • Renaming no longer affects the repair xp costs
  • You can now put fruit tree saplings and redwood saplings in a flower pot
  • You can now use Ambrosium blocks in the seed mutator
  • Fixed Zombie*Pigman always spawning as natural mob and giving too much xp
  • Fixed all achievements with achievement prerequirements not getting triggered
  • The moderator chat now has a rank check instead of a password
  • Fixed iron doors not updating correctly
6.5a Nov 26, 2015 * The mining world has been reset
  • Improved hopper filters: a slot can now be in one of 3 filter modes + you can also filter by names now
  • Improved hopper selection box behaviour
  • /advertise now renders with a color and item you can specify
  • /tp now allows you to tp to all players in your region, even if they tbblock you
  • Perfect Diamond armor and tools can now be repaired with perfect diamonds
  • Fixed notchhammers damage not counting as indirect damage
  • Fixed spawner distance check (2 weeks ago)
  • Chest shop transactions are now logged in hawkeye
  • Infusement Book updated
  • Now includes recipe list. Currently the recipe list only contains Cirtine and Tourmaline
  • Infusement Altar now has a slot for the book. The book can now be opened though the infusement altar by pressing the "R" button that appears after placing the book in the slot.

Staff only:

  • Improved ingame hawkeye search results: Made inventory transactions readable
  • Added command '/he we' to quickly scan your worldedit selection
6.5b Dec 22, 2015
  • Mining world got reset, now with extra andesite, diroite and granite
  • The damage reducing effect of armor and the protection enchants has been re-balanced
  • Fixed the country flags
  • Fixed several bugs preventing items (especially eggs) from despawning
  • Fixed LWC locks on display case protection neighbor blocks with them
6.6 Feb 19, 2016
  • Mining world got reset
  • Increased the chance to find high level enchantment trades on villagers
  • Increased the repair XP
  • You now get the same amount of repair-xp for all types of items (damage points repaired * 20)
  • Added marble blocks (Raw, Stone, Chiseled, Stairs, Bricks, Pillars, Pillar Top)
  • Added a world setting for creative worlds that disables all mob drops and stats
  • Removed spectral tools that had too high levels on their enchants (Unbreaking > 3, Eff. > 5, etc)
  • Lowered the effect protections enchants have on fall-damage
  • Name TagName Tags can no longer be used on Moas
  • Fixed gamemode always falling back to survival when re-joining creative worlds
  • Removed lightning swords from creative inventory
  • Several fixes/tweaks on different parts of the GUI
6.8 Mar 22, 2016
  • Added Hopper Ducts (pipes)
  • Added Boosted Hoppers
  • Added Loom
  • Added 12 new patterned carpets
  • Added Citrine Block, Sapphire Block, Ruby Block
  • Added Zircon Block, Tourmaline Block, Onyx Block
  • Added Iron Bricks, Gold Bricks, Citrine Bricks
  • Added Ruby Bricks, Sapphire Bricks, Quartz Bricks
  • Added Easter Egg Blocks
  • Added Easter Ring
  • Added Pet Eggs
  • Added 6 Hanging Lights: Citrine, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Zircon, Tourmaline
  • Added Kings Silk, Flax Twine
  • Updated Infusement Altar: Now requires a book with unlocked recipes
  • Updated the Igneous Rock texture
  • Updated disenchanter: Hopper inputs have been swapped (Side = fuels, Top = Item to disenchant)
  • Updated the Iron Bubble: Now degrades over time, and gives extended air duration. You can wear 2 to increase the effect
  • All Food Items now show their food stats
  • Fixed hopper button on Freezer not working
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player to no longer receive block and chunk updates
  • Fixed a bug with player stats (/who showing wrong playtime, possibly more issues)
  • Fixed a bug with the crafting preview on the Workbenches reporting invalid "can craft" state
6.8b Apr 30, 2016
  • Mining world got reset, contains a new funny fungus
  • The world borders for the worlds Greycliff and Aether extend 128 blocks each week from now on, automatically
  • The actual world borders are now shown in the world when getting close to them (Blue planes)
  • Added a new customizable mobspawner block for creative worlds
  • Furnace hopper inputs now only allow items that actually melt, makes auto-furnace setups easier
  • Improved the Edit Sign GUI, added glowing text option
  • Fixed flax and other multi block plants growing into solid blocks, allowing multiple exploits
  • Fixed orange trees growing into solid blocks
  • Fixed Double Doors: They now work correctly with redstone/pressureplates
  • Arrows no longer set entities on fire client side: Fixes incorrect on-fire animation when shooting fire-resistent entities
  • Fixed a crash bug when rightclicking flower pots
  • Its no longer possible to send messages to players that have added you to their /ignore list
7.0 May 24, 2016
7.05 May 24, 2016
  • Updated the /rules: Please read again and accept
  • A fresh Mining world was made!
  • Mining world: Added rare wither skeletons to the nether biomes
  • Renamed the World Shadow Aether to Shadow Skylands
  • The Shadow Skylands border now extends 128 blocks every 7 days, walk towards to get more info
  • Added new drop: Blizz Rods
  • Added Blizz Powder
  • Added Ignelum Lights
  • Optimized handling of multiblock update packets: Fixes extreme lag spikes occuring at some automated farms using pistons and wireless redstone
  • Fixed Rampuffs not showing their horns
  • Fixed the world border not always placing player back at the right location
  • Fixed a speedhack with bows
  • Fixed the auto-fishing farm
  • Fixed a few render bugs with mob corpse (i.e. shadow moas)
  • Fixed infusement altar not working with elysian dungeon stone
  • Fixed oak tree generator sometimes replacing existing blocks when growing from a sapling
  • Fixed blue skyroot tree generator sometimes replacing existing blocks when growing from a sapling
  • Fixed some leave blocks despawning after placing them
  • Fixed some natural leaves not despawning when removing the logs
  • Fixed a bug that allowed taking items from protected (regioned) item frames
  • Fixed placement of shadow beans
  • Fixed being able to dye a sheepuff, resulting in rainbow sheeps
  • Fixed hammers not being placable in item frames
  • Fixed mixed up recipes on loom
  • Fixed shift clicking on dispenser/dropper
  • Fixed a critical bug that lead to loss of color on RGB blocks, shapes on Display Cases when there were a lot of them, possible causing more issues
  • Fixed the button for creating flux potion not showing correct state
  • Fixed food not showing chance of effect and wrong effect length
  • Fixed pick block on iron chest
  • Fixed a few problems with interact on hammers (notchhammers etc.)
  • Added /mod command for Moderators
  • Aether orb ore blocks can no longer be right clicked with gravitite
  • Helpers and Moderators can no longer TP to players in nether (unless allowed to)
  • Hawkeye logs for the nether have been removed/disabled
  • Admins can now access all hats and spawners
  • The disenchanter can no longer be used in creative worlds (unless you have a special permission)
  • Dungeon keys are now slightly more expensive to craft (33 Flux)
  • The gigaknight boss drops slightly less flux now (10 -> 8 Flux)
  • The default keybinding for drop item is now J, the config name has been changed, resetting everyones binding
  • Fixed some of the websites on the ingame server voting
  • Notifications from multiple repeated blocked /tp attempts no longer spam your chat
7.1 Aug 09, 2016
  • Increased chance to find OP enchantment books on villagers by 5000%
  • Fixed several issues with the party system, now consistent cross world and over server restarts
  • Improved the party system overlay, now shows xp/flux/hunger and held item
  • Added an always visible overlay for active effects, can be disabled in Options->Other
  • Made slime spawners more efficient
  • Improved pathfinding on arena bosses, fixed warp back glitch
  • Valueable items no longer despawn (previously despawned after 15 minutes)
  • Added a few new features to quakecraft, there are some boosts you can pickup now
  • Quakecraft maps have been updated!
  • Fixed music discs not playing
  • Fixed deathscreen not popping up when dieing while game was running in background
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with hoppers
  • Fixed macro key unbind not working
  • Fixed arrows glitching out when shot while climbing ladders
  • Fixed picking up arrows not working
  • Fixed flaming arrows not working
  • Fixed mcmmo combat xp given in creative worlds
  • Fixed tempests never despawning, thus overspawning
  • Fixed flux altar showing wrong cost for elysian dungeon key
  • Ingame Hawkeye logs now show item names instead of IDs
  • Removed the queues for minigames, because they were too complex to maintain and underutilized
7.12 Aug 14, 2016
  • You can now inspect other players inventory by pressing special interact on them
  • Improved the shop list: You can now search all items by their enchantments
  • Chest shops will update faster in the shop list now
  • Increased trade unlock cost on Villagers
  • Villagers now show the current trade as item in 3D so you can quickly identify them
  • OP Villagers now have a purple texture
  • Villagers stored in Spawn Eggs can now be inspected in the invenntory (shows tooltip with trades)
  • Villagers that have never been opened/rightclicked have a higher chance of despawning
  • Fixed a bug that that flagged all mobs and animals from resuable spawn eggs as natural spawned
  • Fixed party GUI always popping up when relogging while in a party
7.2 Sep 08, 2016
  • Added back Shaders. Enjoy!
  • Added better leaves. Can be enabled in video options
  • Added falling leaves. Can be enabled in video options
  • Added tooltips for info about blocks you look at (WAILA). Can be disabled
  • Added a search item by name function to chests and other containers
  • Added extended item tooltips and an ingame editor for staff members
  • Added a new region flag: Anit-Snow, prevents snow layers from weather
  • Added a new highscore: Boss Gigaknights killed
  • Added a new highscore cape
  • Added a bunch of missing blocks to Mining and Excavation skill
  • Added /fasthoppertoggle command
  • Mining world now has more roots, autumn shrubs and other plants thruout forests
  • Fixed mushroom blocks not dropping the mushroom items like in vanilla
  • Bonemeal now places more different flower types when used on grass blocks
  • Updated Crops:
  • You can now harvest all crops with rightclick
  • Updated the amount of McMMO XP you get on each crop (based on crop-rareness)
  • Bonemeal will no longer bring crops to the final growth stage
  • Fixed bonemeal insta growing some of the crops
  • Fixed Grapes, Hops, Flax and Kingspear growing very slow
  • Fixed offline growth not always consistend
  • Fixed Quakecraft score goal bug
  • Players name-tags in quakecraft are always hidden now
  • Fixed sheeps not getting protected from foreign players shears in regions
  • Fixed inventory sort not working correctly when having spawners or spawneggs. (Fixes items stuck on cursor)
  • Fixed xray when using spectral tools
  • Fixed an auto fishing script. Now bobbers have random textures each time
  • Updated the way the framerate limit setting works (similiar to MC1.10)
  • Removed worldguard "no permission" messages in arena world
7.22 Sep 19, 2016
  • Added two new mob heads: Ram Head, Pig Head (Sorry, still unobtainable)
  • Added a new crafting and item guide to the inventory (Question mark slot)
  • Diamond Blocks and Chests can now be used as a fuel on the disenchanter
  • Most mobs can wear hats now. Thats a creative/admin feature for now.
  • In creative you can press special interact on mobs while holding a hat
  • The command /tocoord can now be used by everyone in creative mode
  • Fixed WAILA info for a few blocks. Added special handling for display cases and armor stands
  • NPCs can now hold a book in the 6th slot. Righclicking the NPC will open that book.
  • Fixed Slowness potions causing rendering glitches (see Snowman Boss)
  • Fixed a bug with dispensers: The first slot was never used/dropped when triggered
  • Fixed the permission for the Anit-Snow region flag
  • Fxied Arena world still showing "You don't have permission for..." messages
  • Fixed a bug with moblevels: Sometimes the minimap would show chunks with the wrong mob level
  • Fixed crashes when using unsupported resource packs
  • Fixed a few bugs that allowed xray using glowstone and some other blocks
7.23 Sep 21, 2016
  • You can now wear a hat while using /model (not all models are supported!)
  • Added a basic pickup item filter: /pickupfilter
  • Arena changes:
    • Its now more likely for a normal arena boss to spawn with a hat
    • Hats from arena bosses are now only given to players dealing at least 5% of the total damage
    • Super bosses now require at least 15 player to be online to spawn.
    • The more players are online, the more likely the next boss will be a superboss
    • Added WAILA info for the boss spawner
  • Added a Black Life Shard (reduces max health by one heart)
  • Flux/XP and Coins are now picked up instantly when no other player is nearby
  • Skeletons are more likely to spawn in the Nether and Nether biomes
  • The maximum size of partys has been increased to 32 (previously 16)
  • Night vision effect now works on the BSL shaders.
  • Tweaked the world renderer: Empty chunks and air chunks are now skipped faster when rendering
  • The world should now render/build up faster than before.
  • Tweaked modelrenderer: Added some optimization that could yield a big FPS boost in certain situations
  • Tweaked chest renderer: Closed chests now use a faster model that looks exactly the same. Affects all chest types
  • Translucent blocks now look a bit prettier on chestshops and displaycases
  • Fix a rendering glitch on XP Orbs
  • Fixed a bug that caused empty chestsshops to trigger client updates, thus causing low to medium client side fps drops.
  • Fixed leveled mobs spawning inside terrain.
  • Fixed (round vanilla) shadows on leveld mobs not always rendering
  • Fixed 30+ item textures not having their transparency (alpha channel) set correctly
7.3 + 7.3b Nov 03, 2016
  • Grimlock World Event is running: /warp grimlock
  • Grimlock has a main story quest, a few side quests, a daily quest.
  • You can trade all your candy in grimlock.
  • Mining world has been reset
  • Increased max usage on Wand Of Growth
  • Fixed a bug that prevented all animals from spawners from despawning
  • Colored clay now generates properly in mining world
  • Added a scrollbars on Written Books, you can now also use copy&paste on books
  • Empty glassbottles now turn into filled water bottles when thrown in water

Update 7.3b:

  • Entity Age is now stored with entities, to fix some entities not despawning ever
  • Fixed several Grimlock bugs
7.3c Nov 15, 2016
  • Mining world has been refreshed
  • Blackberry and Raspberry bushes are more common now (Only generated y level 160 and higher before)
  • Fixed some bosses/mobs running way to fast
  • Fixed a bug in the filter GUI of the boosted hopper (not showing items added/removed to filter)
  • Fixed invisibility in quakecraft
7.3d Jan 12, 2017
  • Mining World has been reset
  • Added End Bricks
  • All fishing stats have been reset (Just stats, Fishing skill is not affected)
  • Added new fishing achievements
  • Disabled the World Minimap in the nether.
  • Fixed the Disenchanter XP value of Iron Bricks and some other items where you get multiple items as a result of crafting
7.3e Feb 03, 2017
  • Mining World has been reset
  • Shooting hammers consume hunger
  • Can wear 3 hats at once, even if they collide
  • Fixed a bug with Littleblocks having an issue with TNT
  • Added support for upcoming 7.4 Update
7.4 Feb 16, 2017
  • Spawn has gotten an updated look.
  • Implemented Minecraft 1.8 Advanced terrain culling (See Video options for description)
  • Make Penguins spawn on Ice/snow, make them walk on there as well
  • New Model/Skin System
8.0 Sep 07, 2017
  • Fixed freezer output
  • Fixed soups and stews stack size
  • Fixed chunks not unloading due to structure generation tasks not timing out
  • Fixed clay colors
  • Fixed zombie break door event
  • Fixed dupe glitches(a few)
  • Fixed TP check for region owners
  • Fixed Skins GUI showing "Ring 1" for all normal inventory slots.
  • Fixed infusement book paxel showing wrong description
  • Fixed cooking pot entity bug
  • Fixed background on skins/models cutting model on z-axis
  • Fixed armor not rotating on display dummy
  • Fixed armor stands
  • Fixed cooker so it only accepts mob eggs in that have matching recipes
  • Fixed cooker crash bug
  • Fixed rotate on display cases and armor stands
  • Fixed NPE when randomly spawning entities
  • Improve boats so that they no longer break on collision
  • Improve preview and display case renderer for chest/pants/boots skins
  • Improve tourmaline pickaxe durability
  • Improve wither heal only for 300 ticks, so it cannot be abused to level skills
  • Nerf pirate coins/diamonds
  • Nerf fleshlich boss
  • Added Deepvale
  • Added new main menu GUI
  • Added new task lists GUI
  • Added spawning of Grimoire of gaia mobs in Deepvale
  • Added spawning of Biomes’o’plenty biomes in deepvale
  • Added 255 Armour Skins (including weapons) / 247 Armour Blocks
  • Added new many new generating structures
  • Added new underground stones and polished versions
  • Added optional itemstack to chat messages
  • Added new crate loot
  • Added generating toxic rock in caves and mud in ponds
  • Added ladder and chair block types for armour models
  • Added flesh lich arena boss
  • Added nether quartz having a small chance of exploding in the nether
  • Added missing tourmaline amulet recipe
  • Added 4 new dungeons stones and new dungeon regions
  • Added new tree logs and planks
  • Added recipes for fruit log -> fruit plank
  • Added display dummy
  • Added alex model to display dummy
  • Added allowing of skin on dummys
  • Added coral
  • Added new hanging lights
  • Added cooking pot, soups/stews and cooking book
  • Added bombs and pirates
  • Added new rarity levels and changed existing levels
  • Added particle generator(kaleidoscopic ignelum) and runes
  • Added paxels and tourmaline pickaxe
  • Added cold fire charge
  • Allow ops to modify all bank accounts
  • Added skins GUI
  • Added new debug commands
  • Added modelBlock and modelArrow item.
  • Added new chestshop categories
  • Added smooth water colors
  • Added falling leaves for deepvale
  • Added sand spider, desert spider, and bears
  • Added new plants, leaves and folliage
  • Added new decorative blocks, walls and doors
  • Added bottle drinks effects
  • Added /friend deny command
  • Added motions and motions GUI
  • Removed all McMMO XP for non-direct damage causes
  • Removed allowing skin items in armor slots
  • Killed DV Labs Professors
8.05 Sep 15, 2017
  • Add First Mate
  • Add First Mate's Cutlass
  • Add New Vote Site
  • Add World Edit Command: //copyfilter (Block ID)
  • Add World Edit Paste Flag: -r , Masks Air
  • Fix Voting from Main Menu
  • Fix Discord Invite
  • Fix Menu issues
  • Fix Greycliff Portal
  • Fix Chili and Fish Chowder not showing textures
  • Fix Cooking Pot Recipes
  • Disabled World Expansion Temporarily
  • Updated Mining World
8.052 - Loot Update I Sep 22, 2017
  • Added new arena boss loot
  • Added new monster hunt loot
  • Added new monster hunt feature, "boosted mob", gives 2x points
  • Monster hunt no longer counts non-natural spawned mobs(e.g. mobs from spawners no longer count)
  • Show special offer on main menu
  • Flash vote button if you haven’t voted on all vote sites
  • Fix pirate charm not being saved
  • Fix other small bugs
8.053 - Loot Update II Oct 06, 2017
  • Added new aechor plant Arena boss, with new custom loot
  • Added new custom Elysian Dungeon loot
  • Add new stone bricks and stairs
  • Update and add new loot to bronze, silver and gold aether dungeons
  • Update Wiki with deepvale blocks, items, and other things that were missing
  • Fixed monster hunt mobs that could no longer be killed
  • Fixed new hammers not doing full damage
  • Fixed showing multiple special offers on the main menu
  • Remove Deepvale items from extended creative
  • Allow bound wearable skins to be placed in skins menu
  • Allow wearable skins to be placed in regular armour slots in gameworlds with seperate inventories
  • Buff Paxels
  • Preperations for shop update
8.06 - Nether Update Oct 14, 2017
  • Reset the Nether
  • Opened up Grimlock 2 to complete again
  • Added a bit of new generation to the Nether
  • Added crafting recipes for new stone brick/stairs
  • Added repairing to stellar tools with aether orbs
  • Added new armourers content
  • Fixed green screen when respawning
  • Fixed small aechor plant boss issues
  • Fixed beacons not reapplying effects fast enough
  • Fixed pirate door being openable
  • FIx other minor bugs
  • Started the pirate spawner nerf (This will take place over 1 month, and reduce the drops[including money] from the spawner to 10% of their current value. This also includes diamonds, and changes other drop chances about)
8.07 - Grimlock Release Oct 30, 2017
  • Add Grimlock 3: Ancient Origins
  • Fix widgets not always closing when requested to close
  • Fix enchantment table bug where NBT data was wiped on removal of item
  • Fix new stone hardness
  • Fix naming on armour models
  • Fix Marble Crafting
  • Add Render Mobs with invisibility potion blended (Spooky)
  • Add new treasure chest texture.
  • Add Cat and Witch Rings
  • Add little blocks blocks to creative
  • Add -nodrop setting for when using -equip0 etc
  • Add new wand of growth abilities.
  • Update Times carpet output from loom by 4
8.08 - Pirate Dungeon Update Nov 11, 2017
  • Added Pirate Dungeon with new boss and loot
  • Added Revenant Dagger
  • Added life and electrocuting shields
  • Added unlockable motions and models, will be purchasable on the credit shop and special offers
  • Added pirate key to the first mate trades list
  • Buff aechor and snowman bosses slightly
  • Fix small bugs
  • Ended Pirate Spawner nerf, pirates now drop 10% of what they used to drop.
    • Players with the spawners will be contacted by me in the coming days. - Pig001
AFK Grinding Ban Nov 11, 2017

New Rule: No AFK grinding or using autoclickers to grind(including custom macros).

  • Basically, keeping an account active without anyone at the keyboard is now bannable.
  • Rule goes into effect on the 13th of November 2017.
Xmas is Here! Dec 01, 2017
  • Explore the Xmas world at /xmas and maybe we'll have a "Present Party" while you're online ;)
  • Click the Xmas Calendar every day on the welcome screen to collect a free gift.
  • The Credit Shop has been updated on our website.
  • Double Vote Points for December!
8.2 - New Spawn! Jan 01, 2018
  • Released new spawn
  • Reset Mining world
  • Reduced minimum players required for Gold Rush from 20 to 10
  • Added /portals and /games (serverside)
  • Added ability for portals to perform commands
  • Disabled xmas calendar
  • Improved motions GUI
  • Minor other tweaks
8.2b - Bug fixes and preperation Feb 20, 2018
  • Preparations for a larger update
  • Updated first mate GUI, improved usability (and code)
  • Fix issue with cooking pots not saving number of outputs
  • Fix some vote sites having issues with links
8.2c Easter 2018 and Vote Update. Mar 28, 2018
  • Reset mining world
  • Mining world is now VIP+ only, to stop new players dying in that world
  • Added easter egg hunt 2018!
  • Added vote wheel (Need suggestions for new prizes!)
  • Updated ingame and online voting websites
  • Added staff badge ingame to help new players find out who is staff
  • Small other bug fixes
8.3 Crop, Hunger and Infusement Update. May 01, 2018
  • Removed Tree mutator
    • All tree mutations are now done inside the "Crop Mutator" block (the seed mutator)
    • Recipes are the exact same, and a bit easier now.
  • Grass drops random seeds
    • Not totally random. Rarer seeds drop much more rarly.
  • Infusement altar changes
    • Infusement altar now consumes mob heads
    • Specific heads required per infusement rather than overall head "power".
    • Lore of the infusement altar is changed. It is now infusing the souls of the dead animals into the items.
    • Removed certain items from the altar that didnt fit with the new ethos, and added some new ones
    • Can now use any blocks instead of Dungeon Stone (I found tables look quite cool)
    • Infusement altar and book recipe changes
  • Skulls now drop more regularly from new mobs
  • Added new villager trades
  • Optimisations to plants and crops code
  • Changed bamboo thatching recipe to be made in loom
  • Changed crop mutator and cooke + book recipes
  • Fixed issue with new saplings growing the wrong tree
  • Added staff icon to player list screen
  • Wolfs now drop fangs
  • Hunger is more serious
    • Being low on food now gives a nerf to damage, similar to the weakness potion
    • Being on very low hunger begins nausiating you, and causing blindness
    • When hunger is high, 25% chance to crit when swinging normally
    • Food with higher hunger values now takes longer to eat
  • Fixed old bug where drowning, poision etc. would not damage through armour
  • Reduce amount of aether orbs from elysian dungeon
  • VIP now gives 1 extra inventory row, and registering now gives the "registered" rank with tp permissions
  • Removed Master rank
  • Reset mining world
8.31 The "oh s*** we f**ked up" patch. May 18,
  • Add new hanging light (Rice Paper Hanging Light)
  • Make main menu load faster by getting special offers in a seperate thread.
  • Fix esc players menu not showing staff icon.
  • Reduce amount of time to eat food.
  • Reduce seeds dropped from long grass.
  • Fix feather falling being broken.
  • Reduce wither time from wither skull attack.
  • Change register command to give the right rank (Registered instead of VIP).
  • Make fall damage only protectable by feather falling, normal protection doesnt help.